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  1. This post is so wrong and ill informed.
  2. What a hunk. Can't wait to see this play!
  3. All Todd did was answer the questions that were asked of him. Don't hate on Todd. Todd is an angel.
  4. I believe there are a lot of transphobic maniacs who choose to remain ignorant rather than struggle to understand something different. Good for Jim for handling it the way he did. He mirrored what any stand up comedian what have done.
  5. Does anyone know when it is going to be available online?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6UWXD22JCo Enjoy!
  7. For anyone who has already gone to Jim's play, can you describe the song? PM me if you don't want to spoil it for anyone
  8. By no means do I think Charlie Rose is an idiot. He is a very distinguished journalist. When he asked what tbbt was about, he didn't mean literally, he meant the deeper meaning. I personally enjoyed the interview and liked that he asked Jim why he thought Sheldon struggles with commitment.
  9. When would Jim even have had the time to shoot this film?
  10. I want Sheldon to continue being the pedantic jerk he's always been to everyone except Amy. This would show that he values her as much as he values himself. She is his queen.
  11. I don't think it's becoming Sheldon centric. I do however, understand why some might be feeling this way. Perhaps if they allowed Lenny to have storylines separate of Sheldon more often, Lenny fans would stop feeling this way. I remember when me and my current boyfriend started dating my golden retriever would always smush herself in between us when we would start making out. Sheldon is kinda like my golden retriever. Anyway I honestly began watching the show for Jim so I wouldn't be interested in episodes where Sheldon wasn't an integral part of the A or B plot, but that being said Lenny or Leonard/Penny as their own sigularity should have scenes that don't focus on Sheldon.
  12. I have. It's a little deeper.
  13. I know! I remember in an interview Bill said that everyone on this show is freakishly nice. I guess Chuck learned his lesson from casting actors who can't seem to get along with others.
  14. With these reports, I can't help but think that Jim would have made a wonderful stand-up if he wasnt so happy and well adjusted.
  15. Guys... https://instagram.com/p/2oVSzmNlBR/ OMG I'M FLIPPING OUT. I've been waiting for this since I first discovered my live of Jim Parsons!!!
  16. Maybe it wasn't the funniest but I certainly agree that it was one of the best. I guess that's because I always like a little bit of drama in whatever I'm watching.
  17. Well Sheldon wasn't born knocking three times on people's door. After he did it for the first time, he began to feel an impulse to do it every time. Once someone with OCD or OCD tendencies begin to feel these impulses, its challenging to stop this behavior.
  18. Let's just hope he doesn't turn Todd into gold *cue people booing my awful joke*
  19. I don't think Sheldon or Leonard were ever written to be bad people. They are human beings. Just like the rest of us, they've both made mistakes. Flawed does not mean 'bad'. Neither of them are innately depraved.
  20. This post just blew my mind. Well done. I enjoy Leonard too, but I think one flaw he has is that he is rather self righteous. Almost too self righteous for his track record.
  21. I honestly think Sheldon finding himself sexually frustrated could provide endless comedic material.
  22. Jim's latest instagram pic made me wanna cry.
  23. Does this mean that Jim improvises during this play?
  24. I'm excited that Jim gets to produce something and not just anything, but something that actually seems like a quality story.
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