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  1. I did not like that Raj did not get his happy ending. I also wanted to see Howard reconnect with this father and earn his Ph.D. I guess these may be plots for a Big Bang movie if they decide to do that. Also, I think I wanted to see Laurie Metcalf in the finale at the Nobel ceremony.
  2. Keep calm, everybody: 12 seasons and a movie. Plot: The gang travels to London for Raj's elaborate, 7-day Hindu wedding during the autumn; and stress is high with wedding activities and upcoming Nobel prize nomination announcements, and more life change surprises for all.
  3. Thank you. That scene was a great tribute. They could have kept it.
  4. Where are the extras scenes that were cut from the episode posted?
  5. This is so funny and ironic because I've always pictured that William Shatner would be revealed as the landlord at the end of the series, and when the guys find out,they ask him why he's never repaired the elevator, Mr. Shatner says his been busy in the comic con circuit because of fanboys like them. And Sheldon, being Sheldon, says he will let it slide because he's the captain, but he still prefers Sir Patrick Stewart, and it would be cool if he could get his DNA.
  6. No, I was just repeating what others saw as a way to explain family and guests at the wedding.
  7. As long as Amy gets "the way you look tonight" as her song.
  8. It may be like others have said, and Amy will be at the reception saying, there's my aunt, cousin, and so on.
  9. So excited about all the casting news. As others have mentioned, I am surprised that Meewma and Beverly do to appear appear on the list of characters returning. How about Leslie Winkle, (She was at his birthday) Alex, and Ramona (she was the reason Sheldon realized he wanted to get married)? How about Tam? I am also hoping they find a way to bring Authur Jefferies and Sheldon's dad into the shamy wedding (perhaps, he sees them as Jedi ghosts at the ceremony). I am thinking that writers may still have a few surprises with casting and the wedding itself.
  10. Mayim was just awesome the whole episode.
  11. That tag. "I'm the only man you do that for." And he will only do the flamenco for Amy.
  12. That scene of Jim kissing Claire Daines in bed made my whole day. Swoon
  13. Yeah, most likely they will keep the same actress. And Henry Wrinkler would be hysterical and sweet. I would like to see him wear sweater vests over plaid shirts and curdoroy pants and glasses.
  14. Yeah, I think Barbara would be scary enough so that the sin closet storyline is believable. She was so cunning on Once Upon a Time.
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