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  1. Can i buy tickets from someone ? We live in Europe, so we have to plan a whole trip. With kind regards Sven
  2. OMG, refresh refresh refresh from 7:59 until now and nothing :-( I didn't expect it is so heavy to get tickets, tomorrowland style
  3. Hey Hey MichyGeary Thx for the info, i will check the first post. October would be great for a taping. With kind regards Sven
  4. Hi I like to say hello from Belgium, country of Chocolate. With kind regards Sven
  5. Hey Big Bang Friends I live in Belgium (europe) my wife is a huge fan of TBBT, i want to surprise here with a visit to a taping. How many times should i check the ticket website, because we have to book flights and a hotel. Thank you guys With kind regards Sven
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