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  1. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Your vast talent is amazing, and your undying support for all other writers and artists is beautiful.
  2. I just read the club, Pulse, was started in part as a response to the owner's loss of her brother to AIDS. She wanted to perpetuate his heartbeat...his Pulse...in the people who would frequent the club. The business has also promoted outside of LGBT causes, including breast cancer awareness. Taking my son into church this morning, we were talking about the shooting. I said we should pray for all those who lost their lives in the early hours of the day today. My beautiful 12-year-old baby said, "And their families." God's words out of the mouths of babes. #PrayforOrlando
  3. Yes, although they refer to them as "gift cards," and more often than not are essentially a pre-loaded debit card. Most of the major franchises have this option, and many of the non-franchised restaurants do as well. Hope this helps!
  4. I am so sorry to hear of your beloved pet's passing, @mphs95. Abbey Road was obviously very much a part of your family and well loved. May she continue to live on in your heart.
  5. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I think it is awful that someone could be hateful about someone else's hard work. If your story wasn't something they wanted to read, why do so in the first place? It strikes me that some people, unfortunately, are only happy in tearing down what someone else has built. In this case, something that you built from within yourself. I believe is says far more about that reviewer than it does you. I'm glad you took down the review. Continue to be strong, @karyshamy. As my mother would say, "Consider the source..."
  6. A request, please, for thoughts and prayers from the many here of such strong faith... There was a series of senseless shootings approximately 3 hours ago near to my hometown. Small town Kansas; the kind of place you wouldn't think of this sort of thing happening. Further proof it can happen anywhere. Prayers, please, for the injured, for the dying, and for all the families involved. May God be with one and all. Thank you. God Bless. #HesstonStrong #PrayForHesston
  7. Like shamour, I have come to enjoy AU stories as well. I believe what constitutes AU, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Similarly, what may interest one individual to read, may completely be off-putting to another. In general, as both a writer and a reader, I believe you write what you are compelled to write. Hazelra, you and I have discussed your interest in history many times, and I am thrilled that this idea has burgeoned within you. I shall be equally thrilled to read the outcome. Looking forward to your next story, then...
  8. Further proof that, like Stephen, I can't keep out of a good fight... I will pose the following, in a less philosophical answer than I think you are seeking. Approximately three years ago, the three doctors in our office (all female) posed for pictures for our website. Did we choose to wear lab coats, and forego makeup and hair? Not by a long shot. We spoke with the professional photographer in advance, determined a color and wardrobe scheme that would be most flattering, and I even scheduled an appointment with my cosmetologist prior to the appointment (because I can never get my hair to look as good as she does.) We weren't flaunting our individual sexuality by any means. But we knew, even as professionals (and scientists at that!), we would be judged on our appearances by the potential patients viewing our website. So, Amy might be right in principle... but Bernadette is right in reality and practice.
  9. I heard about this terrible loss on NPR as I was driving 2 1/2 hours from work today to where I am staying tonight for a meeting tomorrow. I am glad I had a chance to mourn this on my own. To know that wonderful voice has been forever stilled. To know from now on I will only be able to hear him read Shakespeare in previous recordings. To know the sexy sneers of Hans Gruber and Severus Snape (different characters, yes... but same bad-boy-silently-calls-girl-come-hither attraction) are left only to the archives of DVD. And further from the interview on NPR, Helen Miren said Alan was a warm, compassionate, giving person. The world has lost some of its light today. May God rest you, Alan. And thank you for all the joy you gave us.
  10. Read and reviewed... I eagerly await the next two updates you promise! The reviews system with FF appears to be down, so I shall have to post it here to make certain you see it: Happy Birthday!
  11. @Stephen Hawking: My mother is English by birth, raised the first 26 years of her life there, and I had to look this idiom up! I had not heard this one before! Instead, I would suggest try "talking a mile a minute" for a more American feel, to describe an overly talkative person, especially someone who is doing so in an overexcited or over emotional state. I hope this helps!
  12. First, my thanks to @nibbler747 for inviting me to come and read this thread. It has been a fascinating read, and confirmed my thoughts about not only feminism, but sexism (not in the negative connotation; merely the differences between gender roles) and society in general. Essentially, there is no right answer. There is only what an individual is created from (nature, or biology) and what that same individual has experienced (nurture). @jenafan: I applaud your great openness and honesty, both from the perspective of starting this thread, and from your very personal history you have revealed here. As a mother, I cried when I read of your great challenges in life with your family, particularly with your father. I am glad that it appears that you have been able to forgive him. What a great gift to give yourself. I found the above words of yours (in bold font for purposes of discussion) extremely interesting. I agree that discussions of this sort, with many people of many different backgrounds (socio-economic, geographic, religious, etc) has been very effective for me. I believe it has made me better able to work with others in my professional and social life. If this thread becomes a form of therapy for you, all the better. But a very close family member of mine has suffered the ill effects of emotional abuse... as harmful in many ways as the physical abuse you suffered as a child... and I pray you have already sought professional assistance in this regard. I've seen the damage first hand. Please know, I respect entirely your wishes to keep your life as much as you like to yourself. I want you to know, however... it's never too late to consider that option. Your concern for your husband as secondary "bread-winner" is interesting to me personally. Both my husband and I are professionals, and while he earns a respectable wage, I have a doctorate and earn substantially more than him. He has joked about being "a kept man," but when it comes to the decisions of this family, what we each bring in numerically has no bearing. Our financial decisions (outside of minor day-to-day ones) have always been joint ones. It is, for me, the only way I know to be. Similarly, I have known men who are able to openly cry (my husband) and men who have great difficulty with being open about their pain (my father). It is a matter of upbringing, in this case. I think my husband is a healthier emotional person than my father ever was. Dad carried a lot of baggage all his life from the negative aspects of his upbringing. My Dad went out of his way to make certain we all knew we were loved. He died suddenly 18 years ago this month, and I can still feel his love. I know, however, that my husband is healthier because is much more open about all his feelings, good and bad. "... the only form of "love" I knew." Oh, Jenafan. God bless you, sweetheart. Those seven words speak volumes of your life to the point you met your husband. I truly hope you have learned since that you are worthy of far more and far better. Others have addressed the issue of "masculinity," so I will add only this: I have known men who are both exceedingly driven to avoid these "questionable gender" things, and others who haven't a care what others think. The emotional abuser I spoke of before is very driven by these things... for one, he wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink, and nearly had a conniption when his son was asked to sit in a pink car seat. His sons both are exhibiting the same determination to avoid those things you mention. My son sat in the same car seat, and as I pointed out to the other boys, he's still a boy. Truly, this is a matter of "experience" and what one deems is important. Lastly, and most importantly, I am so glad you feel this discussion has been beneficial for your heart and mind. I believe you will find friends in this forum... I have found several that I converse with regularly, and they have been a true blessing to me. They provide differences in perspective, and they lift me up when I have times of trouble. I have oft heard that the internet is a negative, ugly place. The only things you will read are hateful; people who hide behind the anonymity afforded them on line. I am here to say I am a better person for the souls here, and I am grateful for them. God Bless.
  13. Overall, I thought this was an excellent episode, and the scenes leading up to the bedroom showcasing Sheldon's nervousness (contract, anyone?), followed by those in the bedroom with Amy's nervousness were superb. Mayim deserves the Emmy for her few lines in that room. Jim, for "We'll learn together." Complete bliss for me as a viewer. And Koothrapali stole the show when he channeled Amy: "I don't think I'll be able to walk." I laughed the loudest tonight at that line! But I'll admit... Even though I know it was most likely related to time issues for the editors... I was sorry to see the post-coital hug and Sheldon's head on Amy's end up on the chopping block. It would have been a silent ode to what we shippers already know... This was not just a "find out what all the fuss is about" event for Sheldon and Amy. This is the real thing. Undying, fully committed, love. All right, TPTB. Make it up to us. Bring on the ring! #needyviewergreedyviewer
  14. I'm supposed to be "better behaved," and set an example. Let's pretend we know better...
  15. Hazelra: I think traffic stats are down with FF, period. It's not you, girl! Drat... I have (sadly, legitimate) work to do before I can go read this... but will make sure I do before the end of the evening!
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