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  1. uidbvawiybvfwbvvjubvv i cant wait more hard this episode !!! please thursday come fast to us !
  2. maybe yes , or just think that he is a popular guy everybody knows him ! lol alerĂ³nalerĂ³n
  3. You dont have any idea how i would like that this happen !! I am waiting spoilers but i dont know what to expect before the last taping . Enviado desde mi LG-E411g mediante Tapatalk
  4. i think it was a kind of obvious that she will date with someone else , she heard of sheldon that he invited two girls the last episode , and maybe for that she thought on a date , what i wasn't expecting is that that boy kiss her on her lips (or wasn't there ?), i even dont know why the writers did that . but i am expecting good things so in my mind i know that the reconciliation is really close so... #CoitusIsComing friends
  5. i cant wait for the next taping !! i really want to see Penny's Dad ! and i can imagine amy talking with sheldon's mom!! i know that Mayim will take a selfie of her with Laurie ! #CoitusIsComing Can somebody tell me why we don't have tapings report ?
  6. Thanks for this ! There are a lot shamy ...
  7. i will tell you why i hate the scene ... because even with the shenny kiss , i really hate that leonard don't trust in penny , the dream is a fact, the same leonard said the sheldon and penny have a relationship (brother-sister) and even that he is not trusting in sheldon ... then the shenny kiss , for me a shamy shipper is really hard to assimilate ... i would really prefer that sheldon in the past have kissed amy in that way. finally i dont like the simple idea of jim kissing kaley, i always saw then like sheldon and penny.with that relationship, and now the writers have taken it away.
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