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  1. We keep talking about the kitchen island which got me to thinking about Gilligan's Isle and who the Leonard and Penny characters would correspond to on that show. Leonard would of course be the Professor; but would Penny be Ginger or Mary Ann?
  2. I was thinking Lenny were the Rubbles and Shamy the Flintstones, but it amounts to the same thing. 🤔
  3. That's quite possible of course. My mother's childhood nickname was Blondie as she was nearly platinum as a youngster but was naturally brunette by the time she graduated high school. Not sure that's been established as canon for Penny though. Aside from the roots 'problem', I seem to recall someone (Amy?) asking her if blonde were her natural color and she replying "It is now."
  4. Does that make them a 'better' couple or Marissa a Stepford wife?
  5. Actually the pushing in front of a train was faked by Rose. She really had Charlie trapped in her basement, he escaped and as he was approaching his front door a piano fell on him.
  6. Penny went home for the Holidays at least once and has the canceled ticket in her 'Leonard' box to prove it. Also she had come back from Nebraska in early Feb. (so not quite the Holidays) just in time to give Sheldon the flu and then succumb to it herself, so neither could go to Switzerland for Valentines and to see the Large Hadrian Collider.
  7. Not quit true. Any idea for the show posted here (or as fan fiction) would negate it being used by TPTB for legal reasons. Who knows how much hamstringing we fans have done over the years.
  8. Define young. I was 3 months shy of 50 when TBBT premiered. Being a fan of Kaley from 8 Simple Rules and Johnny from Rosanne I was interested to see them on the same show. Penny's outfits certainly didn't drive me away.
  9. That sounds familiar to me. The only photo I've seen of it is a grainy Instagram picture so it's quite possible that's what it is.
  10. Kaley has three tats (four if you count the Roman numerals under the moth) The others are the Chinese symbol for faith on her lower back (tramp stamp) and something floral looking on her left side rib cage.
  11. 2311 N. Los Robles is obviously a TARDIS . I assume the controls were in the elevator shaft and when Leonard's rocket fuel exploded the Time-Lord (Sheldon) was stranded. Would explain Sheldon's obsession with DR. Who.🤷‍♂️
  12. In episode 1 of season 2 when Leonard and Penny come back from their date, Howard's spy cam shows much of the wall that is the audience's POV . There doesn't appear to be any doors on the wall. Also since there are no apartments on the ground floor the building would need to be nine stories to have sixteen apartments.
  13. If I recall correctly it was Penny who asked Leonard on the non-date which only strengthens your point.
  14. I'm confused. In the unaired pilot the girl's name was Katie. And Sheldon was still Sheldon. So where would Lenny Penny and Kenny come from?
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