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  1. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I don't agree at all that it was a throw away line. That line re: smart and beautiful babies set the trajectory for Lenny to becoming a couple (ups, downs and all). Even Sheldon's snarky reply, pans out too. There were times Leonard hoped, yearned from afar. Was it meant to foreshadow? That has yet to be seen. A flash forward at the end of the series is really is all that is required to make it happen if they don't go with on screen stories. As for S12, BALANCE...please please please!! I beg this of the TPTB. Now that Shamy are married, can we get back to group epis, spattering of couple life interjected (Lenny affection, not just lame ass hugs), and I would love to see a sub very minor plot of Stuart Denise...(that's probably a long shot but I can dream)...????????? And for the love of every fan that has been around since the beginning, can the show not be so Sheldon centric?! I actually enjoy YS and I won't go into my opinions on how it completely destroys the Sheldon I 've been watching on TBBT. I get that this is a business and CBS has a vested interest in wanting TBBT and YS to be successful. I enjoy TBBT for the entire cast and not just one character or ship. I imagine there are other fans similar to me. It can't be that hard as a professional writer to come up with stories for all the characters (be it arcs or stand alone epis).
  2. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Oh yay...it's time for me to come on and repeat myself... My wish after this season is: A more balanced show (and for now this does mean less Shamy) Some focus on the lives of Lenny Some good old fashioned all of the gang together Hi-jinks and lighthearted fun Maybe even 3rd plot where Raj gets a steady GF And with Howdette maybe less baby/career story line and more of them trying to find ways to still have fun sans kids (with their kiddoes mentioned every so often) I say this and really have no hope that this will change.
  3. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    This! Just reiterates that Shamy are like every other couple out there with two intelligent albeit quirky people (which from my experience to quirky people meeting and falling in love happens quite bit too). This is why for me Shamy is not unique. Back when I cared enough, I could write all the ways that they could have made them a truly unique and stand out couple but on screen, I see all the ways they are just 2 people that found each other. Their early story was compelling and unique to me. Now, not so much. There are other couples and dynamics on this show which I find more interesting. I would love to see more of what's going on the lives of the rest of our gang. I still hold on to the hope of a more balanced show.
  4. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I am so behind on comments but when I can catch TBBT and overall the new episodes are just Meh for me. It's more that comfort level type if watching as opposed to being really excited about any one thing. Weighing in on the discussion that stems from Shamy's uniqueness to Lenny and divorce. My thoughts are Shamy had all the makings to be a truly unique couple. IMO, TPTB wrote themselves into a corner and weren't sure how to get out, so what was once a truly quirky couple is now just any other couple with 2 quirky people (sex, living together, engaged, getting married, etc). Also, what drew me to TBBT was really none of the couples but their friendships. I don't care if anyone evolves or changes. But write for the group. No story should take lead or precedence over another...every so often yes a story might for an episode or 2. There could be arcs that run throughout. What sticks out about s11...shamy and wedding planning and in a distant second...Howardette pregnancy 2. TPTB can do whatever they want and clearly they do. TBBT is still the number 1 comedy. Could they have written the show differently and not alienated those that that loved the friendships or gang together episodes or Lenny fans? Damn straight. It's disappointing for this fan.
  5. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    So tptb really turned Sheldon and Amy into any other couple except they just happen to be quirky...awesome! How cutting edge show! To think I had such hopes for a truly unique and weird couple...like no other. The signs were there that they were edging to this but I had held on hoping...and well now Sheldon wants to have a first dance with Amy...how cute!! Nope, puke...gross. That's. EVERY. OTHER. DAMN. COUPLE. ON. TV!!! So I turn to Lenny and week after week --disappointment...it's hard to get excited when it's like they insert Lenny scenes that have no actual plot. There a CRAP ton of stories there if they wanted. But I suppose it's easier to write on cruise control than deal with Lenny. The show, of course, is allowed to evolve grow and change but lately I just feel like I am watching for the sake of it. I am really not invested in any of it. All my opinion...random vent for me. Oh and please TPTB (I BEG) please don't kill the bromance of Howard/Raj...I have to have something to look forward to. Right...RIGHT?!
  6. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10

    A lil late to the game as usual but I just had to post. It's so refreshing to see a Lenny story for once as the main plot. Then sprinkle in a conversation where Lenny try to see each other's view points...awesome! If the writers could do this a lil more often, maybe things will balance. Plus, I can't lie: I love me some Zack. Despite the "oops we got married" that the writers pulled out of thin air, Zack has always been for Team Lenny. And he is just a fun character, IMO. Oh and bonus points to TPTB for dealing with Penny for once. Not getting my hopes too high but if they actually followed through with the not happy with her career, job storyline and it led somewhere... that would truly astound me. Baby steps here
  7. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    For me, moving forward as far as ships are concerned, my fear is that the Lenny story remains the same for the rest of the series. My perception from the writers investment in the Lenny story, is they just don't care. The story they are invested in is Shamy. The evidence is based on what I see promoted, what I see on TV week after week, and for whatever reason that's what excites the writers. I think there are stories to be explored in Lenny and even in their individual characters that could show a united cohesive Lenny (gasp...no way...get the F out). For whatever reason, the writers choose the same week after week. I would love a story arc for Lenny. I think it will be more of the same. I'd like to be wrong but what motivation is there to change anything? Ratings are good and the show renewed, they can do whatever they want. And my DREAM if they can't write equally compelling stories for the main couples...then tell other stories. Get the group out and about, get back to their careers, get back to their hobbies and step away from relationships and leave them tertiary. A girl can dream...lol!!!
  8. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Am I happy for the show and the actors--yup! Am I excited to think I could deal with more of what s10 has been? Not so much... Will I watch? Same as now. When I can, I will. If it bores me, I'll do something else. Long gone are the days that I made sure I had time to for in the new episode be it on DVR or live TV. So my hopes are more Lenny (let them off the island!!), less Shamy screen time (READ: balanced!! even though I don't give rat's ass about them...I get they are a main ship), group epis, science stories with the guys, girls fun, other ships/stories spattered throughout.
  9. I gave it an ok. I literally walked away about half way through to do house work and kind of sorta watched. That's how interesting it was to me but they still get the ratings. It's a win all around and trust me I know one viewer isn't going to make a difference if I did switch the channel to something else. But yes chores sounded more fun than what I was watching. Maybe next episode will capture my interest!
  10. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Season 10 Shipping Lanes

    The problem to me with Lenny isn't that they fight or disagree. This is real. Most couples do this at some point or another. My problem isn't even that they fight on-screen. My problem is when the fights are not resolved or they fight episode after episode and it's not quite resolved. The tree thing was their biggest fight according to them. However, at the time of recounting it to their friends, they appear happy and they are able to look back on it and not have it dissolve into another argument. It's having an argument that results in Sheldon writing an RA and in the next episode they are fighting again over her brother staying (a story that sounds awfully familiar...guitar guy...) and it's not explicitly clear that they have resolved that argument. This is where some balance would help tremendously. If they show happy Lenny consistently with quality storylines, then 3 episodes of them fighting might not seem like a big deal. In this case, it does to me feel heavy for Lenny. Show me happy Lenny. Will they break up? I would like to say no that's not the plan...but this is a Lorre show and it is Lenny who also have a history that includes breaking up.
  11. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Lenny:Season 10

    I love me some Lenny and you know I'd like to see loving and supporting Lenny on screen. I just can't wrap my mind around what the issue is from TPTB? This is obviously their choice to write them this way...but why? Is it that hard to write a positive, happy and supportive Lenny. I came to the forum today cautiously optimistic and now I feel somewhat defeated. What will it take for TPTB to show us that? So I guess on to the next TR, right? I have to say a glass of wine (or bottle) does sound like a good idea....lol!!
  12. Denise07

    1012 'The Holiday Summation' (January 5)

    I gave it an okay. My first reaction was: What did I just watch? At times, Lenny were absolutely adorable and I found the Christmas tree plot to be funny and believable. Our family used to cut down our Christmas trees and despite the best laid plans, there was always some hitch and there was always cussing and fighting. The frustration was believable to me. What made it somewhat tolerable after listening to them describe their fight is they were obviously past it and happy at the time they recounted their experience. The Howardette: A lil serious with humor mixed in but again...new parents, struggling with a newborn, feeling inadequate as a mom...believable. Some things that distracted me though-Bernie's hair (Were they going with the hair got thicker with the pre-natal vitamins and pregnancy hormones...well that was how I reasoned it). That babies cry...I get tptb are going for funny but it didn't sound human let alone real. Raj and Stuart here didn't bother me. The part that ruined it though...is Stuart. They totally crap on his character. I'd like to see him get a win!! Then the story that was on for far too long and was much too cringe worthy and ultimately made it hard to watch the rest...Shamy. Amy's special juice, Amy going behind's Sheldon's back, Sheldon sitting in flippers and whitey's tighties...freaking HILARIOUS and that scream. No, just no. I can still hear it in my head...this is not what I want to remember. And even if these were brand new, never been worn before underwear...I couldn't deal with Sheldon talking through the pee hole. Knee slapping hilarious...except it wasn't to me. Not even a little bit. All my opinion-
  13. Denise07

    [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    With all the news, I find very little to be excited about. I just don't give a rat's ass about Shamy anymore. I get that they have a story and they are not going anywhere (nor would I suggest that TPTB get rid of it) but come the crap on? What drew me to this show was the ensemble and their side stories. To this day, I get the most enjoyment out of those in re-watch. I liked how I perceived a balance in the storytelling. Lenny was there throughout simmering through the ups and downs to the married couple they are now. I never felt like Lenny took over the show but it was there. It lead to an appreciation of the times they got to share alone. Now S10 it's Shamy, Howardette, everybody else and then, "Oh hey, here's Lenny" in Sheldon's old apartment and the happily married couple ask Sheldon to draft an RA for them. I mean, how exciting is this?! I'd much rather see the ensemble than this. Re: Sheldon yes he's changed. Can't you see it? He's so sweet and evolved. BUT WAIT...no he's not. TPTB need him to be the clueless asshat so he's an asshat; it's ok we got years of and years of THAT Sheldon. And they just pull that card when TPTB think it's fitting to the story. Oh hey, BAM Season 10...the new Sheldon is here. Yes, there were small signs but as far as I could tell as S9 drew to close Sheldon wasn't quite there yet. This is my opinion. For all that are happy with, yay. I'm not. This is my place to vent.
  14. Well, I am the lone person in here thus far that did not enjoy this episode. It felt off to me like a weird AU. I think I almost laughed once and for life of me I can't recall where. But I guess that speaks to how forgettable this was to me. This post wasn't to kill the vibe but rather to get it out of my system...to vent I guess. JMO- Glad so many enjoyed.
  15. Denise07

    1009 'The Geology Elevation' (November 17)

    I gave it an ok. I enjoyed some stuff but I go with first impression and knee jerk reactions. This episode felt out of place. I can't help but think tptb decide what Sheldon they need for a particular episode and they go with it. For me, Sheldon just sounded like a whiny ass hat. I couldn't get past his storyline to care enough about the rest going on. I did LOL at penny when she raised her hand. Meh...

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