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  1. For me the ending was fine. It's the season leading up to it that left something to be desired. I never cared if there was Lenny pregnant story line or of it was just a reveal in finale or even a flash forward. It just makes so much of the actual Lenny story for s12 a complete an utter waste. Whatever the motivation, it just rang false and just reinforced my belief that to some extent that s12 was being phoned in by TPTB. That's my problem with it all....
  2. I went in expecting to be disappointed. This last season was hard to watch. There were things that didn't make sense and in the end, per usual, were in fact wasted plots. Raj/Anu, Penny doesn't want kids, far too much drama in the Nobel plot... So I went in expecting to be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised. I won't analyze everything but again from a topical standpoint. The writers never seem to think about the long term plots and just write some things (not all things ie...the drawn out Nobel plot) on a whim. Howardette: Loved seeing their kids. I am sure that is what Melissa referenced. She signed an NDA and so she needed carefully word anything that might be deemed spoiler-ish. My guess is she had no clue until the last table reading or 2 that they would ever get to see their kids. LOL!!! Shamy: I used to ship Shamy in the early days and had different hopes for them from their beginning point to where it turned out Sheldon just needed love. But the writers did what they did and it was MEH for me. My biggest gripe all along was how much Amy put up with. Finally, she does what she wants and calls Sheldon out. So AWESOME!! Good for Amy for doing what she wanted but still loving him. I liked her change and it fit her. Raj was the perfect character to be part of that. While I still feel like this Nobel was "forced," it worked for the finale in that Sheldon gave his heartfelt speech. Maybe Sheldon FINALLY gets it. At least, in that moment, he did. Lenny: KC nailed this. Yes, there may have been more satisfaction in some kind of heart to heart. But really...when has the TPTB really ever given that to Lenny?? Not that they had to...but this fits in line with Penny's character and how Lenny has gone over the years. So for me, KC's acting is what nails this for me. Does it just pound home how stupid an unnecessary the whole I don't want kids plot was...yup. Have I come to expect this from tptb...yup. So while I supported however the kids thing went...I wanted them both happy. And I got that. I can't complain for the finale. My closing thought after viewing and thinking about it all. Just imagine if they could have delivered an even, well thought out, planned season for all the main characters. How different season 12 might have been? The finale for me just reinforced my belief to some extent that the writers were phoning it in. All my opinion.
  3. I agree that TBBT has lost it's spark. Not at all excited about the crossover episode and I don't hate YS (I had to give up trying to match the 2 because it doesn't match what is on TBBT). That being said though, seems TBBT is doing just fine in TPTB land. Tensor reported something recently about ratings and how re-runs fared against new-run first aired episodes. There is literally no reason for TPTB to adjust anything so, like it or not, coasting is working just fine. Not related so much to the above comment but when TPTB said they had more stories to tell, I think IMO, as this unfolds what they meant was Shamy, Sheldon and YS. I find it incredibly disappointing that Sheldon is still moping. This is just like, Really?! You have no stories to tell now. Then to make it even worse (still, IMO) TBTB are just dragging something out that I felt was adequately wrapped up in the last episode. If it needed to come back or is going to be running thread; it could easily take a back seat to other stories. IMO, there is no passion to tell these stories...it's all about coasting to the end. There are still stories to tell on YS if it gets renewed (they can change whatever they want to in either cannon and so what?) and no matter what TBBT will be done at the end of this season. Going out with BANG was maybe a cute play on words but that's all it really is so far.
  4. Quite frankly: What was up with wardrobe in that office scene? It looks like Penny and Bernie are now shopping Forever 61...lol!!! Not that adds anything about the episode, but REALLY?
  5. I thought the episode was ok. Kind of mindless entertainment that I watch on auto-pilot, a sense of familiarity, and cracked a smile or 2 but really didn't laugh. The Tam thing: I watch YS and YS is more self-aware (maybe a little detached and awkward in his interactions but he a is kid in HS so it makes sense in YS) than the Sheldon on TBBT. The flashback while, I found fun, rang false. A self aware Sheldon would have viewed those differently. For the Tam plot, we get the robotic black and white Sheldon who literally replaces Tam with Leonard. Nothing changes. Sheldon continues to be the Sheldon they need for the episode. We also get the wonderful him and Amy can't be best friends line. Not that I really care but again, clueless Sheldon is abound. Which makes Leonard's stance very reasonable in this episode. I found his reaction to all of this believable and very much in line with Leonard. Well, I continue to like Anu. Maybe it's the actress is so damn adorable? But whatever it is, I find how this is unfolding very believable at least from her perspective. Looking at the Raj side, I find him believable too. Hear me out: Raj has been consistently desperate. If he actually goes through with it, I would believe that based on his characterization. Someone mentioned that maybe Raj should tell Anu why he is single. This would require that Raj had insight to this. I don't think Raj realizes why he is still single. I also believe he feels he is the victim in most of his entanglements (like really, I believe Raj believe he REALLY had a shot with Penny and even Bernadette). I also enjoyed Anu, Penny and Bernadette. It was a refreshing combo. However, we now have Bernie joining Penny in the "kind of settled for their partner" dept. I. Can't. Even. here. This is S12 and the last season, this doesn't feel like the time to shake it up. I don't mind a Raj story line but it's like a secondary story line when it should be at the very lease tertiary. I get the JP announcement came a bit late so it may have been too late to go back and do re-writes for the first few episodes. For a season that is touted as going out with a bang, it feels like it is puttering along and the bang might be a backfire. Not very articulate I know. Just my off the cuff thoughts on all of this.
  6. Don't get me started on the Packers and how they are wasting Aaron Rodgers every year. The team is more than one man and this second half team mantra is just BS (that obviously didn't happen this past weekend). I can say this. I am a Packer's fan. But this is not the place, I s'pose for football talk. Anyhoo, as a woman of child bearing age who has chosen not to have children (and have been on the receiving end of what's wrong with you, you'll be a great mom, BARF-and recently found out can't have kids), I don't need validation from any show or any set of fictional characters for validation. And let's say, I somehow needed that (but just. don't get. needing validation from the entertainment industry); Lenny wouldn't be it. This is a sitcom. Lighthearted at best with topics rarely delving into the serious...as well it should be. Still in looking back at this episode and trying to understand why I FELT Penny came across as detached from this. I think it's the fact that it started out with Bernie as what if I don't want kids to...to nope don't want kids. I mean, as a woman in this crowd, I knew a long time ago that I didn't want this. That every relationship that became serious; this was a conversation I had with partners. Hello? This is a deal breaker. For Penny's sake, thank goodness Leonard came around so willingly if it really is a no. It just rings hollow. FWIW, as long as they were both in agreement, I was never strongly sold that TPTB had to have an on-air pregnancy (a future forward or anyway to reference smart beautiful babies) was fine by me. Since TPTB focus so little on the Lenny relationship, fans get crumbs whatever they throw at the Lenny crowd. Imagine if they could have mapped out the Lenny even a little bit? No Raj drama, no boat kiss, being on the same page of wanting kids (And yeah Leonard's initial reaction of excitement, just twists that knife a little deeper)...what a Lenny that could have been.
  7. I did not like the no kids story line. I wondered throughout the episode who Penny was trying to convince herself (moreso that others). I love Kaley so don't take this as my opinion of her as an actress. But, IMO, this performance felt dialed in. Like something was off which may in fact may be my bias. I did like that we got to see Leonard dealing with it. I liked his non verbals and he seemed genuine. Not entirely convinced that this storyline is done but for the Lenny, DID. NOT. CARE. FOR. IT. It was nice to see a Lenny plot be the main story for once (even if I didn't care for that story line). That would be great. Since it's way unrealistic to think that Lenny will be the A plot for the remainder of the episodes; I'd settle for every other episode. A girl can dream, right I found Howardette believable. Their storyline is fairly consistent. I love that about them. Looks like I am in the minority but I love Anu. It's jus sad that after all of this time, this stry was the one that was most compelling to me and drew me in. I hope we get to see this play out. Yet at the same time, I'd like it to be tertiary. Raj was believable and I am not entirely convinced he's on board just yet. Her pulling out that romance was well played and Raj took it...hook, line, sinker. Where that goes, if anywhere, remains to be seen.
  8. You know, I don't feel strongly either way about which way the Lenny story line should go. Any sort of confirmation about those smart and beautiful babies would satisfy me. What I do feel strongly about?? I don't want Lenny relegated to kitchen island status and cheerleaders to Shamy or acting as mediator to whatever woes/foibles going on in the Shamy relationship. That's what this fan hopes for. I am sure Shamy will be fine (as long as they don't dominate), Howardette seem set so maybe c plots on them, c or d plot wrapping up Raj's story line (alone, new relationship, whatever don't need a lot of time spent here); same for Stuart. And lastly, a holiday focused episode or 2. An episode or 2 in which the entire group is part of the story. Yeah, those are my hopes after we get past the Shamy honeymoon.
  9. There is no problem. TBBT is ending. Jim wants to move on. I personally wish him the best and hopefully he has continued success on Broadway and his production company grows into what he envisions. Projects he has now could certainly, grow, change, evolve. I respect his decision and don't see any sort of problem here at all. I wish the best for all the cast. We don't know them personally or what their career, family, personal goals are. At some point TBBT, the show had to end. Good luck to them all!
  10. Also from my original post to further support my OPINION... I actually roll my eyes out at early Sheldon. It's just that his friends put up with his crap, then Amy came along, and wore him down (IMO) to this version we have now. In case it's still not clear. I CANNOT watch early TBBT episodes and take Sheldon seriously. With Young Sheldon and Sheldon on TBBT do not mesh. *maybe some share my view and others may not*
  11. As s12 approaches, Shamy appears to be front and center. But this is an ensemble show with a wonderful cast. I can take some Shamy. For the love everything good, tone it down!! I think there is so much more to explore in the rest of the group. I would SETTLE for some balance at this point. Also, want to add, as someone who was completely not happy with the way Shamy evolved. I can't say how Sheldon should have evolved. I had completely different hopes for them. For me, IMO, I was hopeful for truly unique quirky couple. Not a couple who happens to be quirky which is EXACLTY what they are. Which is what Shamy, IMO, have become. For those that are happy. Yay!! For me, eh? Who cares? It's so bad that it's hard to watch earlier TBBT Sheldon and realize turns out, he really was like every other person out there that shuts off from love and just needed to find that one person to break his walls down. And love sets him free. That's fine. That story is told all the time. I can't vision the early Sheldon becoming this. I actually roll my eyes out at early Sheldon. It's just that his friends put up with his crap, then Amy came along, and wore him down (IMO) to this version we have now. I realize this is not the YS forum but I will add I enjoy the show. I only want to reference here that it's hard to see the early TBBT Sheldon from the kid that is presented on that show. Finally, I have lots of ideas how Shamy could have evolved and been this truly odd couple that left people thinking what in the AF? So yeah, if early news is any indicator, it's just hard to get excited about this season. You know what they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst (in this case, IMO, is more of the same formula).
  12. You know what bothers me the most about all of this. While Shamy are doing their thing, they couldn't let the gang enjoy some time on their own??? I mean, is it really that hard to come up with anything other than Shamy? It was too much to expect that they could have any sort of freedom while they were away. Ah well...
  13. I don't agree at all that it was a throw away line. That line re: smart and beautiful babies set the trajectory for Lenny to becoming a couple (ups, downs and all). Even Sheldon's snarky reply, pans out too. There were times Leonard hoped, yearned from afar. Was it meant to foreshadow? That has yet to be seen. A flash forward at the end of the series is really is all that is required to make it happen if they don't go with on screen stories. As for S12, BALANCE...please please please!! I beg this of the TPTB. Now that Shamy are married, can we get back to group epis, spattering of couple life interjected (Lenny affection, not just lame ass hugs), and I would love to see a sub very minor plot of Stuart Denise...(that's probably a long shot but I can dream)...????????? And for the love of every fan that has been around since the beginning, can the show not be so Sheldon centric?! I actually enjoy YS and I won't go into my opinions on how it completely destroys the Sheldon I 've been watching on TBBT. I get that this is a business and CBS has a vested interest in wanting TBBT and YS to be successful. I enjoy TBBT for the entire cast and not just one character or ship. I imagine there are other fans similar to me. It can't be that hard as a professional writer to come up with stories for all the characters (be it arcs or stand alone epis).
  14. Oh yay...it's time for me to come on and repeat myself... My wish after this season is: A more balanced show (and for now this does mean less Shamy) Some focus on the lives of Lenny Some good old fashioned all of the gang together Hi-jinks and lighthearted fun Maybe even 3rd plot where Raj gets a steady GF And with Howdette maybe less baby/career story line and more of them trying to find ways to still have fun sans kids (with their kiddoes mentioned every so often) I say this and really have no hope that this will change.
  15. This! Just reiterates that Shamy are like every other couple out there with two intelligent albeit quirky people (which from my experience to quirky people meeting and falling in love happens quite bit too). This is why for me Shamy is not unique. Back when I cared enough, I could write all the ways that they could have made them a truly unique and stand out couple but on screen, I see all the ways they are just 2 people that found each other. Their early story was compelling and unique to me. Now, not so much. There are other couples and dynamics on this show which I find more interesting. I would love to see more of what's going on the lives of the rest of our gang. I still hold on to the hope of a more balanced show.
  16. I am so behind on comments but when I can catch TBBT and overall the new episodes are just Meh for me. It's more that comfort level type if watching as opposed to being really excited about any one thing. Weighing in on the discussion that stems from Shamy's uniqueness to Lenny and divorce. My thoughts are Shamy had all the makings to be a truly unique couple. IMO, TPTB wrote themselves into a corner and weren't sure how to get out, so what was once a truly quirky couple is now just any other couple with 2 quirky people (sex, living together, engaged, getting married, etc). Also, what drew me to TBBT was really none of the couples but their friendships. I don't care if anyone evolves or changes. But write for the group. No story should take lead or precedence over another...every so often yes a story might for an episode or 2. There could be arcs that run throughout. What sticks out about s11...shamy and wedding planning and in a distant second...Howardette pregnancy 2. TPTB can do whatever they want and clearly they do. TBBT is still the number 1 comedy. Could they have written the show differently and not alienated those that that loved the friendships or gang together episodes or Lenny fans? Damn straight. It's disappointing for this fan.
  17. So tptb really turned Sheldon and Amy into any other couple except they just happen to be quirky...awesome! How cutting edge show! To think I had such hopes for a truly unique and weird couple...like no other. The signs were there that they were edging to this but I had held on hoping...and well now Sheldon wants to have a first dance with Amy...how cute!! Nope, puke...gross. That's. EVERY. OTHER. DAMN. COUPLE. ON. TV!!! So I turn to Lenny and week after week --disappointment...it's hard to get excited when it's like they insert Lenny scenes that have no actual plot. There a CRAP ton of stories there if they wanted. But I suppose it's easier to write on cruise control than deal with Lenny. The show, of course, is allowed to evolve grow and change but lately I just feel like I am watching for the sake of it. I am really not invested in any of it. All my opinion...random vent for me. Oh and please TPTB (I BEG) please don't kill the bromance of Howard/Raj...I have to have something to look forward to. Right...RIGHT?!
  18. A lil late to the game as usual but I just had to post. It's so refreshing to see a Lenny story for once as the main plot. Then sprinkle in a conversation where Lenny try to see each other's view points...awesome! If the writers could do this a lil more often, maybe things will balance. Plus, I can't lie: I love me some Zack. Despite the "oops we got married" that the writers pulled out of thin air, Zack has always been for Team Lenny. And he is just a fun character, IMO. Oh and bonus points to TPTB for dealing with Penny for once. Not getting my hopes too high but if they actually followed through with the not happy with her career, job storyline and it led somewhere... that would truly astound me. Baby steps here
  19. For me, moving forward as far as ships are concerned, my fear is that the Lenny story remains the same for the rest of the series. My perception from the writers investment in the Lenny story, is they just don't care. The story they are invested in is Shamy. The evidence is based on what I see promoted, what I see on TV week after week, and for whatever reason that's what excites the writers. I think there are stories to be explored in Lenny and even in their individual characters that could show a united cohesive Lenny (gasp...no way...get the F out). For whatever reason, the writers choose the same week after week. I would love a story arc for Lenny. I think it will be more of the same. I'd like to be wrong but what motivation is there to change anything? Ratings are good and the show renewed, they can do whatever they want. And my DREAM if they can't write equally compelling stories for the main couples...then tell other stories. Get the group out and about, get back to their careers, get back to their hobbies and step away from relationships and leave them tertiary. A girl can dream...lol!!!
  20. Am I happy for the show and the actors--yup! Am I excited to think I could deal with more of what s10 has been? Not so much... Will I watch? Same as now. When I can, I will. If it bores me, I'll do something else. Long gone are the days that I made sure I had time to for in the new episode be it on DVR or live TV. So my hopes are more Lenny (let them off the island!!), less Shamy screen time (READ: balanced!! even though I don't give rat's ass about them...I get they are a main ship), group epis, science stories with the guys, girls fun, other ships/stories spattered throughout.
  21. I gave it an ok. I literally walked away about half way through to do house work and kind of sorta watched. That's how interesting it was to me but they still get the ratings. It's a win all around and trust me I know one viewer isn't going to make a difference if I did switch the channel to something else. But yes chores sounded more fun than what I was watching. Maybe next episode will capture my interest!
  22. The problem to me with Lenny isn't that they fight or disagree. This is real. Most couples do this at some point or another. My problem isn't even that they fight on-screen. My problem is when the fights are not resolved or they fight episode after episode and it's not quite resolved. The tree thing was their biggest fight according to them. However, at the time of recounting it to their friends, they appear happy and they are able to look back on it and not have it dissolve into another argument. It's having an argument that results in Sheldon writing an RA and in the next episode they are fighting again over her brother staying (a story that sounds awfully familiar...guitar guy...) and it's not explicitly clear that they have resolved that argument. This is where some balance would help tremendously. If they show happy Lenny consistently with quality storylines, then 3 episodes of them fighting might not seem like a big deal. In this case, it does to me feel heavy for Lenny. Show me happy Lenny. Will they break up? I would like to say no that's not the plan...but this is a Lorre show and it is Lenny who also have a history that includes breaking up.
  23. I love me some Lenny and you know I'd like to see loving and supporting Lenny on screen. I just can't wrap my mind around what the issue is from TPTB? This is obviously their choice to write them this way...but why? Is it that hard to write a positive, happy and supportive Lenny. I came to the forum today cautiously optimistic and now I feel somewhat defeated. What will it take for TPTB to show us that? So I guess on to the next TR, right? I have to say a glass of wine (or bottle) does sound like a good idea....lol!!
  24. I gave it an okay. My first reaction was: What did I just watch? At times, Lenny were absolutely adorable and I found the Christmas tree plot to be funny and believable. Our family used to cut down our Christmas trees and despite the best laid plans, there was always some hitch and there was always cussing and fighting. The frustration was believable to me. What made it somewhat tolerable after listening to them describe their fight is they were obviously past it and happy at the time they recounted their experience. The Howardette: A lil serious with humor mixed in but again...new parents, struggling with a newborn, feeling inadequate as a mom...believable. Some things that distracted me though-Bernie's hair (Were they going with the hair got thicker with the pre-natal vitamins and pregnancy hormones...well that was how I reasoned it). That babies cry...I get tptb are going for funny but it didn't sound human let alone real. Raj and Stuart here didn't bother me. The part that ruined it though...is Stuart. They totally crap on his character. I'd like to see him get a win!! Then the story that was on for far too long and was much too cringe worthy and ultimately made it hard to watch the rest...Shamy. Amy's special juice, Amy going behind's Sheldon's back, Sheldon sitting in flippers and whitey's tighties...freaking HILARIOUS and that scream. No, just no. I can still hear it in my head...this is not what I want to remember. And even if these were brand new, never been worn before underwear...I couldn't deal with Sheldon talking through the pee hole. Knee slapping hilarious...except it wasn't to me. Not even a little bit. All my opinion-
  25. With all the news, I find very little to be excited about. I just don't give a rat's ass about Shamy anymore. I get that they have a story and they are not going anywhere (nor would I suggest that TPTB get rid of it) but come the crap on? What drew me to this show was the ensemble and their side stories. To this day, I get the most enjoyment out of those in re-watch. I liked how I perceived a balance in the storytelling. Lenny was there throughout simmering through the ups and downs to the married couple they are now. I never felt like Lenny took over the show but it was there. It lead to an appreciation of the times they got to share alone. Now S10 it's Shamy, Howardette, everybody else and then, "Oh hey, here's Lenny" in Sheldon's old apartment and the happily married couple ask Sheldon to draft an RA for them. I mean, how exciting is this?! I'd much rather see the ensemble than this. Re: Sheldon yes he's changed. Can't you see it? He's so sweet and evolved. BUT WAIT...no he's not. TPTB need him to be the clueless asshat so he's an asshat; it's ok we got years of and years of THAT Sheldon. And they just pull that card when TPTB think it's fitting to the story. Oh hey, BAM Season 10...the new Sheldon is here. Yes, there were small signs but as far as I could tell as S9 drew to close Sheldon wasn't quite there yet. This is my opinion. For all that are happy with, yay. I'm not. This is my place to vent.
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