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  1. Well, I am the lone person in here thus far that did not enjoy this episode. It felt off to me like a weird AU. I think I almost laughed once and for life of me I can't recall where. But I guess that speaks to how forgettable this was to me. This post wasn't to kill the vibe but rather to get it out of my system...to vent I guess. JMO- Glad so many enjoyed.
  2. I gave it an ok. I enjoyed some stuff but I go with first impression and knee jerk reactions. This episode felt out of place. I can't help but think tptb decide what Sheldon they need for a particular episode and they go with it. For me, Sheldon just sounded like a whiny ass hat. I couldn't get past his storyline to care enough about the rest going on. I did LOL at penny when she raised her hand. Meh...
  3. I rated ok. I found several moment of this episode awkward and hard to watch. Sexy Sheldon...ugh! Feel weird just typing that. The Raj love interest story line...I get that they were trying to make a point here but it was hard for me to watch. And the Bernie/Sheldon interaction...again...I actually yelled, "Shut up ,Sheldon" at the TV. The lil tidbits I did enjoy make this an episode I would not re-watch.
  4. This! As for the rest, I do enjoy the Howardette. Raj/Stuart was a lil weird. The rest I really struggled to stay engaged. I hope this is the last of Lenny being the counselors for Shamy. Let them sort their own mess out. If they have to, I'll take on screen snippets of how Lenny helped resolve whatever the Shamy issue of the day was. FWIW, I would love to see Lenny get a good juicy storyline. Howardette have more to work with than they do. I could go for a group episode even if it was just filler.
  5. Shenny? I can see why there are those that ship them because it is so completely out there. Of course, the show has really gone out of it's way to hammer home the mom/son-brother/sister vibe of these two. But much like the Chlois theories back in the Smallville days, I hope fans aren't terribly disappointed when it doesn't pan out. Me: I struggle with the Shamy I see on screen. Horny Sheldon, secret makeout and or coitus sessions--thus far if I am to believe what I see; Amy wants it and Sheldon don't get it or worse yet ignores it. I suppose much like the Leonard boat kiss the show could create a new history at any time but so far, I am just not sold that Amy has been getting any since that night. There is just so much I hated, loathed about the breakup and it all leading to coitus...I just don't care anymore about it. I can't even watch the re-runs and appreciate the Shamy. Ugh! Venting...carry on...carry on!! FWIW, I was never anti-coitus. I just would have appreciated a story line that they decided to try to coitus on their terms.
  6. Hmm, I read what was posted about possibilities with LAs. I took it to mean than they create a safety net to fall back on if they want/need to. My take may be just a tad different though. Perhaps it has little to do with the audience, ratings, critics, etc. and more about what feels comfortable to TPTB. If they like it and it feels natural, organic...well, yeah they keep it. Yay, us. If it feels odd, icky, and contrived, well, "hey, it was just an experiment and well, nope not ready." Too bad so sad to those who desire otherwise. I think a show on it's 10th season and all signs seem to point to the 11th. IMO, I think they worry less about critical acclaim and more about what feels good right, good to the writers, creators. And as a total aside, as a former Shamy shipper, I just stay quiet about it all. But yeah, what I see is more of the same.
  7. My opinion about the writers is that they have a formula that works. They have the ratings which is amazing considering that the show is on it's 10th season. Anything major threatens to change that formula. Thus Lenny get engaged and it takes awhile to marry. They finally marry and rather than address living arrangements they adjust to appease Sheldon. Shamy has sex but on Sheldon's terms. Amy would like to do it again. However, they leave things open enough that Sheldon can be clueless and on the flip be enlightened when the story warrants. They have what 2 possibly 3 more seasons after 10? I think as long as the ratings remain decent I expect stall tactics to continue to be the norm. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be pleasantly surprised and see major shake-ups but the last few seasons have taught me that sets me up for disappointment in the long run.
  8. I cannot WAIT for this epi to air! Happy and sweet Lenny goodness...it's about time!
  9. For me, it would be re-writing the Shamy storyline. I would never have normalized Amy. I would have much preferred her to stay quirky and socially awkward. I would've focused much more on the relationship of the mind (and yes this too would eventually lead to coitus). Hence, their story would then lose all the horny Amy jokes and clueless Sheldon moments. Also, while I didn't completely hate that Lenny initially chose Vegas for their nuptials, there would not have been a surprise Leonard kiss from his trip to sea. Their wedding would have been a completely happy Lenny with their friends attending via technology and no drama. There would never been a Zack/ Penny annulment as a result of what they thought was a fake marriage in VEGAS. Finally, Raj dating 2 women and no crying Emily wanting to get Raj back. Emily can do better. Both girls can!
  10. Maybe he isn't ready to have kids? It's not unusual to see first time dad's anymore into their 40s these days. Or maybe he doesn't want any? Who knows? I suspect he will figure it out when he is ready.
  11. I think Kaley is beautiful no matter what hair style she has. She is just a good person and that radiates from her both inside and out!
  12. I enjoy TBBT but reflecting back on the season nothing really stood out that wasn't cliché. Plus if you know me I firmly the believe the show is stuck in a rut. I enjoy it but it is going on it's 10th season and yet there seems to be lil motivation to really advance the stories. It's enjoyable, it's comfortable, but it's not really advancing much.
  13. IDK how I feel about longer than a year or 2. For the actors, actresses; sure it's job stability and for that I am happy if they are. Just not sure how I feel if tptb are not willing to take some risks and change living arrangements, etc. I mean tptb could totally surprise everyone but I think they are stuck in a certain pattern because of the success. Like if it isn't broken, don't fix it. JMO-
  14. Yeah, I would like Lenny to move in. I still don't think that has to mean Shamy jumps to this. Sheldon could try to live on his own Take in Raj or Stuart Have a dream list of guest stars that try to be his roommate that of course never work out Maybe that eventually leads to him trying to live with Amy That also being said, I get the sense that tptb are happy, content with things as the way they are. I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibilities that somewhere over the hiatus that they have the idea to really shake things up. Not that I think is the risk tptb seem to think it is. I do really think the problem is how to deal with Sheldon if Lenny take this step, JMO.
  15. I'm all for Lenny living together. I just don't see how this equates that Shamy has to live together? If TPTB wrote consistent stories, I would say Amy is on her way to another blow up (notice I don't say break up here-it could go either way) at Sheldon because she is not getting what she wants. Her BF to want her the way she wants him. Like it or not, as far as S9 wrapped up this is not the case. S9 after the big coitus epi, Shamy quickly fell back to their old patterns of Amy dropping big clues about intimacy and them zooming right past Sheldon. If you go back to the very beginning, it just makes me sad that Amy grew somewhat into this normal girl wanting flowers, etc. It just could have been so quirky and odd if they had stuck more to the relationship of the mind story and had them eventually maybe explore coitus in a scientific way and decide together if they liked it, hated it, etc. I was so ignorant then. I miss those days. As for what I want to see, Lenny/Howardette goodness, Raj getting played by Emily and Claire then taking some time to focus on party planning or hey...what happened to Cinnamon, and just more stories together as a group. Less focus on relationships. But that's just me...
  16. Well, this was the first episode in awhile that I actually didn't lose interest. That says something but not a whole lot as overall it was still just meh. Shamy...yawn. It's sad to me that I just don't care. I used to actively ship them. Since their break up and subsequent relationship since reuniting, I just don't care so in that I am glad it was a small piece of the story. It was good that they were honest with each other and how they felt. Lenny: I still ship them. There wasn't a lot here to work with but I did like how they both beamed when Zach if they got married to...each other. Overall, at the wine tasting, I thought Leonard was stiff like he didn't know where to stand or what to do. It's probably just a result of the storyline and I don't necessarily think it's reflective of Lenny. Amy/Howard: I was just disappointed. If nothing else, couldn't they have talked about their love for Neil Diamond or maybe karaoke instead of the scene we got? It's TPTB story but even a little callback would have been nice compared to THAT ONE we bonded 3 years ago and the awkwardness that ensued. Sheldon/Bernie: I actually enjoyed them and found it cute and not forced. Bernie seemed genuinely surprised that she could enjoy Sheldon. It was refreshing. I love Zack. He is fun to look at. He likes the guys, is interested in what they do, and even as an ex to Penny--a Lenny shipper. Would've loved it if the tag was Claire and Zack in bed. Raj...whatever. I like Claire but I was a little surprised by her reaction when Raj lets that cat out of the bag. I thought she was all for casual but now she seems put off that it might not be. I just don't see what Emily or Claire see at this point in Raj. Both could do so much better. Would love to see them in the future play him and maybe even push him back to his not being able to talk to women.
  17. RE: Raj, as things are now, the only outcome I will be satisfied with is that both women stomp all over him. Then after a good long recovery from heartache and a hard lesson learned maybe he cautiously ventures back out into the dating world. But some time alone and maybe some party planning would be good for him. Will it happen? Doubt it...I think they will milk this story line as long as they can. And hey, we have Leonard admiring and supporting it so...
  18. The Batman/Manbat scene started off funny and then should have stopped it went on far too long. Then Leonard thinking it was cool or admiring that Raj was dating 2 women...what da F, Leonard? Hoping that epi would pick up, I watched. And as with most of the rest of the season just "Meh." I have to agree with all the others that said it felt forced/contrived. It may in fact be a build up epi. If that was TPTBs goal, it fell flat to me. Finally, I like Stuart and I hate the way they treat him sometimes. The bike scene was terrible all around. I mean, he rode the bike there in his costume and managed just fine. Of course, while the guys watch from the window, it gets caught. Go for the cheap laugh, I suppose. I did not laugh.
  19. Meh episode for me. As a former Shamy, right off the bat I'm reminded why I could care less about their story. The line about signing a disclosure statement prior to coitus...really Amy? It feels like every opportunity she gets, she throws this out there in some way shape or form. If Sheldon doesn't give in to another coitus session before her next b-day, Amy is likely to break up with him for the exact reason she did in the first place. Except this time it cuts a little deeper because he got some, enjoyed it more than he through he would but she starts to question her desirability because all of her innuendo goes zooming right by him. I deplore she went back with him status quo even if she got what she wanted anyway. Just really...I could use a little break from Shamy like the b or c plot or maybe they could be relegated to the kitchen island for an epi or 2. The lab for a second it felt like coming home. A little science, the lab, Penny trying to get it but then the scientists get pulled into the Suicide Squad and lie to the girls...and bubble burst. Then of course Raj ends up at the lab instead of with his buds...Raj...who are you? Well, apparently one of the girls now. I guess it all worked out in the end but honestly this fan was easily distracted which seems to be the norm for me this season. I am sure I will hang around until the end but it's just not the same. It's like TPTB do everything to keep everything static but try to push it forward just a bit but not too much. Knee jerk reaction.
  20. I voted for Penny. Maybe a pharma conference as someone else pointed out or maybe some family drama pulls her back to Nebraska? Or maybe with Leonard's dad showing up, Penny decides it's time for a trip back home. Maybe Leonard has to stay back at Caltech for some reason? Just a guess. My guesses are usually wrong but throwing it out there anyway.
  21. If she is dating and happy, good for her. As for the age thing, really? I am exactly 5 years older than my SO and we have been together 6 years. If Kaley's current relationships don't work out, it will probably have more to do with the first one after divorce usually is a re-bound (or while in midst of divorce), the usual pressure that Hollywood couples face, OR maybe after all of this she just wants to have fun for awhile. If she's happy, it's all that matters.
  22. For this fan, IMO as a milestone episode, it fell flat. To me, that is very disappointing. I think there were other ways to approach this episode that really focused on all the great characters. My knee jerk reaction was this was a love letter to Sheldon. The guy who can be royal pain in the ass who can be grown up and tunes in social conventions in one ep but then regressed to child like and or called Lenny's pet in another. I love the ensemble. It's what ultimately makes the show for me. Yes they were all there and some favorites from early on and Adam West as guest star but it was hard to see past Sheldon and his issues or why they all love/pander to Sheldon.
  23. No more strange, IMO, than Lenny's relationship as newlyweds and all that comes with that, and the reason Amy decided to take Sheldon as status quo. Off screen land is an interesting place...
  24. First episode in awhile that I enjoyed from start to finish. The "our place" did bother me but can't say I'm surprised at this point on that. Overall, for me, this was a fun episode. I would like to see more group stories/epis. Was very refreshing!
  25. It doesn't take 2 to break up, I wasn't very clear that in some break ups in my original post. In some instances it does in fact take 2 to break up. (i.e.: mutual or one's like Shamy not mutual) hence the rest of my reply about the need for space to break up. Sorry about that Stephen...multi tasking gone awry. And all just my opinion. Apology or no apology, I cannot re-watch Shamy and enjoy it the way I once did.
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