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  1. Sorry disagree here. Amy asked for space and repeatedly it's been hammered in that the reason Amy jumped to break up was because of Sheldon and his misguided behavior. SO I believe in this case, if I am to buy story, Amy would not have broken up with Sheldon had he honored her request for space. One would not happen without the other, right?!
  2. Got excited and thought finally a place to express why Shamy will never be the same for me. None of these options are right for me either. Will an apology change all of this from either side of the Shamy? No. It takes two to make relationship, it takes 2 to even break up and of course make up. Sure, Amy was right in her decision since that Is how she felt. Apparently it had been going on for years, she really blindsided him because Sheldon "who doesn't get it" (the good old go to when he really foibles) was supposed to read between the lines and get all of that. Although we hear nothing of what she is really thinking while they are broken up (my guess because she is not a main character), but she is dating, then even tries after a nice afternoon to get back with Sheldon-then VOILA!! Happy land, all is forgiven. It rings false to me. The bottom line now when I watch re-runs I can't un-see the break up. I can't un-see the Amy who suffers. This is the lens I have to accept now. These were papercuts slicing at Amy who holds it all in and explodes on their 5 year anniversary. The one thing that might have worked for me was some sort of resolution (but on a funny and not after school special way) where Shamy realize they are both new to this in love thing and try to work on it as a couple. Amy with her faults (ie: idealizing the BF she wanted vs. what she had, not expressing that to someone CLEARLY doesn't get subtle cues 90% of the time) and Sheldon with his flaws (ie: where to start). Moderators: If this is not right thread, please move it. I am not trying to start a shipper war or slam Shamy but these are thoughts that came to mind when I consider this topic.
  3. As someone who fell in the love with the ensemble show of TBBT, I find the recent spoilers a bit underwhelming. IMHO, the show is at it's best when it is the ensemble and the shipping stories are weaved throughout. Every so often a ship may need to be a focus of the story so they can deal with weddings, death, break ups, the real life struggles TPTB weave into to the fictional TBBT landscape. Of course, my final judgment will be when epis finally air. I am glad to see a lil something for Raj...in that my interest is at least a little piqued.
  4. This episode was ok for me. I had high hopes for it but it just fell kind of flat for my liking. That being said, I enjoyed the Raj/Sheldon interaction (not so much that Sheldon got his way again), Howardette (creepy Stuart was lil much), Lenny was ok. I thought Leonard and Penny actually stood out more in the scenes without their SOs in this epi. Penny's line about the drug she was selling was great and I loved the guest star, Jake K. But overall it just fell flat to me...and yes I agree with others: the Leonard double dutch-ing was really out of place. I actually can't decide which scene was creepier Stuart or Leonard?!
  5. Aside of the Lenny wedding and the out of nowhere Leonard kiss drama, I have to agree there hasn't been much of a story line for Lenny. There has been some on-screen goodness and I appreciate that. Which could have something to do with why this thread is getting touchy...there simply isn't much to talk about as far as Lenny, IMO. I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it here...now that Shamy has played out and are back together...could we just have balanced stories? Maybe even some good old gang doing stuff stories and everyone is just happy, drama free for a stretch. I love when Team Lenny shine on-screen. Maybe TPTB can finally deal with living arrangements and show Leonard saying "FU RA...I'm out." You know, move in with his wife? My dream...not that it will happen anytime soon or ever but yeah I'd like an end to relationship drama and maybe a lil meaty story for Lenny (not drama per say but something with a lil meat for the couple)...maybe even gasp...a short story arc.
  6. I gave it a good. Played better than I thought. I was not a fan of the break up and for me Shamy will never be the same. I've said why enough and won't repeat that here. I enjoyed the parallels between the premier and the Shamy's big moment. Enjoyed Bernie and Penny-for all the flack that they got for being HORRIBLE friends for not getting Shamy back together-it's clear that they are the best kind of friends (well, IMO). They may not understand why something is going on but as friends they will support whatever is decided. They supported Sheldon. That played out really cute. I enjoyed Bob Newhart too. Not sure why I got a kick out of the pant-less line but his moments were the ones where I lol'd. I like Wil Whaeton and I enjoyed the guys storyline as well. They are just so adorable. Good but I am not sure I care enough to re-watch it. In moving forward, I would love a good solid episode that revolves around all the gang.
  7. S9 Gripes: Leonard kiss that he bottled up for 2 years. Overall, it worked out but just not a fan of it and how it came out of left field. Shamy: I was keeping and open mind but this really just ruined them for me. It really just rubs me the wrong way the whole thing and the way it played out--especially Amy in all of it. I said all along if this break up was to get Shamy in bed...I'd hate it. I was right. I hate it. It wasn't about a new, improved Shamy. It was about poor Amy getting her way and Sheldon manning up. Yawn! Over it.
  8. This is me venting. this my opinion which may not be shared by anyone else on here. I mean, one would think that would be expected in such a place but there are times, I feel like I have to justify my opinion. No one is likely to change it. Shamy 2.0 is not for me. I will of course watch this unfold and see if viewing in fact changes my disappointed view. In retrospect, this was all about Amy getting her way. This was all about Amy getting the Sheldon she decided she wanted after she changed. Which, of course, she was allowed to do as this often happens. Instead of a middle ground that accommodated both of their wants needs, it was in fact a sex starved, poor repressed Amy I have been watching. I used defend her on these very boards that she must be getting something our of the relationship and see a potential in Sheldon that others could not. Sheldon had been shown to be working on the intimacy and fumbling his way through it all, even at times being an ass to Amy. Good, bad or indifferent by the end of most episodes it seemed whatever issues there were resolved and away these two crazy kids went on their way figuring it out. The bottom line is when I re-watch episodes, I look at it differently. I have no choice to see the that Amy was enduring these paper cuts and the girl who was in a relationship that just wasn't working for her. Of course, it is now. She is getting flowers and coitus on her b-day. For me, I think it stems back to my biggest complaint I that Amy is written for Sheldon. Her story isn't about Amy. It's about Shamy. Her character is there to fit whatever the story needs at the time (be it awkward Penny worshipper, impetus to change Sheldon, crazed bridesmaid in Howardette wedding storyline to name a few). Now that this is done...my hope is story lines that involve all the gang, girls nights, nerdy geeky stories...Lenny goodness, Rajily, Howardette. Of course, I am sure I am wrong...probably Shamy engagement and wedding up next.
  9. I'm still in shock about what I read and for me Shamy 2.0...wow...what a waste of time, space, effort. Sorry, I had to find out Amy's side of things in off screen land (you know papercuts, she had to endure that over and over, and she just lost it). So the ultimate point of this break up was for Amy to get her way...more intimacy, a Sheldon she can actually love since she changed and evolved (so Sheldon is all hippy dippy now), and BAM...we have make out Shamy. We have perhaps a more normalized Shamy. That's not what brought me on board to this ship. It seems once again Amy is just here to support the story that Sheldon needed to change. So her side of the story was largely left out but we knew she was ok dating, didn't say anything to anyone about what brought her to this point in TBBT land (yet her friends were vilified --how dare they let her date when Sheldon has a ring--how dare them-- bad friends). Yawn! Anyway, it's not all awful to me. At least, the ring/vid wasn't part of the reconciliation. But really just seems this was all about changing Sheldon and not about developing Amy in any way as a character. Yeah, I am disappointed. BIG TIME!!! Yay for a Lenny kiss. Happy to see the return of Bob Newhart (sure it will be Shamy related but he was adorable as Obi-Wan). Also, maybe to we can get back to ensemble epis or maybe a Lenny plot, Raj-Emily
  10. What a mess the Shamy are in? The kiss was nothing to be worked up about. It is somewhat ambiguous re: lips, cheek, side mouth...but it does come across as awkward. However, afterwards, Amy smiles. Sheldon witnessed that. I can see why he appears defeated. I still maintain that is not up to their friends to get them back together. It's up to Sheldon and Amy to reach that place (and for me it has to be a COMPROMISE). It has to maintain some of Sheldon's wants/needs as well as Amy's. It has to work for both of them...whatever that looks like. As for Penny: Penny is in a unique position here. She has alliances with both Sheldon and Amy. Like it or not, her friendship was with Sheldon first and now she is married to Sheldon's bestie (Shelnard is a real thing in TBBT land). She has now witnessed first hand Sheldon dealing with the break up. It's quite possible (and this is a guess) her and Leonard at some point in off-screen land know things didn't go well with the his proposal. She's kind of damned if she does/damend if she don't. Do you piss off your husband and good friend and tell Amy? Do you decide to clue Amy in about the ring? Maybe she is like me and decides no matter how much you know you have to let them work it out. So you just don't say anything. And FWIW thus far Amy hasn't really said to the girls that she is having second thoughts or is confused...what they see is her ready to move on. So again Penny is damned if she does or damned is she doesn't. If she is anything like me (not saying she is or isn't) but maybe she is conflicted (after all she know Sheldon's side) but as far as she can tell Amy wants to move on and she thinks it's best to let her friend figure out what she wants. Penny and the girls have little reason to think that Amy is conflicted (hell, I as a viewer don't have much to go on as far Amy's side) so they support Amy dating. I don't think they are wrong. When Shamy figures it out (all though right now...I am in support of some friend zone time), I personally don't want the ring, the documentary, or their friends to be part of it. For me, it would be best that all of that is secondary meaning they are back together when that is revealed.
  11. Even though the focus wasn't Lenny, I just loved their interaction and how close they are. They make an amazing team. They were adorable in last night's epi!
  12. Jenafan...I can see what you are saying and maybe I am not very clear. Of course, she still loves Sheldon. You can love someone and not like everything about them. My point is this which I did say...if Amy has in fact been just taking it all and just putting up with it (paper cuts...wasn't that the term Molaro used) then IMO it's cheap, shoddy writing if she is willing to take Sheldon back without discussing what broke for her in the first place. JMO-
  13. I think it is a stretch to say that having a ring for Amy meant that sex was on the table right at that moment. I do believe he had intended to propos at some point in the near future but that was kyboshed by Amy's request for space. Then further botched by Sheldon going about granting her need for space and are now broken up. I do believe Sheldon realizes that once married sex is part of that equation for Amy. Sheldon has been shown in the relationship to have to work his way into the level of intimacy Amy wanted/needed. Also, I do believe if Amy just goes back to Sheldon without some sort of discussion within the realms of a sitcom that this break up was complete and utter waste of time and space. I would find it complete CRAP that in off screen land TPTB state Amy has been just taking it and not standing up for herself...and well now she is so in looove after one pleasant afternoon...who cares she will put up with Sheldon and just resume the relationship? No. Just no. I would rather them stay in friend zone then go back to what was apparently broken in the first place.
  14. Yeah, I was lil baffled at the fact that Penny doesn't know her husband's b-day but not at all surprised the writers went there. It doesn't take away my enjoyment of Lenny overall. Seriously though my first thought was this is the girl who threw Leonard a surprise b-day party. But to borrow from Tensor, the writers are consistently inconsistent. As for the Shamy, I am def. not a Sheldon apologist but I can see his confusion here. For years, Amy presented as being ok with Sheldon and his brand of romance...RA, the lil pieces of affection she would get, etc. Her friends may have wondered WTH but she never once indicated that she might be a flight risk if he didn't get it together and be the BF she envisioned. Have there been moments...yes...like the pass the butter scene as one example. Good for her. She's finally stood up and says enough is enough but oooh after one nice afternoon with him she's ready to go back. Really? So you couldn't deal with Sheldon, decided to date and wanted something more or different (ok...again you go girl...) and boom now she wants him back. I think it is up to her to clear up the confusion for Sheldon. Without any insight that maybe she was truly unhappy and only tolerating his brand of romance...then she needs to clarify what she wants. Then Sheldon needs to decide if he can be that guy. If not, maybe they are better off as friends. After all Amy, as Penny pointed out she doesn't have a BF she has a Sheldon. JMO- Which just bothers me about Amy character overall (I enjoy her addition to the show) but she is often written to match what the storyline requires (which was mostly in relation to Sheldon) even if it doesn't make sense (which ties onto the beginning of this post...consistently inconsistent...love that, Tensor!)
  15. Still I don't see it that their friends are responsible to get them back together. Sheldon and Amy are adults. If they choose to be apart, just friends, or together, that is on them. If(when) the ring or video come up, I want it to be a convo between Shamy and not their friends intervening with that knowledge. Just me. Wow!! Amy complete turnaround...but another missed opportunity here...still don't get to know why Amy needed a break or now that had her space and has dated why she thinks wants Sheldon back now (I mean I get it in the topical sense...she missed their companionship). However, what was broken in the first place cannot be fixed if Amy doesn't reveal the reason Sheldon' was not a good BF for her. I know there are reasons that some of us might infer, but Sheldon is literal and needs to be told so he can decide: Yes I can and want to be that guy. Or no, I love her but I just can't be the person Amy needs. Yes, in RL, many of us would have checked out a long time ago but Amy overall seemed to accept Sheldon and his quirks, lack of experience as a BF from what I could see on screen in. Let's not forget Amy too lacks experience as a GF. Fine if Amy decided...hey I like this flower, romantic gestures, hand holding, etc.... Here's the thing Amy was with Sheldon who was not ok with these things and needed to work his way into it (as evidenced to the viewer by Sheldon's comments to Lenny, the 43 peculiarity, his admission to Amy during their D and D session, etc). So rather than talk to Sheldon about what's changed, what she now needs--she asks for a step back and Sheldon is supposed to figure it out. Sheldon may be growing and changing but he is not suddenly tuned in and gets things like this like some might. So now she decided after a nice afternoon together: I miss this. I get why Sheldon might not jump here. Is this her naiveté kicking in here? Dating is not going so great so Sheldon is better than being alone? Well, she's tried dating and the grass really isn't greener so hey I miss the companionship so Sheldon is better than nothing? Well, I tried other stuff and meh so hey Sheldon I want you back and she just expects he would take that offer? Is it really Sheldon she misses or just the companionship? Aside of that one moment in the hallway, on screen Amy seemed pretty confident in her decision to move on. Maybe she is genuinely heartbroken because it is Sheldon that she misses? But her immaturity here shines through, she asked for space that lead to a break up and now because she is ready to get back together...she thinks he should say yes. I think what would have been better here was to ask Sheldon to see if they could talk about what was their relationship, etc. Of course, that doesn't play well in 30 minute sitcom (which 18-21 mins of airtime). I think this can go either way. The question is will TPTB drag it out and all the shenanigans as Amy and Sheldon try to dance around being friends (which may or may not include more dating others), a small episode arc that shows them dealing with the knowledge of Amy wanting to get back together and Sheldon said no, or getting back together is all that is left.
  16. Maybe I am watching the episode wrong...but I didn't find Amy sad or forlorn? She did seem hesitant about the app and not at all into how her friends were going about it. If anything at all, I almost saw a semi spark of something (almost enjoyment or at least I got a positive vibe) when she admitted that her date with Dave was "like that." Or whatever her exact words were when the gang was ribbing her about it. I watched the Epi once and this is off of memory. She seems ok in this episode in her moving on. Sheldon doesn't seem happy about his singlehood but at least he is accepting it and respecting her wishes here and giving her space. As I see things on screen, I think it's up to Amy to make any kind of move re: Sheldon. I enjoyed the Shelnard plot very much. I laughed, I enjoyed it. But that's me.
  17. Just a fun episode all around minus the Shamy scene. Laughed a lot. I just keep thinking if Amy was that unhappy and ready to find someone who treated her better than what Sheldon was equipped to give: Wouldn't they be better off as friends? Yes, Amy looked pained in the tag. Was it because she was genuinely sad that Sheldon "appears" to be moving on by asking girls out or is it that she was taken aback that he might even consider dating (thinking she was the only person Sheldon would ever date) or some combo of the two? Need to see more before I can properly judge that. My kneejerk was she didn't believe Sheldon wouldn't consider dating along with hurt from the realization that he might.
  18. Tensor, thank you and your source, sharing all the updates I think this sounds like a fun episode. Shamy are broken up and that is the reality for now. I believe they will eventually find their ways back to each other. However, as this is playing out, I could see it going either way (dragged out or something shifts and boom Shamy 2.0). I think it it's cute that Lenny and Bernadette are curious. After all, they have no idea that Amy is conflicted. And since they were probably confused why Amy was in a relationship with Sheldon in the first place (even though they supported it), they are probably curious about the type of guy Amy would have 3 dates with. Makes for good comedy... A few of my opinions and probably not wildly popular but it's how I see it. I cannot fault their friends at all for how they are acting. Amy has not provided a single damn clue to her friends that she is seriously conflicted about this, A lil bit maybe but she admits she is open to dating. And I don't care how it is painted it's not Penny's place to tell her anything about the video or the ring. If Amy would give Penny an inkling that she is conflicted, then the most I want to see Penny say is I think you really need to talk to Sheldon before you decide anything. And leave it at that. If Amy wants to learn more about why Penny would say something like this, then she needs to approach Sheldon to find out why Penny might say something like that. If Shamy get back together because he has a ring, isn't going to fix what prompted her to ask for space and eventually break up with him anyway. Those problems will come back because they were not dealt with. All IMO, of course. Carry on...
  19. I enjoyed the episode. Again loving the Lenny, I was overall happy with how it started out re: living arrangements. It was interesting to me that it was Penny that ultimately decided to not really make any changes right now. Even though there wasn't a major change at the moment, I am loving the Lenny married dynamic. They seem like a couple very much in love and enjoying the honey moon phase of being newlyweds. I think Penny making that decision right now speak volumes about how much her and Leonard care about Sheldon (even though he can be a bit much). Raj/Howard: I overall loved that storyline. It was fun and light hearted. Even I got their goofy Dr. Jones song stuck in my head. I really like Emily here and she seemed less creepy. Not sure what's in store for her and Raj but seeing as she could be used throughout the season...I remain interested in seeing how/if Rajlily develop. Shamy: The last two episodes I have thought maybe they should stay just friends...I mean once Sheldon gets over it. Amy here presented as very distant in her interaction with Sheldon. I could see a new group dynamic once the dust settles. I have no doubt that Shamy will get back together. Right now, I am not feeling it, I guess.
  20. I am in the camp of Amy was distant. I was actually taken aback by her during the Skype call. I found it difficult to watch. I don't know that I thought she was cold but yes distant. I came away confused. In one scene she is defending Sheldon and in another she is distant. I came away thinking that they might be better off as friends. I thought that last week too. Carry on, Shamies. I am sure they will still re-unite. Keeping an open mind....
  21. I cannot blame outsiders for their break up--not Penny, Bernie...none of 'em. If Amy has changed and decided she wants the traditional romance that she sees somewhat in Howardette and Lenny, then ok. However, that is not Sheldon and if that is where she lands, then maybe Sheldon isn't for her. Ultimately, while there is not much insight to WTH Amy is thinking, she asked for space and she broke up with Sheldon. When they re-unite, the issue I struggle with is: Will Shamy 2.0 be as refreshing and unique as when they originally started? I struggle with this. If it's all about Sheldon making all the changes and ultimately Amy gets traditional romance, I would hate that. I cannot tell you how much I would hate that for Shamy. When they re-unite, for me, it needs to be some middle ground that works for both of them. Sometimes Sheldon might get Amy flowers if that is really important to her (but I could see him sticking science tidbits in the card vs.the traditional sappy sigs). Maybe it's Amy agreeing to dress up for a Comic Con trip or letting Sheldon pick their Halloween. Just me though.
  22. Loving the Lenny! Good to see them happy and the kiss quickly resolved. Re: kids, I personally don't want kids regularly on the show. However, I am not against flash forward episodes or just random flash forward thoughts, dreaming, imagining mixed in. But that's just me. Also, depending on no. of seasons, I imagined the show might end with Penny pregnant or Lenny just having had a set of twins...you know wrapping the series up with those smart and beautiful babies referenced way back in S1.
  23. I believe at some point-- who knows when --Shamy will re-unite. Based on the info for the latest epi and order, I have views that maybe different but this is where my head is as far as Shamy is concerned. When finally does reunite finally whether sweeps or some point later, my concern is that Shamy 2.0 will not re recognizable as the unique, quirky, couple that I found so refreshing. However, I don't have a strong sense that TPTB gave the Shamy break-up any significant thought or planning past the let's break them up and see what happens. I am multi-shipper so I am not exclusively Shamy, either. Amy: My out and out frustration here is that in order to understand her story I have to know about Molaro's interviews where it was explained- that for Amy it was all like paper cuts and the Flash comment was the culmination of all of her frustrations so she finally says I need space. We are 7 episodes into s9 and I still haven't heard Amy say this on-screen to anyone. If that's her MO, then put it on screen and make it canon already. Sorry, I was in another fandom for years (Smallville), if I learned nothing else from that experience, canon meant it had to actually be on-screen. Like it or not, Shamy are now broken up and in this EPI she is dating. Then apparently she must have changed and now wants romance, flowers, etc. Gone is the Amy from Herb Garden. Maybe she was influenced from hanging with Penny/Bernie. This is all fine but maybe the writers could have done a better job showing her evolve to that. If anything, IMO, Amy has waffled on what she wants as far as a relationship. That's perhaps the danger with a character that was created explicitly for another character. However, since D and D, I am not sure Amy had any clue that Sheldon was working on . Sheldon: My concern here is that Sheldon bears the brunt of the change and has to get on board with physical intimacy or whatever Amy states she wants/needs whenever they finally do get back together. Also, if this is the route tptb take, Shamy 2.0 becomes like any other romance. I agree he has been clueless and selfish and could benefit from learning that relationships are about compromise. It can't be all Sheldon. It can't be all Amy. Shamy 2.0: So is this about changing Sheldon?? Well, here is the thing about love, IMO. You have to love the person you are with as they are. The beautiful thing is when it is right the couple can grow and change together and ultimately the couple is happy. Yes there are ups, downs, compromises but at the core you don't change. You are still you. Your partner is still your partner...and together you have something unique re: of what anyone else thinks. (As a personal example, I have been in long-distance relationship for over 5 years. Not the norm but we make it work and many people we know don't get it...but so what...we are happy). If Shamy 2.0 is all about getting Sheldon to change so Amy can love him or live up to her new expectations, that is not Shamy to me. Is there a middle ground here to a more beautiful succinct Shamy? Maybe, maybe not. The girls/Penny: I know I stand pretty alone on this. However, the girls do in on-screen land think this is what Amy wants. Until they are told otherwise, I can't fault them So what if Penny told Amy that Sheldon has a ring? If suddenly Amy is knocking down Sheldon's door and apologizing, that doesn't seem genuine to me. Get back together with Sheldon because she loves him. Because she realizes she is miserable without him. Because she realizes he may not be a traditional romantic but he does make her a better version of herself or adds that pep to her step. The guys: Have you met Sheldon? He isn't an easy guy. He isn't typical. It's usually Sheldon's way or no way. Leonard is the only one who might even be comfortable trying to get Sheldon to open up about it. To be fair to Leonard, he has issues to he needs to figure out (living arrangements with his WIFE). Howard and Raj are probably doing what they always do and taking cues from Leonard as to how to deal with Sheldon. As I was writing all of that, I realize, for me Shamy 2.0 needs to be a compromise that both Amy/Sheldon realize there is give and take. It's not all Amy's way (flowers, romantic walks along the beach, long intense deep gazes). It's not all Sheldon's way (date nights on certain nights of the week, mushroom logs, movies/tv shows he likes). It's Shamy's way whatever that is that they are both happy satisfied with. My thoughts, opinions as always. YMMV-
  24. Loved it. Very old school, light hearted. Didn't miss the relationship drama at all. I get there will be some relationship drama here and there. IMO, I prefer it doesn't overwhelm the season. I agree with others that have said it was nice only having 2 plots. It didn't feel rushed. Hope to see more epis. like this during the remainder of the season.
  25. Just my weekly broken record statement about Shamy: What is she thinking? Is she thinking? What does she want? What motivated her at the moment after the gains from S8 to say yeah this is it...I need space? Give me Amy's POV!! If she is struggling, then show it! And hey talk about missed opportunity, IMO, we could have had a chance to learn more about Amy. But so far she is Sheldon's ex and hangs with the girls. Guess I need more info about the kiss with another guy. Although, if it was a relative that kissed Amy on the cheek before he left and Sheldon witnessed it and misunderstood, yeah not impressed as that has been way overdone. I've got plenty of episodes to see how Sheldon is taking it so far. I'm losing faith we will ever understand Amy's POV. I worry that when they do get back together it will won't be revealed (okay that may be overly dramatic but...)
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