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  1. I laughed a lot and enjoyed the episode. Dream kiss: Not at all bothered by THE kiss. TPTB went there and it was a dream that Leonard had. It has nothing to do with how Sheldon might actually kiss Amy one day (he may-he may not). It has nothing to do with Penny secretly wanting Sheldon. I think it made sense for Leonard to have a dream about his closest bud and his woman hooking up in light of how Leonard felt about kissing another woman. This was Leonard's dream and his sub conscious perhaps imagining the worst possible scenario. Big deal, IMO. It has no bearing on Shamy or Shenny. Lenny: I agree with Lionne that it would have been nice to hear a lil more than the usual from Lenny (Beauty-brains insecurities). I have to say that Lenny for me this was some of the most mature I have seen from them. Big Kudos to Penny for seeking out Leonard to talk. I thought they were cute this episode. IDK I def was not a fan of the Leonard kissing another woman (yes still a degree of cheating, IMO but since Penny was eventually ok with it...I accept it in that sense). Mandy clearly had no interest and was bored with Leonard's rambling. Poor thing just wanted to eat her lunch...lol!! I think TPTB clearly showed she is not a threat and wrapped up this story in a way that showed Penny has nothing to worry about as far as Mandy and the fact that they work at the same place. Bernadette: I also really liked Bernie in this one. She can come across as witchy sometimes. She clearly cared and understood that if Penny found out she had known about the kiss that Penny might be ticked at her and she didn't want that. She came across as genuinely conflicted about it. Shamy: Yes, Sheldon dropped a lot of innuendo in the epi. but I am not sure it was intentional. IMO, he was clueless about what he was saying. That's how it played out to me. I think too at this point that he is going through the grieving stages. Finally, my biggest beef with this episode and Amy here is if you want space...why is she answering the door or accepting his Skype calls? I guess answering the door might come across as too rudeand perhapd OOC for Amy. Taking his Skype calls really doesn't make sense other than it gave Shamy screen time. Still I'd really like Amy to verbalize to someone/anyone on the show about what she is confused about and what she needs to figure out. I don't want to have to read about it in an interview. With that, I would like to see Amy's side of the story explored more. Of course, YMMV.
  2. I am a fan of the show first (the ensemble is what works for me overall) and a shipper second. However, I think dragging this out would ruin my ability to ship them as I had before. The unique quirky couple that making others uncomfortable was their thing would be gone and I fear replaced with a new Shamy that I might not recognize and appreciate as much. Right now, overall, Amy's on screen POV is sadly lacking. Mayim's comments re: Amy is confused are telling. That's what TPTB have given her to work with. In interview's, it's been hinted, I take it (one of Molaro's maybe?) that Amy has thought of a Sheldon as a "bad boyfriend" and all the years of what she has had to put up with brought her to this point . However, on screen it appeared up until S8 finale that despite what might be deal breakers to others that Amy was overall satisfied with the relationship. If I recall correctly, all conflicts were resolved within the span of the episode. There was no indication that she was conflicted/confused. If she was, TPTB could have planted seeds along the way...showing just that during girls nights as an example. That's what's hard for the Shamy shipper in me: What is it? When do we learn what Amy really wants? What really drove her to this point? If I am to believe Mayim right now, her and even TPTB have not revealed that to her. And at one point did Amy stop wanting a Sheldon and start wanting a regular run of the mill boyfriend? TPTB had the opportunity here to create a unique romance that continued to leave others uncomfortable and wondering what the heck are they doing? I guess I say all of that to say is I have no doubt all roads eventually lead back to Shamy. My fear is that when they do it's a watered somewhat normalized, mainstream version of the couple I once found so unique and refreshing. I found the tag scene at the end bothered me the most. Sheldon was suddenly just one of the guys, sitting around lamenting about his break up with his best bud. That is a Sheldon I have a hard time with,. Make him less of an ass but at least keep him more unique. That scene would have much more meaning to me if Leonard is sitting there as he was but Sheldon was trying to work out what might have went wrong on his white board.
  3. My biggest beef in all of this: What is Amy thinking? Got a lot on Sheldon's side. What is Amy thinking? What does she want? What is it she hopes to accomplish? Does she EVEN know? I also hope this isn't some attempt to change or manipulate Sheldon into what she thinks she wants or is ideal? I still maintain as far as I could see on screen that Amy is still somewhat uncomfortable herself in her physical contact with Sheldon and/or not accurately reading his signs/nonverbals. He went in for a kiss after he made THE comment. His actions here spoke louder than his words. Amy's reaction tells me she completely missed that point. I am not saying she didn't have a right to be upset. But here these two are trying to negotiate, figure out, come to agreement on the relationship that is right for them and are treading waters never ventured before. Instead of alight bulb going on in Amy's min: wait, he just brought up the Flash but was anxious to get back to kissing maybe I should ask about that? A simple..."Wait, Sheldon, I'm confused. You just brought up this show but now you want to kiss more? Help me understand." Instead it ends up leading to a break that is now a break up. I am open to the story but then at least throw me a crumb about what Amy's thinking. And no still not upset her friends may seem anything but supportive. Until Amy can vocalize where her mind is at on all of this, I give them props for supporting Amy in the break up. Coming to Sheldon's defense means she cares, that she is not ashamed of her time with him but is she falling out of love, is she thinking of moving on, is thinking about how to make it work with Sheldon as he is, etc? I say all of that to say, I don't doubt for a second that Shamy will eventually find their way back to each other. It just would be really nice for the Shamy shipper in me to know what is she THINKING? These times with Penny, Bernie would be good time for her to maybe provide a slight clue. But so far, that has not been shown. Finally, yes I would be very disappointed if the whole point of this story would be to get to get to coitus. IMO, that would be stall tactic and yes very lazy writing.
  4. Wow, hopefully now that TPTB got past the kiss drama, that E3 and onward keeps the positive Lenny momentum. I think there is lot of comedy that could come out of dealing with living arrangements, adjusting to married life, etc. Feeling excited again for Lenny! (Cautiously, I admit).
  5. I am looking forward to this episode and curious to see how things play out on screen. What I like most about what I have read so far: Getting some of Amy's perspective (her resistance here says a lot) even though it is still unclear what exactly brought her to this point. Some more of Amy's backstory with her mom. Guess need to see if this a one off and never mentioned again. If the sin closet was a the time out place, I could be down with that. Not sure if it's any different than standing facing a corner (as I did many times as a child...sigh!). If it was something along the lines of the movie Carrie (going more the abuse route), that's sad. However, not sure if TPTB plan to flesh that out. If it was played as a one off for a joke, we'll never see it again. Curious to see Sheldon's reaction in the tag when Penny talks about their girls night. I am not bothered by the girls or the guys here. One could say Leonard's nuptials sort of trumps Sheldon's issues now. Penny/Bernadette are trying to help Amy get over it and this is what I would expect from friends. Without Amy saying otherwise, they believe this is what she wants. Good friends tend to support one another. Plus, it could be argued since they don't understand the Shamy style/approach to relationship, they may believe they are helping Amy by moving on. The closet thing again...I think is joke and for whatever reason Amy went along. Faith is a lil restored that this break up (even though not officially terminated via the RA and questionable if it even made it to FB) may play out in a way that makes sense. Hope is loading that Shamy will find their way back to the quirky unique couple that others will never get...except when they finally do get back together they will be that much stronger because they both have communicated openly and honestly about what each person wants/needs.
  6. About the time jump, I was just speculating based on something someone else said and thought a time jump could work if written well. Not sure who originally brought it up as this thread moves so fast Overall, I think the part that bothers me most about their break-up is that I really don't know what Amy really wants to figure out as a result. Has she overall been unhappy and only acting happy? Is it lack of intimacy as she perceives it should be? Is it she's really just ticked that they are finally getting some real face time and he is thinking of the Flash? Is it that she now has a romanticized view of what a BF should be and Sheldon consistently falls short? I could go on it could even be a combo of all these things and others not listed. I really want to know where here head is at. She may finally be getting some much needed space by epi 3. What is it she hopes to accomplish when she finally figures it all out? Where will that leave Sheldon? I also would hate if this whole break-up is all about coitus. Meaning TPTB used a break-up to catalyst them to this point. If that's the case, it is what it is I suppose. Overall, I won't like it and just hope TPTB get Shamy back to the quirky couple that I've come to adore.
  7. I don't know if epi 3 is a time jump or not. I've read many different post and perspectives about it, but I would be ok with a time jump of weeks even a few months. I don't think it has to mean that either has given up. Sheldon may be respecting her need for space and Amy is getting her need for space to consider things without the constant pestering. The other part that could work, IMO, in this scenario is it begins the path towards finding their way back to each other. Otherwise, IMO, maybe TPTB spend all of this time on the break up and it could lead casual fans of the show feeling apathy toward Shamy. (Not saying for certain) Since I am writing this, I can almost guarantee this is not the way the story will go as I have been seldom close to getting TPTB train of thought. In regards to a possible time jump, I could see this working in a very positive way. I think the bottom line is I need to not get too hung up on what I envision and focus on the story TPTB tell even if it leaves me scratching my head. No matter how/when Shamy find their way back to each other; I just hope its organic and makes sense.
  8. Some of my thoughts re: Shamy. I thought they left it open ended enough to have this become an actual break up and it did. My fear is that the once quirky Shamy becomes a caricature of what it once was and starts to follow the traditional break up, make up, sex, flowers...bah to me. That's not to say that romance isn't a part of Shamy but their own unique brand of what that might be; like the tiara as an example. I think they need to handle this carefully as S8 showed some of the best Sheldon letting down some of his walls and accepting he is in a relationship with a woman who has her own wants and needs. All episodes in which there was Shamy conflict appeared to be resolved by the end of the epi. So now I am supposed to believe Amy was just placating Sheldon to maintain peace in the relationship. However, internally she was simmering to an extent. I mean she had to be somewhat holding back for it to lead to this point. This all seems to boil down to miscommunication and of course Sheldon not giving her space isn't helping. It just seems Amy's anger/frustration further suggests, IMO, that she has been holding back. It's frustrating to be at this point as so far I am not impressed with what spoilers to think this story will seem organic. I agree if this becomes all about Shamy coitus...I find that sad, disappointing. I also don't want the ring to play any part in getting back together. When they get back together, in my head, it is after they have talked and are a little more on the same page as far as where there relationship is headed, expectations for intimacy, etc. And very much over the push/pull, Sheldon needs to grow up. The first 2 episodes seems to follow the one step forward and 2 steps back. That's just meh to me!
  9. Just my .02 as to a possible reason that Leonard may have dreamt about Sheldon and Penny: My understanding from my guy friend's is a guy's worst nightmare is his best friend and wife/fiancé/gf hooking up. So in Leonard's case this means both Sheldon and Penny. Back in S1, I might have thought Raj or Howard was Leonard's best friend. However, over the course of the show, I believe Leonard has come to think of Sheldon as his bestest bud. I know bestest is not a word but it seems fitting here. My take-
  10. Well, I am trying to convince myself to go with the wait and see approach. I am having a hard time digesting all of this. The kiss went from wait and see to worse. There really isn't a positive way to paint this in my eyes as far as Leonard is concerned because in way that reminder was there because of work. It's possible not daily but at least every so often he is having interaction though work with the boat girl. Of course, ultimately what matters is that Penny is able to move past it and eventually Lenny get to a more solid place. Just reading the TR though it's hard to conjure hope when there wedding day goes from sweet to spending their first night married apart. It's hard to get where TPTB are coming from here. It is quite possible to write a healthy relationship and find natural situations that arise that could result in comedy gold. Of course, there is still the possibility that Leonard has blown this kiss out proportion and still TPTB can write themselves out of it and perhaps Leonard comes out looking not quite as bad. Hopefully, this is rock bottom for Lenny and thing start to look up from here. But you can see I am having a hard time seeing that just now.
  11. I said at the end of season 8 that this might be or become a real break up and it did. For Shamy, it hurts my shipper heart. These 2 started out as a unique quirky couple and I had so much hope for them to grow and evolve to a even weirder quirkier couple. I had visions of holidays and dinner nights where a completely in love Shamy with their own brand of intimacy- that both found satisfying- would leave their good friends scratching their heads. I saw a lot of comedy gold in that story. I digress because that was my vision and apparently not TPTB vision at all. I have no doubt Shamy will eventually find their way back to each other. But I have to agree with those that Amy's timing doesn't make sense here. At the heat of the moment, sure when he was thinking about the Flash as opposed to her...ok...I could give her a pass. But to reflect on where they came from last season and where they were, it fell flat. Like others have pointed out, each time there was conflict it was resolved by the end of episode. Also, I thought I read that Sheldon makes a comment about another woman (the girl Leonard kissed) that she is both brilliant and attractive (not an exact quote...could be remembering that wrong). I find this worrisome too. For so long, he only had eyes for Amy and while she is not conventionally pretty within the context of the show (I think Mayim is beautiful)--Forever61, anyone? Sheldon is noticing other women. I could go on like if this results in Amy seeing other men and how that would really taint Shamy for me. I need to go in with an open mind. Not very optimistic right now.
  12. Thanks to all those attended the taping and shared stuff here. That's awesome I will leave my shipper comments to those threads but Lio and Koops did a nice job of really capturing where my head is at after reading the TR. I know this last year at this time I was cautiously optimistic and overall this year I am just cautious. Really would love to see a return to light hearted stories interspersed with science and all the geek-y things with drama weaved strategically but not overwhelmingly throughout. JMO.
  13. I didn't give much thought to was the kiss before or after. Got to rambling without even considering the timeline in relation to the phone call. Hmmm? I will have to chew on that for a minute. My initial reaction is if it was after...it makes it worse somehow. But need to think on it. Tensor, I have to say though, I don't know/trust that TPTB will go into that much detail about it. I would like them too but my faith is just not there. My hope is at least getting a better understanding of the details of the kiss.
  14. My beef overall is why can't both (all ships) be written well and consistently? I am still stuck on Leonard confessing to kissing another woman-intended or not intended remains unclear? Penny's look on her face really hit in the gut for her and sorry since I see the show through the lens of my experiences...no matter the circumstances...this would be hard one to explain away. The only one that would be ok with me is she kissed me and I pushed her away and then threw up. The writers have tended toward drama in Lenny overall so I have little faith at this point that this is the scenario that will be revealed...if it's revealed at all. I will give Shamy that Amy finally had it about intimacy with Sheldon. But if the ring engagement, promise or otherwise, causes her to gush and just decide a break is not needed then this too proves pointless. As far as commitment, they have their RA which she agreed to even if it favored Sheldon. The intimacy part of their relationship is the part that needs to be dealt with and resolved in order for me to think this story made sense. And I am not in a rush to see coitus. What I'd like is to see a more balanced Shamy. One where Amy gets the Sheldon thinking about her while kissing or at least talking about why he might be thinking about Flash during this time? Two where Sheldon realizes that he is in committed relationship and when planning any major part of his life (i.e.: a trip to Mars) that -Gee, maybe he should talk this over with Amy? However unlikely the possibility is of going to Mars? I am trying to go into S9 with an open mind on it all but I still feel like the S8 finale came out of nowhere! Amy has a little bit of room in that there is frustration with regards to intimacy because she talks about it and Sheldon picks on her about trying to get in his pants. However, as a Shamy, I still see couple who is awkward in make outs probably due to their lack of experience. I was always on the "Amy would freak if they really take the coitus step" bandwagon because until that kiss on the couch in S8...the 2 on screen kisses before that she was stiff as a board. The writers clearly didn't got that route. Then you have Lenny...where Leonard who proclaims in S1 that their babies will be smart and beautiful...FINALLY is with the love of his life and in one drunken moment on boat in the North Sea there was a kiss with another woman. This is the same Leonard, who was showing vids on the boat of his hot beautiful Penny. It rings false to me.
  15. Some of us just enjoy the show and all the characters AND actively ship Lenny and Shamy...lol!! A rare breed...I know Bring on spoilers!!!
  16. Not sure how TPTB plan to deal with this. I just hope quickly and in a way that makes it seem not as bad. Furthermore, once over this whatever the kiss was or wasn't--deal with the engagement and living arrangements. Enough stalling! I want to see what made me ship this couple in the first place on screen.
  17. As a Shamy/Lenny, I hesitate to trust where TPTB will take Shamy. Do I think they are endgame? Yes. Are they broken up? Or on a break? I hate that this is even an issue for Shamy. One because it is such a Friends reference and not really appropriate for this ship or even this show as I don't see similarities between TBBT and friends...at all. The other reasons I am not a fan of this: It came out of left field from Amy as did Sheldon having a ring. I noticed Michy's post and perhaps that could be a sign of Sheldon's line of thinking but topically without having to dig and connect the dots... IMO, to come out of nowhere from Sheldon. Amy has to understand Sheldon may not understand the nuance of taking a break vs. breaking up. Finally, IMO, re: of how the actors interpret that scene, TPTB have left it open ended enough that it, in fact, could become an official break up. That could be cleared up as early as Comic Con if the writers panel can speak to that scene. However, my gut says they still have to keep their cards close to their chest and not reveal what that scene really means for Shamy. I could be completely wrong but as a Lenny as well I have learned to proceed with caution.
  18. Carlos: You raise a very interesting point re: the Shamy.
  19. TPTB to remember the stories they have already told. Solid stories and writing. I swore I read that they don't necessarily follow story arcs but come on at least have a path or goal for each character for the season. They actually spend time resolving the Lenny/Shamy cliffhangers.
  20. About is it a break-up; isn't it? Amy basically says she needs to space/time to re-evaluate their relationship. Sheldon just earlier in the same episode asked her to try sarcasm because he is starting to get that when they were having their discussion about him thinking about the Flash. When she used sarcasm, it went right over his head. It is quite possible that Sheldon believes they are broken up. Or REALIZES that as a result of her taking time to evaluate things that it could result in a break up. He did know enough to know that he wasn't sure to do with the ring he got her at that moment. Played for drama of course. Sheldon doesn't do well at reading between the lines. If it or isn't a break up, the reality was that Sheldon looked rather heartbroken in that moment. I can say good for him for respecting Amy's wish for some space/time. Of this I have no doubt going into the hiatus: they love each other and both are sad, hurt for different reasons. The question and what we have the summer for guessing is: will this result in a stronger Shamy? I think so. Then it's how do they get there? How long does it take to get there? Is there Penny/Amy bonding over their situations? Overall, very dark for a finale of one of my favorite comedies. Oh and random note: Loved loved the Smallville reference. Want to talk about a frustrating 10 years? LOL!!!
  21. I was spoiled and my initial reaction stands. The timing of everything here seems way off and I agree that it was played for drama. So the kneejerk and certainly not in depth analysis: Overall, you have all storylines dealing with conflict which if done right can result in comedy but the only one that almost worked, IMO, was the Stuart/Howardette...it played out as so pathetic it's almost funny. You know, they are trying to tell him to move out but instead we have a lil b-day party. Real knee slapper. Rajemily: Raj is contemplating breaking up with her and instead tells her he loves her. No, this won't complicate things later. Shamy: Wow!! The kiss part (not disappointed that it was cut down as I think the dialogue was more important here) and leading to at least seeing Amy's frustration to get to that point within this episode. However, the parts that ultimately don't make sense, IMO: They have this great communication and emotional bond but yet neither can talk about sex. Amy's pushing for it. Sheldon may be working on it but at the point that he should probably say: Amy I am really working on this but I am just not ready. So they dance around each other and Amy NOW decides she's had enough. I am still not convinced even after this "make out" session that she really understands what sex and physical intimacy really means other than she thinks she really really wants it. Make out: By def. that was not making out just prolonged kissing. Her hair and clothes weren't even mussed up and their mouths were very much closed. And now you have Sheldon contemplating marriage and they can't even talk about sex? Lenny: That played more harshly than when I read it and yeah Penny looked more hurt than I expected. I was giving it more of a pass after reading the TR but I have to say this wasn't Leonard's brightest moment.
  22. And sometimes a fort is just a fort. I can see why it didn't appeal to some fans. However, unless there is an interview somewhere I missed from TPTB that confirm symbolism and greater meaning to the fort, the rest are theories, IMO. For me, I am rather "meh" about it overall. However, it did give Shamy a sleepover I think that's what TPTB were trying to create here (my theory). It's also part of the reason too that I am left scratching my head re: Shamy in the S8 finale. Well, and to be fair the Lenny initially had me scratching my head a bit too. It still does a bit. Have to see all of this on-screen too because it could play in a way that makes sense and doesn't feel so out of left field.
  23. I enjoyed the episode. There were def. LOL moments for me and I loved the Lenny and more specifically LOVE LOVE LOVE how Leonard really stood out in this epi. His speech was amazing. If there were any quibble, for me...it was that Raj STILL has an allowance. But whatever he does. I enjoyed him playing his parents. Yes, I was happy to see his parents on screen again. I like them. After reading comments, I did not come away from this story thinking something or anything,anyone was missing. I felt that it was well rounded. Shamy/Amy could have been injected sure but (and you know I am both a Lenny and Shamy) I didn't personally think anything was missing. I have never been a fan of just putting something or into a story because. If it had to be there and made sense, sure I get it. However, IMO, this story was ok to be Shamy/Amy light. YMMV, of course.
  24. I have to agree. I did not like the wording of that article. Why does anybody ever have to break anybody? And again here lies the frustration...this seems oddly timed given the strides Shamy have made this season. I get the whole "here we are in a make out session...things are feeling great and I find out my BF is thinking about the Flash amongst other things" (a lil shortsighted on Amy's part to assume that she wasn't one of those things). But overall Shamy has made huge monumental progress and now when things have been on-screen more balanced than ever Amy needs space? Space/time/breaking up/on a break (again still not loving the kinda sorta friends reference here with the Shamy) doesn't fit with the story that has been told this season. Yes, to go for the cliff hanger/drama (same with the Lenny), TPTB did it. I just clung to the hope that Shamy would be a unique, quirky couple together learning to maneuver around each other given their limited romance experience. Way back at the beginning, Amy only went on dates to appease her mother. Sheldon thought romantic love was for hippies. What could have made sense to me is if in this heavy make out session is Sheldon attempts another base and Amy freaks out. All along she thinks, we have been together for 5 years, writes fan fics about what physical intimacy might be like but when Sheldon goes for it...she freezes. That story makes more sense to me than the story we were told. Again not all worried that TPTB have a happy ending in store for Shamy. Just oddly timed, IMO!! PS : I meant to say too that I agree though that Sheldon is probably blindsided because yeah in his mind things might be advancing at lightning speed. This has to be a shock to him because from all signs Amy didn't appear to be flight risk (even if only to need space).
  25. As I said in S8 discussion thread, the Shamy development seems out of place in this season-- why does Amy bring this up now? As far as S8 goes, Shamy has been in a SOLID place. It seems oddly placed to me here and just seems to be in the finale for drama and to set up their eventual engagement. My fear is that they gloss over this in a one off line early in the season. Hence, no development and the push/pull status quo stuff starts back up. Now that Amy has taken the initiative to take this break, I have high expectations of how she deals with it. That's my expectation but this is a comedy and hence my fear that is glossed over early next season. Break up/on a break (the friends reference here stinks...I choose not to like it--not saying they will pull a Rachel/Ross...but come on TPTB, really?!): Ugh!! the disappointment here is frustrating. We have two characters that have lil experience with adult romantic relationships. Amy sounds like she clearly says that needs space-time to think. Sheldon looks sad and confused and is not sure what to do with the ring? It sounds like Sheldon understands the implication that Amy could decide NOT him. Why else does anyone step away from the relationship? It isn't because that person is 100% about everything. He seems to have gotten that point. The rest is just dissecting words -the is it a break or a break up? So no I am not dooming and glooming just voicing my disappointment that this is the route TPTB chose after a very solid season for Shamy. In the end, I don't think this alters the happily ever after at all for Shamy. But yeah, it has me scratching my head going where did this come from? Very odd timing for this to occur.
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