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  1. Thanks for the report! The knee jerk reaction: Lenny: Sounds like Leonard was kissed and put a stop to it. That is acceptable, IMO. The odd part is why bring it up now? He's been back for how long? However, just seems like undue drama..."dun dun dun" without a real point It seems odd to me. Shamy: Can't say I am surprised. The part that stands out to me is why now? Why is this moment the deal breaker to Amy? (I guess with the cold open from the previous epi. the set up was there). As a Shamy, who felt the need to justify some of the reason she stayed when others might have jumped ship, it too feel oddly out of place. Rajemily: That story felt off too. Like Raj wants to break up with her, then doesn't and comes back with an ILY. But am encouraged that Emily will be back. I like her and hope if she is in fact next season that they develop her story a lil more (is she THAT creepy, is it a front, etc). Howardette. The story as it relates to Stuart makes sense. Ultimately, I don't think Lenny will go through with it just because I think TPTB would want to take this to the 200th epi. Not all that concerned with the Shamy break up if it means a more balanced relationship. The fear is that they resolve it in a one off line and the relationship comes right pack to push/pull. Of course, it may play differently on screen and some off the "WTH" stuff to me will play out seamless and succinct on screen. I will give TPTB this: they certainly came up with cliffhangers and will leave fans talking/guessing over the summer.
  2. I know it's already been said but immediately thought jacket. As in Penny saying to Leonard, "While we are away, let's get you a new jacket." I know doesn't make much sense but I thought jacket and since dialogue isn't in quotes in a script, this is what I came up with. Never said I was good at guessing TPTB intentions. LOL! I am not entirely sure what to expect but Shamy coitus and and/or any type of engagement/marriage stuff, is not on my S8 finale wish list. The Shamy in me is satisfied with their story development over this past season. If there is any Shamy, my guess is it would be the B or C plot. At this point, the only thing I would feel confident on guessing is someone is going away. Penny (maybe even with Leonard) makes sense based on her re-ignited interest in acting. That has been a series long dream for her. If TPTB take that route, I hope they do it an a way that shows a supportive, loving Lenny. If they must have angst, I'd rather see in the form of "I can't stand the thought of being away you for 3 months" or whatever. Maybe Leonard has to stay back because of his paper with Sheldon?
  3. Maybe with the mom's around TPTB can deal with the great big elephant in the room: Lenny engagement. As the season winds down, it does seem off to me that there wasn't a lil more effort to at least weave tidbits about the engagement throughout the season. I think with a few skillful lines inserted throughout the season TPTB could have shown Lenny engagement planning or choosing not to plan just yet very easily. I guess that is my hope is that we get something about the Lenny engagement (anything really) in the remaining episodes.
  4. Nothing really to add as I only saw a little bit of it prior to the severe weather coverage in our area (tornado warning and all of that). What I did get to watch started off strong and def. made me want to see more, so I will want to see for myself how it all turned out. As I said, the beginning parts were compelling and I enjoyed in re: to Lenny and Shamy.
  5. The Shamy shipper in me has been very happy with this season. I have no expectations about a kiss, make out or anything else for the remainder of the season. As for my other ship, I would say if any fandom was owed anything it would be for the currently engaged couple. (Edited to add though: I don't think anyone is really owed anything. We can all have our hopes, dreams, desires, etc. Ultimately, though, TPTB have their vision for the story and it really is up to them to take the story in that direction re: of how fans feel about that story or the outcome). For those going to the next taping, I hope your Shamy dreams come true.
  6. I can't say that I things have gone well for Leonard as a result of his mom being around. But I do like Leonard/Lenny and yeah I do like her character. Bev is so out there and Leonard is not. So seeing her every so often (Skype, in town or otherwise) I can take her being around. As a Shamy, I have to agree the kiss counts. Whether or not it will be brought it up, remains to be seen. And if it is brought up,would it make it back to Amy? IDK. I really don't have any guesses about the storyline for their moms but I can say what I don't want(I know others feel differently): Shamy sex talk (pushing, nudging, condemning) this to happen or not happen Mary trying to calm/convince Sheldon to be ok with new living arrangements Penny/Bev ganging up on Leonard Bev knocking/not supporting Lenny engagement or pending nuptials
  7. Late to comment, but overall enjoyed it. I liked the different pairings with the ping pong/TARDIS story line. Also, not sure if this ultimately leads somewhere/anywhere by the end of the season. Still seems like there has been a lot of focus on Shelnard lately.
  8. I, for one, am glad that Penny has changed over the years. I have enjoyed watching her change and transform from the pilot until now. Her haircut is haircut. Whether a person likes it or not has no bearing over the fact that the Penny character has evolved (IMO) over time. It's not my favorite look on Kaley but, so what? I still like and respect her and find her cute, attractive. Maybe I am just jelly that I can't pull off a short haircut without looking like a mushroom head (I kid...well not about my hair...I am really not jelly though)? As a matter of fact, overall, I would have checked out of TBBT years ago if the characters hadn't grown and change over the years. That would make this TBBT fan SAD.
  9. No but it has been kind of meh/lackluster overall in my opinion. I haven't really noticed anything I can't watch again (well other than the Shenny stare down). I still enjoy it and look forward to it and aside of my NCISes and Scorpion (completely different kinds of shows) I go out of my way to make sure I watch TBBT. One thing I noticed, in viewing some of the S8 reruns, it seems that there has been a lot of focus on Shlenard. Maybe as a set up to make changes in S9 (like Lenny living arrangements, Lenny wedding, how to advance Shamy living arrangements...if at all)? Just something that stuck out to me.
  10. Thanks Trinabeana78 and Rule 34 for the TR. Sounds interesting all around and I am intrigued by the Howard half brother/Lenny storyline. Is it possible that Penny takes off in the season finale for an acting job? I know others have speculated that as well. Either way, I am happy to see that part of her story hasn't been completely forgotten. More movement which feels pretty organic to this Shamy fan. I like their pacing and I think this makes sense for this inexperienced couple trying to find their way to relationship that makes sense for them.
  11. I really enjoyed the episode. My only quibble in the Shamy part of the entire thing was the fact that Sehldon told everyone else and not Amy. I think she had a right to be miffed. That being said though, I found the rest very believable as they tried to work through the issue. I was proud that Amy didn't let it go. By now, Sheldon should be getting at least that much. I haven't complained about Lenny re: romance intimacy as I have seen a strong couple on screen. Then there is an episode like last night that really made me how see much that sort of affection was really lacking with these two. I don't think every epi. needs to be about sex or even super touchy feelybut they were really close last night in all of their scese...even holding hand during the Shamy announcement. I wonder how hard can it be to throw in a kiss here or there, or other signs of affection...hug, touching, etc. I also was thrilled that Penny wants to go the dirty store with Leonard. Sounds like she was really into that. I agree with the poster that suggested a daytrip for two if Leonard wants to go outside of Pasadena. Also I was proud of Leonard for doing this. All of this just reinforces how strong Lenny are! Howardette: They are in a good place and too very believable that she does the taxes while he plays games. Loved too that they decided to stay on the line and eavesdrop on the Rajily. And for me (I was completely surprised by my reaction), Rajily stole the show. Despite her creepiness and dark undertone, Emily is just cute. I liked her and Raj's interactions and how they were able to work through their issues and still end the night together in bed. Even if she creeped Raj out with her closet line. The grin on her face said it all. She knew she got him. Loved it. This fan would be happy to see her a bit more. It could be interesting to see if she assimilates into the group or not as a future storyline?! Loved the vanity card re: Nimoy too so fitting! All my opinion, of course...
  12. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it. Have to say the Sheldon/Penny gazing into each other's eye thing was awkward. And it has nothing to do with my Lenny/Shamy glasses, it was just awkward, IMO.
  13. How sad and so young May she rest in peace!
  14. Overall, enjoyed the episode. I love when these girls get together. That was just fun all around, IMO. I think they have come along way as friends and this episode really highlights that. Bernie was so cute in the quiznos pageant!! I also enjoyed the guys story in this and loved the SH was the troll. I was spoiled so I knew. I just like the way it played out on screen. When Shelnard jointly clicked the mouse, that was a little cringe worthy to me too. I Shamy. I Lenny. I root for both of these ships. IMO, if the writer's meant for the tag scene to be creepy in weird sort of way that was meant to be funny; I think they accomplished that. I know in future views...I will happily skip over this tag. The part of me that roots for Shamy takes come comfort in the fact that this was Leonard's imagining of how Amy's fanfic would play out. I am glad that he quickly shuts Penny down. All my opinion, of course.
  15. Late to the conversation as usual. But if the agreement was about living together one night a week vs. spending the night, I could see this as a difference. Spending the night to me is sleeping someone's bed/home other than your own , then getting up the next morning and returning to your regularly scheduled life where sometimes you sleep over and other times you sleep at home. Living with someone for a night could be something completely different. This could be a one night a week plan that involves meals, planning days, figuring out how to co-exist as a couple vs. being an overnight guest (or even a few nights guest). In TBBT land, I think this was more for Sheldon to ease into the idea but also could help Lenny figure out what it means to live together for them (who does dishes, who cooks, who cleans, toilet seat up or down, the nuances, etc). If TBBT really follows through with this, we could see meals where Lenny are across the hall doing domestic things then see the rest of the gang eating per usual to highlight the difference. Well, that's how I took it anyway and I can see where maybe for others that's splitting hairs. But as someone who spends times word smith-ing...I do see a difference between spending a night together vs. living together for an entire evening/day. Also, I think Lenny are in a very solid place and I thought this episode was good for them. I was proud of Leonard calling Sheldon out on his idea of compromise. That's a starting place, IMO. I understand that others are not going to see it this way but overall I am happy with Lenny.
  16. I thought it was excellent. I lol'd a few times. This one definitely played better than how I read it. That is nothing against those that write reports AT ALL. I commend all those who can do this for us. Thank you! My bias here truly is that I love this time of year and I thought this episode was a solid holiday episode. I only watched it once and this was my kneejerk reaction.
  17. I was so shocked and saddened to read this! Even though on TBBT viewers only heard her voice; she was beautiful and from the sounds of it a very sweet lady! Ugh!! So sad
  18. Maybe Penny is meeting with her boss for a new employee review? Hmm? Interesting, nonetheless. Fun with Flags and Kripke, too....sounds exciting!
  19. I gave it a very good. Overall, the episode was very enjoyable. I lol'd a few times. All the couples were very well dressed for the "prom." Shamy ILY was great. I thought it was funny when Sheldon insisted Amy lie down elsewhere just not in his room. I didn't take this away as 1 step forward and however many step backs. That being said, I am not in a rush to see them have coitus. I would take an entire season of in synch Shamy over going back to suppressed, starved Amy/ pressured Sheldon (imagined or not). My hope is that TPTB continue to show the fun, quirky and in synch couple that I enjoy to see on screen I know others may not agree. IMO, the line re: Amy not being allowed in Sheldon's room was a safety net for the writers to show that Sheldon is not ready yet. Essentially buying them some time to tackle that issue. Also, IMO, re: Shamy I think the next time Shamy kiss, I need to see a relaxed Amy. Lenny: Overall, they were very sweet. Penny rocked her dress, Leonard looked very handsome. Lenny, IMO, are a striking couple. Having said that, something about the roof scene was off to me. It wasn't the lack of a kiss either. It was Penny "ugh/guh" sound she made when they were talking about had they been at the same prom together back in the day. I remember thinking if she does it one more time and she did...it just took something away for me. It didn't seem genuine...it seemed forced (maybe it needed to be so sound could pick it up for production? Maybe someone in the know about production, etc has some ideas about that) or perhaps maybe it was played that way for the comedic effect but it distracted me a bit. Other than that though, I loved the Lenny!! Raj/Emily: I like Emily. I like Raj/Emily. I don't mind that they are playing up her dark or at least twisted side. Also, loved the matching colors of her and Raj. They too were very striking. And: Howardette it was nice to see Bernadette supporting her man. And I loved the limo/drama. Wolowitz family tree drama: Overall, I found it funny. Maybe I shouldn't have but I did. The only thing that did bother me a bit was Stuart taking the phone call at the end from Deb (again probably for comedy). IMO, I would have been ok if at least the Stuart/Deb piece had been solidified: i.e.: Stuart is a replacement for Howard/sort of son figure to help her deal with empty nest...vs. the are they or aren't they storyline. Loved the pics at the end. It would have been great to get a Raj/Emily pic.
  20. Well, I suppose if Shamy decide to get engaged perhaps another holiday episode. In this one, Faisal shows up (not invited) and hysterics ensue that ultimately lead to the engagement being broken off. Or is it one of those never to be brought up things by the TPTB??...not sure. Remains to be seen. As for the Bernie/Amy story line...wow stirred up a lot of feelings. Guess too I was able to move so quickly past it because as soon as Bernie made her comment, she tried to apologize to Amy. Overall, it's not a big deal to me for either character, IMO, in the big picture. But that's just me.
  21. Ok, so let me clarify...yes ultimately the magazine took the shoot away. However, when Amy was sitting with Bernie and they were hanging out as friends, part of the conversation went like this: Bernadette: "That was for me to decide, not you." Amy: "I disagree. As a female scientist, I think what you do affects all of us." So, I think presented like this...I can see initially why Bernie would be ticked. Do I think her comment back to Amy went too far? Yes. That is my opinion. I think they were both wrong. That is my opinion. I give Amy props for bringing up so it wasn't a surprise if (and yes the magazine pulled it), so yes based on what was presented and how it was presented it sounds like Amy was a partially a factor in the magazines decision to not run that shoot (even if the was one of many letters of opinion). I think it was one time story that will never come up again but was presented on screen, IMO, does show that Amy had a role in taking away that option from Bernadette.
  22. I am a Shamy and a Lenny. I am not taking Amy's side in this at all. It's fine that she feels that way that women scientists shouldn't do sexy photo shoots. I didn't think it was fair to take that choice away from Bernadette who initially wanted to do the shoot. In this instance I felt both girls went too far...Amy for her part in getting the shoot cancelled. Bernie for going off the way she did on Amy. Overall, I enjoyed the story and even as a Lenny found the Penny/sales storyline believable. I thought it was handled well overall. I thought it was good episode. Overall, enjoyable.
  23. I was going to share but Tripper beat me to it I thought it was pretty awesome!!
  24. Guess I forgot to miss the hug. Was distracted while watching the episode. In retrospect though, I think it made sense that it wasn't in there. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have complained if they had left it but I can see why that hug didn't make the final cut. I guess too I am so surprised by the prom episode (even if we have to wait 2 weeks) that nothing could spoil my excitement about that!
  25. IDK. I was late last night with everything starting with road construction that made the final maybe 2 minutes stretch to home a 15 minute stretch. I digress! Anyhoo, I thought the Lenny scene at the dinner table showed an extremely mature and even secure Penny. On the flip side, I thought Leonard handled it well. I think it demonstrated a strong Lenny who are both secure enough to tackle tough relationship issues. Leonard didn't crumple or think oh crap we have a problem...he handled it with humor and even later came up with the joint account to use for their wedding, etc. And while they may not have kissed on screen or showed anything. Per this epi, they had sex at least twice in a relatively short period of time which seems accurate for a newly engaged couple. As a Lenny, if they really had problems in the bedroom or that part of their life was seriously lacking, I can't imagine that either one of them would think getting engaged/married is the answer. That's just me.
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