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  1. Last night, I was very distracted so I wasn't able to watch with my usual focus. I have to say maybe I should watch this way more often. It wasn't a ROFLMAO kind of epi but I did chuckle a few times. I was impressed with the Lenny scenes. Super impressed by Penny's maturity in bringing up a sensitive issue and I thought the scene was very well handled overall. Also, that she knows Leonard so well to have given him that framed photo. I also loved Leonard's suggestion about a joint account to use for their wedding, etc. I will probably post in Lenny re: a few other observations. I loved the Sheldon/Raj storyline. I also noticed considerable growth and maturity from Sheldon as well. I really liked the scene when Raj showed up at his office and they talked about trying the simulated environment expedition. Since it is a comedy the writers tend to push jokes to that brink of is it funny or creepy...I think they danced that line here with Howardette based on some of the comments. However, I guess it didn't bother me. I didn't really see it as Bernie being his mother but trying to deal with a husband who in fact lived with his mom for years and could spend his money on his hobbies pastimes without having to think about the bills. Really the only part I would quibble about in the Howardette story line is the fact they do hammer home how Bernie is the breadwinner. Overall, I think it reflects real life in an exaggerated way for a young married couple as they work out how to handle their finances. As I said, I was multi tasking so I may have missed a lot of the nuances but viewing this way it felt like a solid TBBT epi to me. Not a top 10 but enjoyable all the same.
  2. Not sure where they go from here but I don't expect things to happen at light speed or completely change overnight. I do think the writer's gave themselves some time to figure out the next milestone for Shamy and how to deal with that in way that makes sense for this quirky, unique couple. Also, I think they have other things to consider. There is a wedding to plan for Lenny. They have until S10 possibly a S11 so they can't make every episode about romance, cohabiting, relationships, etc. There are other stories here.Raj/ Emily, Howardette/Stu/Debbie/cousin, Penny's job, etc. I do think it is quite plausible there could be a big Shamy moment in February sweeps like maybe mutual participation in kissing or a hug initiated by Sheldon. I don't know. I, of course, didn't expect an ILY this soon so I could be way off base. Also I can't say how much I loved the report and how the scene reads. However, for me, it just reinforces that Amy has in her head these romantic ideals but when Sheldon acts on things...she is surprised, not quite sure how to proceed, and in this case has a panic attack (just like Sheldon earlier). I applaud that she was the one who lead the conversation (WTG, Amy) and was floored that is what Sheldon responded. IMO, it reads that she was not expecting that from him. I love the symmetry/mirroring in Shamy. Sheldon is panicking, feels peer pressure but the real issue is he has these feelings and he needs to get it out. Amy paved the way and then she panics. Also, the ass slap is perfect here, IMO. I can't say for sure that Sheldon is an ass man...but it certainly is proving to be a form of affection he shows to Amy, the woman he loves. I can't begin to head canon when he may have begun to feel this way but I am pretty confident it was not when he first met her. I am going to guess though that he has been feeling something for at least the back half of s7. He wasn't quite sure how to deal with that. Maybe even in denial that ...gasp...Sheldon Cooper could in fact fall in love. So now I have to see how it all plays on screen. I have feeling I will be squeeing all over again. Finally, despite my beefs over the course of Shamy, I really applaud the writers for how they have handled all the big Shamy moments.
  3. TPTB: NAILED. IT. Wow, I am shocked but pleasantly surprised. As a Shamy/Lenny: This is going to be an awesome episode. Thank you, Batman. Party on, Shamies!!
  4. Fitness: Workout 6-10 hours weekly. Wish I had a job that was bit more active. Sports: Football and Hockey are my passions. As you can see a Michigan (insert frustrated) fan, Green Bay Packers for NFL. Detroit Red Wings all the way for hockey. Love to read. I split homes between 2 states so it's a good thing I love to drive. Family (including my dogs), friends, and other half are my passions! They keep me motivated and in check. OH and a looonngg time ago in fandom not so far way, I used to write Fanfic for Smallville. It's the only other show I cared to get involved in forums and discussions. Sometimes things get heated over here but not quite like they did at some of the other places I used to visit back then. I love to write but only when I am motivated and in the mood which is rare these days. So my dream of ever being published slips further away. I have several original stories and ideas that I am no longer interested in. Bah!! Too busy with work and all the above~
  5. For me, it starts with the hair cut. In and of itself, a pixie cut is ok, IMO. I don't think it looks good on anyone(or at least anyone I have noticed with it). Ok not entirely true I have seen it on 2 people --one an actress and another a friend--that have pulled it off and it really works on them, IMO. I have a bias. Right now, I notice a lot of people going pixie cut...see what Kaley started...lol!! J/K. When Kaley first cut her hair; I loved it. It got shorter and shorter...it was all good. When it moved to a pixie cut, it became meh for me. It doesn't change that Kaley is still pretty or what I think about her or Penny. But of all the shorter do's she sported up until the pixie, I thought they were GREAT!! Not kidding at all. That's just my 2c. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks other than Kaley. If she is happy and I think she is-- Go ahead and rock it!! Edited to add: That is not to say that there are more than 2 people out there that the pixie is complimentary to their looks; I am just saying on what I am exposed to in media and those around me---this hair do isn't for everyone. I will use myself as an example. I have very thick unruly hair. The shortest I can go with my hair and not look like I have a mushroom cap is shoulder length. And trust me there are times I wish I could sport a carefree short rockin' do.
  6. On the note of Penny's job, I think it's too soon to tell. I did enjoy the scene at Emily's office. It didn't go well but in this case Emily was the issue. Penny tried. There is a lot of season left so I really hope to see more of Penny's job play out on screen.
  7. I don't think there is anything wrong with Amy liking Penny or holding their relationship in high regard. That's fine but the cheek touching scene was weird...l cringed and felt uncomfortable watching it. I Shamy. I Lenny. I Howardette. I also see a lot of different theories going re: Sheldon's comments about Amy's hair or romance. I am happy for all my fellow shippers that can see it as Shamy just being Shamy. I do not. It is my belief that Shamy are firmly entrenched in push/pull at this time. My S8 hope was that we would see a more unified front. I am not expecting flowers, cards, sappy romance from Shamy AT ALL. These two are so unique. I think there are many ways to develop the couple in a slow quirky way that can show a unified front. I didn't see that last night. By no means am I jumping ship or think they need to break up. But yeah I feel the need to vent about it because I didn't like it. At Sram, interesting perspective about Emily making a play at Leonard if it goes south with Raj. I really do think the writers left the door wide open for interesting plots to develop out of that story line.
  8. I gave it a good. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. I didn't feel motivated to turn it off. Overall, IMO, the epi felt off kilter this week. I said what I needed to re: Shamy in that thread but I have to say here I was not happy with how their storyline played out this week. The push-pull Shamy is status quo and not at all combusted when you have storyline like that for this couple. They are not traditional...I know that. I think there is a lot of potential for growth to showcase why these two stay together and work as a couple. I think the writers need to toss the push pull crap out of the window. Raj/Penny/Emily: I think that played out in a way that made sense. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. I like the Emily character. If she should return, it could be interesting to see how they play Penny/Emily interactions play out. Are they nice to each others faces as they were in the apartment or is there tension as was shown when the they shut the door? The comic book storyline: I have to say I am enjoying Stuart this season. He seems happy for once. I think there is potential in this storyline. Oh and IMO the most cringe worthy moment of this episode for this fan was Amy stroking Penny's face.
  9. IDK, I ship Shamy. I am willing to give a pass when one is due but I for one was not impressed with how the hair comment, romantic relationship played out on screen. It just seems to go against progress and the writers seem to be stuck in the "one step forward and however many steps back" version of Shamy. I know they are a unique couple but I think the formula at this point in the Shamy relationship is not the way to move them forward. Last week, you have Sheldon bragging about how great their relationship is and their score of 8.2. This week you have Sheldon insulting Amy (yay for honesty...I get it) but that comment was not a compliment. Fine. Sheldon is honest to a fault, sure but then for the love of Cod show Amy have a backbone and say WTH Sheldon. It's the imbalance shown on screen that makes it hard to stomach sometimes,IMO, of course. Also, the romantic line really doesn't fit in with what has been shown on screen. Sheldon calls Amy his GF, admits what they have is intimate, they kiss on and off screen, etc...Ok fine so Sheldon thinks he is superior and above all of that. Then back that line up on screen so it at least makes sense . Otherwise, IMO, it's throwaway one liner that's meant to garnish some laughs (I was not laughing) and show that Sheldon is well "still Sheldon." Har de har har.... This epi felt off for me re: Shamy and I am surprised that I felt that way because it is not how I reacted to the taping report. I love Shamy I support the ship but it's epis like this that just make me groan re: Shamy. Finally, IDK, if stated this earlier in the thread but I would like to see the writers move Shamy forward in a way that shows a cohesive, unique, quirky couple which highlights all the reasons they work as a couple and are right for each other. The push/pull method is not working for this fan. That was my fear heading into S8 and up until this point I was feeling pretty good that they had scrapped it.
  10. While there wasn't any kissing, I think this episode was sweet for Lenny. There is a lot that happens off screen. I believe that showing Lenny more in synch and talking through issues just reinforces how strong of a couple they really are. I also think overall the sweet moment (a la the hand holding and "Aww Leonard") are more poignant on screen than passionate kisses. How many times were their discussions about how viewers never hear about what Penny is thinking or feeling? For so long, viewers just had to accept she had these insecurities and somehow Lenny were working through them.. Would I complain if we saw more kissing if it made sense to the story? No. Am I going to complain to see Lenny sitting very close to each other in the back seat of a car, shoulder to shoulder on the couch, holding hands? No. Overall, I am happy what I am seeing on-screen re: Lenny. I am curious to see how it all pans out over S8.
  11. I rated the episode very good. Lenny/Shamy/Howardette all appear to be at good points in their relationships:: i.e. in synch in their own ways. I enjoyed seeing Bernie, Raj helping Howard on practicing pitching. Loved all the stretches and various things Howard did to delay that first throw in the gym. I lol'd. I love Amy but her brown outfit was hideous. I understand she is unique but I think she can look unique without looking like she shops at Forever 61 (to quote Penny). I liked her date night outfit and what she was wearing at the Angels' game. Sometimes I think they go a little overboard with some of Amy's outfits but that's me.
  12. Ahh, herb garden!! I would like to scenes more reminiscent of that that somehow show progression to a point of intimacy and comfort that only Shamy understands. I think it can be done. And Koops!! Thank you for posting their dance scene. This is exactly what I want to see at the Lenny wedding (and everyone looking on with mouths agape). That being said, they could start out trying to slow dance in the traditional manner but both somewhat stiff and awkward then both decide "Nah, not for us" and dance as only Shamy can. I just want TPTB to keep this couple unique and quirky while advancing them. Get rid of the push/pull; or one step forward and X amount of steps back.
  13. I am not on board with the slow dancing, flowers, traditional ideals for romance for Shamy AT ALL. It's fine that there are those that have that idea. For me, that is just not Shamy. If they should dance at the Lenny wedding, I would be all for the dancing they did the last time it was shown on screen. I would love even more for the "what the ?#@&" looks from Lenny, Raj/whoever, Howardette, etc those dancing around them. That would be more Shamy to me than Sheldon taking her hand soflty and you know the rest. Koops. Lio, wowbagger all made posts I really agree with and LIKED them. Being new here, I haven't quite figured out how to quote in my posts. It could be a technical issue on my computer since it's last upgrade as there are a few things that aren't working right and I haven't had the time or energy to fix them. Anyhoo, which makes the ILY and coitus all the more intriguing as to how the writers approach this when the comes to make this moment uniquely Shamy. In that sense, the push/pull method they have used in the past, definitely buys the TPTB time to figure that out. Ultimately, I think both Sheldon and Amy have work to do to figure out what makes them happy. I think part of that is Amy shedding some of what she thinks is supposed to be romance. I would like to see that played out on screen. I also want the "Amy gets none" jokes to go away (kind of why I was irked by the pants dropping line). I just don't think Amy would know what to do if he Sheldon went there. I use her reaction to on screen kissing. Sheldon seemed much more relaxed than she did even by the 2nd kiss. We know they have kissed in front of Leonard offscreen so my S8 hope is that when they do kiss again on screen we see a more relaxed Amy.
  14. I know I am late to the discussion but no babies until the series finale. And really I don't want a pregnancy scare. JMO, but I would like to think that characters in TV land can use contraceptives properly. That's just my dream, of course. The Raj/Penny/Emily thing doesn't bother me. Lenny are strong. There are lots of ways to go with that Penny/Emily story if she is going to be around for the season.
  15. Thanks Kazzie for the report! And how cool is that you had a selfie with Kevin Sussman!! That's awesome! After all the debating, the show came out and said they messed around. It counts. I figured it did. It was not my favorite moment on the show. I never really got that upset by it. They are both adults. They were both single. Yes, alcohol may have lowered inhibitions but I was ok with how it wrapped up. I moved on from it. The show addressed it and away we go. Shamy: I was very happy with how the writers approached them last episode and was hopeful to see a more unified quirky front as the show progresses. This episode kind of gets in the one step forward and how ever many steps back. I actually don't care if Shamy are traditionally romantic but the sexually frustrated Amy trope gets old. Especially when based on her reactions to the on-screen kisses, I am not sure she would really be prepared if Sheldon would want to approach another base. That being said, though, I guess the show acknowledges here that there has been some off screen kissing and Leonard saw it no less. Enough of that. As for the Raj/Emily/ Penny storyline. Color me intrigued. I honestly have no idea if she is Raj's "one" or not but the story seems somewhat organic to me. Penny has been threatened by smart beautiful women in the past (Alex most recently comes to mind and with good reason). I am by no means saying that Penny isn't smart and beautiful but she is in a group that looks at success in terms of the letters behind your name. Based on what I see in the show, Penny felt the only asset she had to get ahead was based on her looks and she thought that would help with her acting career . Thus far, acting hasn't gone the way Penny originally envisioned. Nothing wrong with that. But now we have Emily is beautiful and a doctor, Emily fits in more with Amy and Bernadette. Making Penny the only one among the girls not to have those letters whereas Bernadette and Amy do. As for Emily, I think she now feels somewhat territorial re: Raj. She is new to the group and Penny is beautiful. Re: of the where and whys, Raj/Penny fooled around and as a newcomer, in her head she might be thinking it could happen again or at the very least not completely secure (as new couple tend not to be) in her new relationship. Finally, I think Raj was right here to tell Emily. My reasoning: I think he was being open and honest. I also think it shows that he has no hidden feelings for Penny. I think if he hadn't told her and she found out some other way that she would have wondered why he would have kept something like that a secret. JMO, I know others will see it differently.
  16. I think the insecurities that come up in this episode are natural, normal for anyone who is recently engaged. It's a huge step. I find it very encouraging though that even though it gets tense for minute...it's very much team Lenny in their moment. I also like that we get to see the conversation on screen. What I particularly like is that it shows Leonard as the rock in the relationship in that moment. He takes her hand, admits he's nervous too but then states he wants to hold her hand through it all. I think that shows strength and support to Penny.
  17. Thank you MichyGeary for the taping report. The shipper in me is happy on all relationship fronts. I also love the Howard/Mike Skype. I think this sounds like a solid episode. Really at this point I can't wait to see the epis.
  18. As a Shamy shipper, most of all, I want both Amy and Sheldon happy. Whatever that looks like for them!! I think it is quite possible to be intimate without it involving coitus. As a matter of opinion, I think when ILY are exchanged this could be an even bigger deal because Sheldon dismisses the idea of romantic love (I seemed to think he thought he was above it for lack of a better explanation) and I am pretty certain he categorizes in love as as a hippy dippy emotion.
  19. Thank you for the welcome! I see a lot has happened while I was away. I happen to agree with Tensor about living arrangements. Trying to quote but maybe I cannot yet as a new member. Also, as a person who ships all the show's ships thus far, I try not to have preconceived notion or use RW experiences to form MY opinion of how relationships play out on the show. The Shamy shipper in me would be 100% ok if they never make it to coitus on the show if they show a level of intimacy that makes sense to Shamy. The Lenny in me also does not expect that now that they are engaged they have to move in ASAP or be married by this time...or what not. I have not seen it mentioned in the first 2 taping reports. I know I will be happy right now just to see that Penny is wearing the engagement ring. Yeah, would it be nice that there was even a throw away line in one of the epis (maybe there is and I missed it in the taping reports) but I personally am not feeling slighted or upset that the engagement is not front and center right now. With at least 3 more seasons to go (8, 9, and 10) there is a lot of stories left to tell.
  20. I am a Lenny and a Shamy (GASP)...long time lurker and was finally able to create an account. YAY!! I am excited to see where Season 8 leads both ships. I also am happy with Howardette and curious to see how Raj/Emily play out. Ultimately for me, I think of TBBT as an ensemble and the chemistry,interactions of all the characters are important. Sometimes the story may focus heavily on one or more characters and sometimes not so much! Either way, happy to be here FINALLY and look forward to season 8 (happy, meh and even the groan worthy moments).
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