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  1. That makes three of us with wild imagination. (/sarcasm) This cast has been sucking for quite a while. Some people more than others. But this is just the new normal. Can't help feeling bad for Mayim, though. 

  2. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    Notice she writes "Penny and Leonard coming to terms with the fact that Penny doesn't want kids"

    Yeah I have no hoped for a change there

    Take it from someone who's been following Mayim for years. If she said that, then you're in luck, 'cause she's almost never right with her analyses/predictions and it's most likely that the opposite will happen. 

  3. Okay, here we go, I'll say it. I know it's not the popular opinion around here, but YES to a Shamy pregnancy storyline and YES to seeing Sheldon holding his first benign overlord. Might be a bit cliché but, honestly, knowing Sheldon's character and his quirks, if I were one of the writers, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see him deal with a pregnant wife, even if that'd mean having someone pregnant four seasons in a row (I personally wouldn't mind it, as I didn't mind the Howardette stuff. In fact, I don't even know how many seasons we've dealt with pregnancy things. I was pretty indifferent to that. For Shamy it's a totally different story. Sue me. ). I think it would be sweet and funny, for Shamy and us.

    And YES, Sheldon and Amy's Super Asymmetry project is very important, too. We can have both without having to decide what's more valuable. 

    (And who are we kidding; if there's a pregnancy storyline in store for the last season, you know who'll get it. LOL

    I've probably just jinxed this possibility now, haven't I? Oh well. 🤷‍♀️

  4. 7 minutes ago, NotWonderland said:

    Basically how it opens lol amy is lying in bed, Sheldon is behind her on top of the covers and strokes down her arm and says good morning wife :)


    Thank you so much for the additional info! This really sounds like fan fiction! Be still my Shamy shipping heart. 

    Hope you had a fantastic time at the taping! 😊 (forgot my manners earlier, sorry🤦‍♀️

  5. 20 minutes ago, Gbb said:

    Isn't that pretty much how the season opens? Or did I read the taping report wrong?

    All we know is that they exchange their good mornings, but we don't know whether they're each sleeping on their side of the bed or they wake up cuddling, etc. I mean, it's a tv show. They could go all fan fiction on it and start with them spooning. lol

  6. 7 minutes ago, spidergirl said:

    BTW, it is still missing the Shamy cuddling on bed... writers, is it going to happen this season, right? Right? 

    I've been thinking about this and at this point it's the only thing that's missing. But wouldn't it be great if the cold open started with Shamy all cuddled up and then waking up with their “Good morning, wife/husband”? Sigh. A girl can dream.

    (Come on, writers; we've been waiting since season 9. 😩

  7. I might be in the minority here, but I don't mind the dress at all. Sure, it doesn't meet my taste in fashion, but it's Amy's day. If that's what she likes (she loves it! And so does Sheldon), fine by me. The reaction Sheldon has in the tag scene made me forget about the dress. This is the first time Sheldon calls her beautiful. To his eyes, she looked so beautiful that he said he can't wait to marry her. It was perfect. And let's be honest, that dress screams Amy. Really excited about the finale now.

  8. 6 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    UnIess they have cast WiIIiam Shatner as a celebrant, IoI! Joking aside, when I read BiII's tweet I had your same thoughts, aII the roIes in SheIdon's family are aIready booked and, even if more actors from the TBBT family  show up, that shouId not be "mind bIowing" ! I reaIIy hope they make an announcement soon and it's about Amy's family!

    With all due respect to Mr. Shatner, I don't feel the pressing need to have him at Sheldon and Amy's wedding. Sorry, Star Trek fans lol If anything, I hope Amy's fans get a win for once!

    About the announcement, I think we can expect it for next week. Word will get out if the casting is that surprising, after the taping or during the week (as it happened for the coitus 1.0). Also, I hope, they will want to create hype and promote the finale in advance. But they have made some dumb decisions this season, so what do I know.

  9. Not to be excited about the finale, because I'm sure they'll find a way to disappoint my expectations (lol), but, reading Bill's tweet, who do you think is left to cast? We know about the casting of George Jr.; if they want to have Missy, I think they'll bring back the actress from season 1 (she has worked on other Lorre shows). Same goes for Meemaw. Mary will be there. So, regarding Sheldon's family we should be good. Am I a fool if I hope this excitement involves Amy's family? If not, do we really need more famous guest stars, given the bunch of people we know will be in attendance?

  10. I would like to add some more info to one of the storylines of the last taping. Since it's mostly Shamy, I'll leave it here. Again, I don't know how accurate this is, but you get the gist. Something might be lost in translation.

    The reason why the comic book store is now crowded and Sheldon is not ok with change is because Stuart hires a girl, who now works there. He talks to her about comic books but he doesn't like her at first. He'd prefer it'd be only Stuart to work there. Sheldon complains to Amy, who tells him that change is not that bad. At this point Sheldon gives this girl a chance and he starts liking her. Amy doesn't like this new development and goes to the comic book store to ask her for advice on how to pretend to like comic books, so that she can talk about them with Sheldon.

    (I also read Mayim is hilarious in the very last scene of the episode, which I know nothing about)


    ETA post was moved from the Shamy thread.

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