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  1. I am out of town with no decent wifi and not so decent mobile data for a few days and the flash mob came out...I try to not take it personally but it's hard haha (I'm pissed ugh, I can't watch it as many times as I want to, but anyway...I hope I had an eidetic memory!). So it was very lovely to see. Kaley and Kunal were having the time of their lives, Jim was not to coordinated but really focused,and DAMN he can shake that booty of his! Mayim was really into it (remembering the Blossom days lol). The height difference between Melissa and Jim was also pretty hilarious haha I didn't see much of Simon though. I hope we can have a better video in the (not so far) future! And Johnny at the end LMAO They all were wonderful!

  2.  From Kaley's sister Instagram


    Look how focused he is! He must be such a perfectionist! haha All I can think when I watch this is "Oh no, my hands are in the air like I just do not care!" haha


  3. So where do I start? Well, I may be repeating what you’ve already said here before me, but I have to write this somewhere haha I literally loved the episode. I was out of breath and almost dying at the beginning of the episode ‘cause of Amy’s “I don’t hate you, I love you.” (Thank you, Mayim!) It was so cute (and a little bit flirty I’d say). So perfect! And Sheldon’s response “Well…”? (“The uterus quivers, does it not?”) Dear Lord. It was such an intimate moment between the two of them that I almost felt embarrassed and intrusive watching it. I loved his dreamy face when he was saying what he knows about Amy…The guy looks A LOT at his girlfriend! Then the gifts giving part (at the Jewish joke I lost it HAHA). So romantic, it started like a revenge from Sheldon, but it ended up being the sweetest moment between the two of them; you can see on their faces and feel how much they love each other and how pure their love is. Sheldon’s voice in the message? *quivering uterus intensifies* My heart was about to burst with joy, together with theirs! And every time I see Sheldon do something romantic, even if he doesn’t mean to, I think of Jim’s words after Season 6: “Does he know romance? Yes. That’s what he’ll get her.” And another thing: when at the end he realizes they’re both happy, it made me think back to season 5 (I guess) when Sheldon was 'complaining' about Amy trying to increase his feeling for her making him happy. Now he's ok with it.  Aw, how far he’s come! (And I can't wait to see more!

    I don’t know why TPTB are being so kind to us this season, but I can’t be more grateful for what we’ve got.

  4. Seriously, this season it's just pure perfection! They're giving us everything we want! Now even Amy teaching Sheldon to drive! Aww Anyway am I the only weirdo who thought about the "Shamy mugs" when Sheldon said he can be a combination of blue and yellow? Sorry I can see Shamy fluff everywhere even where there's not haha

  5. Thank you, Trina, I'm sure you had a great time 'cause I literally laughed through the entire taping report. This episode sounds really funny and I can't wait to see it. (Amy makes me laugh for everything can possibly come out of her mouth, even if I only read her lines in the TR haha I guess I'm just a sucker for her character!). Aw the Shelnard! It will make me cry my eyeballs out when the time of stop sharing the same apartment comes.

  6. I've managed to watch the video with the Hola VPN app. It allows you to change from your current location to another, so you can browse with US IP address. It works for me from my smartphone but I suppose you can watch the video also from your computer (Hola is also a Chrome extention).



    As the gang start to bring the plates into the kitchen, Sheldon asks if they should exchange gifts. Penny says they didn't bring any tonight. Leonard asks, "Don't you hate exchanging gifts?" Sheldon admits that's true, and that's why he got Amy this. He pulls out a gift bag and hands it to her. She's touched. "You got me something?" she asks. "How does that make you feel?" he wonders. "Guilty? Wishing you were Jewish?"



  8. Awww thank you very much for the TR and thank all the people who contributed to it. It's just perfection. Everything sounds like a freaking fanfiction, but it's real. Oh God. Sorry, I have to read it again because I still can't believe it.

  9. As always, I'm late, but thank you very much for the TR and the BTS, all the work is very appreciated! And thank you also for the tidbits in chat (yes, I was lurking, but I'm not very good with words, especially in english! Sorry). The episode sounds really funny, well I'm spoiled only for the Sheldon and Amy scenes, so haha

    Jim and Mayim are so cute and adorable sometimes it's annoying haha

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