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  1. 5 hours ago, veejay said:



    My bad, that wasn't entirely true. I liked when Bill Prady finally explained why they chose that name for Amy (after the rest of the producers also pretended not to hear that question). Holland couldn't even remember whether or not she was "just Amy" the first time she appeared on the show. Probably the iconic "Excuse me, I'm Amy Farrah Fowler, you're Sheldon Cooper." isn't that iconic for the showrunner of this show.

    The rest is pretty much forgettable, at least for me. But I know that different people like different things. So I'm glad if the rest of the forum enjoyed it. ☺

  2. 57 minutes ago, wonder63 said:

    I hope Amy's family is cast next. She needs so much love, we've seen nobody at all but a cameo from her mother.

    Couldn't agree more. The panel was a disappointment from start to finish, but that's not the point. The producers were asked multiple times (both by Jessica and the audience) about Amy's family, but they pretended not to hear that part of the question. Because obviously Sheldon is the only one involved in the wedding. They pretty much confirmed all his family will be there, but what about Amy's? Nobody knows. No respect for the character or the fans that care about that character.

  3. Thank you, Tensor. Really appreciate your TR. And glad you had a great time.


    I finally understand Jessica's frustration with this season. I kind of thought she was overreacting lately, but she's been right all along. It's sad they're still going with the petty/jealous Sheldon this season, even though he's about to get married. Oh well. What can we do. Wait and see, I guess.

  4. 14 hours ago, Jedichic98 said:

    A possible storyline here is that maybe Amy's confidence wavers in the wedding, because Sheldon's been acting so differently than last year. Of course we can guess his overall sourness and all is probably the result of how his career is going nowhere, but maybe for Amy there's even the tiniest little doubt that he's been acting differently since they got engaged. To reassure her that it's not the wedding, Sheldon is willing to elope with her, but once they're at the courthouse he remembers how much Amy's talked about wanting a beautiful wedding and reminds Amy that elopment is not what she really wants and she shouldn't give up her dream just for him. That she deserves a day where all eyes are on her. Promises her, that he hadn't realized until now, how his unhappiness with his work has been affecting her too, but believe him, that's going to change (and it sticks this time). 

    Maybe he get's a little more involved in the wedding planning while we're at it. 

    I'm rambling but IMO that would be a nice end to the "arc" 

    Deal! Where do I sign for this to happen? A fan fiction will do, too.

  5. 19 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    Well, Episode 10 was taped last week and all clues point towards a Shamy plot, possibly very "interesting",  given the snippets you were so kind in sharing with us!  Plus, they are filming for sure a plot about Halley's birthday, and hence Amy's,  in 11.11, there's hope in some Shamy goodness also on that occasion! 

    You're right. That's what makes me feel hopeful, at least about those two episodes. Eps 10 and 11 have a history of being good for Shamy. 

    Oh, btw, the title I guessed the other day was correct. Someone confirmed it on Twitter. It's "The Confidence Erosion". And if, once again, I have to guess and it applies to Shamy, I feel someone is getting cold feet about the wedding (not sure who). But that's just me, again. A feeling. It could be about other characters.

    18 minutes ago, April said:

    I feel pretty similar about this - even though during the break up arc I was on board from the start but to be fair it was easier to predict where that was going at the time. So the uncertainty is probably what's making me all grumpy about S11. We don't get many (if any) spoilers these days which makes it hard to see the episode in context of what's to come. Then we also have a new showrunner and the writing style feels different so I don't know how to judge that either.

    Fingers crossed we get a good payoff to all of this.

    I'd never trusted Molaro and been pretty vocal about it for years. And look at me now, apologizing and missing him. I'm starting to think this is karma and we're all paying the price for it. You can blame it on me. LOL

  6. I agree that it's more the lack of Shamy than anything else, even though there are plenty of things I don't enjoy about their dynamic this season. But I was talking to someone yesterday about this, and it may be silly, but I pointed out that season 11, and the way I'm experiencing it, reminds me so much of the way I felt during the first half of season 9 and that feeling of frustration building up week after week, when all I did was vent on Tumblr, and, boy oh boy, was I hated (I can be a little overdramatic) lol But then episode 10 came out and I was like, 'oh, now I get it.'. Which, in retrospect, it was a good arc because I love me some drama that ends in a  happy resolution. I was then reminded that they were broken up, so it was a completely different situation, and I agree with that. But what's my point here? I hope that season 11 has its Earworm moment at some point (sooner rather than later), and I can finally have my 'oh-I-get-it-now' moment. Sounds odd because season 10 exists, so going back to season 6!Sheldon to making him progress again doesn't really make sense to me. But hope is all we have. So let's hope something changes soon. 

  7. You're welcome, guys. 

    I'm not too keen on this elopement scenario but what I'm thinking is that, if the guy mentioned it, it must have come up somehow. We don't know if they actually go through with it or if the episode ends on some sort of cliffhanger and we find out in the next taping. Let's hope for the best.

  8. Soooo...time to speculate. I've been looking around and, although I haven't found actual spoilers, I found some info. The pic is of the program of last night's taping. You can't actually see much. BUT Raj's dad is back. There's a "clerk". And the way I read the title is "The Confidence Erosion", but don't quote me on that because it's just a guess on my part. That is the best screenshot I was able to take.

    Now...the interesting stuff.

    On Twitter, someone said they couldn't get in because of "Too many VIPs". 

    I found another post by a guy who was at the taping and I quote 

    "Just back from the Big Bang Theory taping, [...]did they or didnt they elope.....my lips are sealed?".


    ...and discuss.

    tbbt program.jpg

  9. 36 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    I thought bitcoin was a virtual currency held in the sky somewhere and not located anywhere in particular. I've learned something just by looking at your post, Nusspot. Did you go to the taping ? 

    I wish! Nah, I'm just good at finding info lol

    Just to clarify: it's from the comments to the IG post I quoted.

  10. Anyway, Ruchi is back in this episode, too. Looks like she's here to stay. What is this, her third episode already? In my heart I've always secretly hoped Yvette the vet would be the one for Raj. Too bad. (Yes, even though we saw her just for an episode years ago. Go figure.). So long as Raj has something to do in the show these days, I guess.

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