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  1. Thank you so much, @NotWonderland, for writing it all down. Sounds like a nice episode. I look forward to the Amy scene. Love me some weird sassy Amy! From your report sounds hilarious and I'm sure it'll be on the screen as well. I've always loved the scenes with Amy and Leonard, so I wish they would explore their friendship even more, without making it too weird.
  2. Aww. Talk about a Star Trek wedding lol Kaley's so sweet.
  3. Feels like everyone has completely given up on promoting the show these days (even when major milestones take place), so I expect the same happening for the last two seasons. No, wait. Maybe we get something about the series finale.
  4. What a time to be a Shamy fan. Hashtag blessed.
  5. Thank you so so much, @Kev0821. Glad you had an amazing time at the taping!
  6. The scenario of Ramona calling Sheldon to apologize and Amy answering his phone is so cliché that I almost can see it happening. Jokes aside, I hope we get to hear Amy's "yes" by the end of the episode.
  7. Am I the only one wondering about the person on the right whom Alex whited out? (which happens to look like a blonde woman)? No? Just me? Whoops. @mirs1 we wrote the same thing. lol
  8. That was kinda scary, actually. When she called little Sheldon to dinner, for a moment I thought it was Laurie and not Zoe. Wow.
  9. I really enjoy it. Love Missy! And I think the show is gonna do very well.
  10. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that they did the proposal that way so that in the premiere all questions would be answered. I can see Amy not saying yes immediately and wondering about the timing of the proposal. Sheldon explaining what happened back in Pasadena and Amy asking if he did it because he felt guilty. And that's when we get the "real" proposal. A heartfelt matter-of-fact declaration of love from Sheldon. To which she'll finally say yes. This is one of the most logical scenarios I can come up with.
  11. In the words of the greatest AFF: "This Nowitzki broad needs to disappear!"
  12. Not gonna lie. The grammar talk was so hot.
  13. Maybe it's not that important to the discussion, but I remember reading (from a friend who attended the taping) that Ramona is at Caltech because she's finishing her post doc.
  14. Oh yeah. This is after they kissed (and hugged). Here's when he's telling her he wants to have sex. 3 days!
  15. Will it be his third time calling her "Vixen" in 10x23? That makes me a little emotional somehow. lol
  16. ("Turn to page 394." Sorry, had to.) Is it too early in this almost TBBT hiatus to point out that, assuming they talk a little about the situation before she says yes, Sheldon has no clothes with him other than the ones he's wearing and he's gonna spend the night and, who knows, they might want to celebrate? Thus the cuddle scene (with or without "celebration") we were denied a season ago. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself? Okay, I'll see myself out now. lol
  17. Now someone go write a fan fiction about Amy panicking and no doubt this is what will happen in the season premiere.
  18. Aww, the Shamy bliss. Bless the day she auditioned for the role of Amy Farrah Fowler.
  19. After knowing what happens at Amy's door, that short IG video from Jim kills me. What were they rehearsing? How to knock on the door? How to open it? How to properly get down on one knee? How to say the words and how to look shocked? LOL Jokes aside, what a tease Jim is. This must be the sweetest thing ever we've gotten from them. I can't put into words how much I love it! Thank you, Captain. Looking forward to 10x24, but maybe 10x23 more...it sounds sooo good.
  20. Now, isn't this good news. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  21. Oh well. There goes my hope lol Hopefully it's still good news.
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