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  1. 11 minutes ago, shamyyellow said:

    Thank you for not being afraid to speculate, Nuss. I think it's just as likely as unlikely that there is a scene that isn't on Skype in tonight's episode. From everything we've seen and been shown, the hope isn't gone. Maybe it isn't smart to get our hopes up, but being moderately optimistic is ok, right?

    Exactly, cautiously optimistic here. I usually go for the worst case scenario, my pessimism just can't help making me look at things logically. But given what we have gotten with that little video, every scenario is still on the table right now. Maybe it won't happen, but right now a possibility still exists.

    We'll know in a few hours.

  2. Okay, I'm gonna say it. If it doesn't happen, you can blame me for jinxing it. In the IG video, according to Jim, they were rehearsing...by a door...that we've never seen before...Were they just rehearsing the skype calls, or...?

  3. Being my typically skeptical self, first thing I thought was 'this is Captain Jim trying to reassure us fans like, "whatever crappy finale they've created for Shamy, I didn't write it, so here's your dose of majim cuteness to make up for it"'. lol

    Fine by me! Can't wait to know what happens. Fingers crossed!

  4. If we made it through the first half of season 9, we can make it through this episode. It's going to be fine. It'll be one of those cliché episodes where the audience knows and the characters don't but, in the end, everything is going to be fine. (I've repeated this so much to myself that now I believe it.)

  5. Not the first time she misses a group pic when she's done with her scenes. She must have been home before that photo was taken. 

    The title pretty much confirms the feeling I got from the very beginning, that is Amy getting the wrong idea of what's happening back home. I'm expecting a little (??) drama and everything to be resolved within the first episode of season 11. Isn't this just exciting?!

  6. From TVLine:


    SEASON FINALE (MAY 11): Keeping with this season’s ex-factor theme, Sheldon’s onetime admirer Ramona (Riki Lindhome) finds herself back in his orbit — and while Amy is away at Princeton no less. As Molaro notes, “Sheldon is smart, but he may not be smart enough to realize he’s being aggressively pursued by a brilliant, former Olympic swimmer.”

    Here comes the misunderstanding...I'm rolling my eyes already lol

    Oops, sorry @mirs1! We posted at the same time!

  7. I go back and forth between being like "Nah, Sheldon would never do that" and "I don't trust Molaro/writers; never have, never will" but if I look at the situation from a practical, logical, rational POV, I ask myself: would they really risk having (what I assume is) the majority of the audience side with a 'secondary' character and go against their precious golden boy? 'Cause I don't know how anyone in their right mind could excuse his behavior, if he were to cheat on his girlfriend. So this makes me believe it will all be a big misunderstanding in the end or Ramona has nothing to do with Shamy, but just with the gyroscope project.


  8. I can't even begin to count how many times I've read this scenario in fan fictions or here. I love everything about this! And I'm assuming is dirty science talk lmao Now, while we're at it, BLOOPERS. Ya hear me? Shamy bloopers!

  9. 4 minutes ago, veejay said:

    Just another guess. Maybe Lucy comes back to Raj as his girlfriend and presents her new best friend Ramona with which she has founded a therapy band called Garfunkel & Oates. :shy:


    Thank you! That really made me laugh, 'cause this storyline is so depressing already. 

  10. 59 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    There should a Shamy scene, with Shamy alone on stage, towards the end of the episode, possibly the tag. At the curtain call, Jim and Mayim were the only cast members still in costume. Let's hope in some Shamy goodness!!!

    Agreed. And in one of those IG stories, it looks like they were filming a hallway scene, assuming it's the Shamy tag. Lots of IFs here. (There's no audio, so it doesn't really give anything away). We'll see. If we don't get spoilers, I guess we'll find out next week.

  11. I mean, what's the point of reading fan fictions if the writers give us what we want week after week? LOL I can't even put into words how excited I am for this storyline. Hope it goes on for a few episodes (and, as @Jonny suggested, also leads to something else. #ForScience! A girl can dream!)

    @RJ1013, thank you so so much for the info!

  12. 44 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    The news of the big five cutting their pay-checks in favour of Melissa and Mayim has made it also in some reliable newspaper in my Country, where actually TBBT is not that popular. Unluckily, it is reported in a very approximative way (in some cases the figures are completely messed up), the journalists have made very little research and basically they say the show has very few chances of getting renewed and this move from the main cast was the last attempt to save it. Just a quick look at Prady's Twitter, Kaley's IG or to Kunal's last interview to BBC should have shown the show has basically already been picked up for S. 11 and 12. Speaking of "fake" news, LOL!

    I saw the post on FB this morning and I have to say, I'm actually quite surprised by most of the comments to that article. Not as ignorant and stupid as I was expecting them to be. They even know the name of the actors...I mean! 

  13. I saw the promo for next week's episode. I know the episode feels a little weird at the moment (at least to me), but these two together feel so comfortable in bed. I just love that moment. And Sheldon saying ILY...I will never get used to it; not because I don't believe it, but because it's so rare that he says those exact words that, when it happens, it's just beautiful.

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