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  1. 17 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    Pretty sure the poor girl didn't even remember that the Gollum featured in 8.24, probably, knowing her, that was the first time ever she noticed that prop, LOL!

    Ha! I'm starting to think she has a thing for Gollum; she posts on it quite "often". Ha!

  2. 1 hour ago, April said:

    To be fair to her: She didn't really say much, now did she?

    Fair point. Sometimes we try to read too much into things. But what I mean is, there was that time when she said the episode being taped was beautiful and the next day we found out it was the Spockumentary. I mean, it was beautiful (not so much to see Sheldon so distraught; to each their own). And now, of all the props, she posts Gollum. How naive and sadistic do you have to be? I'm kidding here. I don't think in the slightest she does it on purpose. I, for one, am not disappointed because, knowing how Mayim is, I knew the outcome already. lol Maybe it is just our fault. We get too excited at times. Just I wish she were more careful at times. But hey, she got the bed scenes right! We even get an ILY from Sheldon! And I thought the next time we would hear those words from him would be during the proposal. Silly me; Molaro, you surprise me every time.

  3. Thank you so much, @2L344, for the detailed TR. Sounds like you had a great time and I'm so glad you did.

    This is one of those episode where I just can't help but roll my eyes at. Some time ago I jokingly asked for a little Shamy drama since all the goodness we've been given this season and this must be it. It's fine, I guess. It's just an episode and I'm kinda okay with it. If there's one thing I hate about this is that they tell us Sheldon still being insecure (even for a moment) about his relationship. I know that by the end of the episode we have the "our relationship is stronger than ever" bit but, I don't know, I despise the fact that the audience has been shown Sheldon having (although slightest) doubts on his relationship with Amy. Yeah, the room is just a hypothetical plan B that he needs in his well-ordered life, bla bla bla. All is well in the end, so yay. Now, when is he gonna propose? I'm waiting.

    (Also I have to wonder what is wrong with Mayim, because every single time she looks excited about a taping, drama happens. Luckily for my sanity, I don't believe a single word she has to say on TBBT anymore. lol)

  4. From the little info we have on the funny tag and sexual tension, I wonder if the writers are trying to "resolve" the coitus aspect of the Shamy relationship before getting them engaged by the end of the season or, once again, it's just another one of those scenes where they just like to tease the audience.

    (I could also be way off, when/if we get more info on the episode, and they're just being a little flirty or whatever that is.)

    ETA: Thank you so much, @CentralPerk and @aimelabhaoise, for proividing spoilers. Much appreciated!

  5. 29 minutes ago, RoRo said:

    He is on Seth Meyers tomorrow night, they tape in NY at like 5pm

    Johnny is on Colbert at the same time tomorrow but it looks like he showed up anyway, so no excuse for Jim this time, sorry. Jim can do whatever he wants and doesn't have to answer to anyone, just pointing out the situation.


    Congrats to the show and Jim!

  6. I took the "It's a good thing you're cute" for what it was, and that is 'It's a good thing you're cute, otherwise I'd get mad at you too for not getting my sarcasm because the situation is upsetting enough already'. So all in all, I consider that a win for Amy. And yes, I find the compliment cute. 

  7. 12 minutes ago, RJ1013 said:

    It’s hard to make this clear in a TR, but this was really a fleeting, throw-away, nothing moment. Sheldon was obviously upset, and rather than picking a fight with him about his brief bout of insensitivity, Amy walks across the room to get a drink. The only real attachment this might have to the main plot is that when Bert is later the one to be rude with regard to Amy, we get to find out how unacceptable Sheldon finds that to be.

    I had great seats with most things being filmed right in front of me, so I had a great time :) Other than a few messed up lines, there wasn't much in the way of bloopers or behind the scenes moments. Mayim sat in Sheldon's spot and read a magazine when the audience was having pizza. It amused me to see 'Amy' casually hanging out in Sheldon's spot. 

    As for the Shenny thing, Penny yells at Sheldon and calls him a baby. Sheldon then is the one who reiterates what Amy just said, so to be clear, it's more like Penny jars him out of his pouty funk, but it’s Amy’s words that have actually reached him. I didn't find that part funny, though

    Thank you so much for clarifying! :)

  8. 16 minutes ago, April said:

    Yep. That teasing line is the perfect setup for the tag. I love it! I'd love it even more if only we could actually get to see it though... LOL

    I know, right? Apparently just the "graphic" parts of fanfictions don't make it into the actual episodes. lol

  9. Looking at this new promo and just thinking that Sheldon doesn't seem to need any reminders from Dave this time, since we know at the end of the episode they go straight to 4B to make out. Eh eh. Sometimes he just can't resist his little lady...

  10. About the tag, I find it really sweet and all is good in the end, so that really matters to me. Practicing the proposal right there, Sheldon? Haha. The writers will find a way to tease the proposal very often this season. Seriously, "Amy Farrah Fowler, will you [...]?". And finally some touching. Two hugs in a row? Whaaaa. I wonder if those hugs are the Mars Colonization kind or the Earworm Reverberation kind. Either way, sounds cute.

    Thanks, @Lady in Red, for the TR! Really appreciate it!

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