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  1. 5 minutes ago, shamour said:

    Hello everyone! I know this should be a supportive thread, but I need to be convinced a bit that this really could be a nice episode for Shamy, so please help me... I was so devastated reading Sheldon's "hubba hubba" comment about OTHER WOMEN (NOT AMY!) and that he actually went with Penny to look for other women and that Penny supported him in this decision and even pointed out other women to him! The part that he once again confided in Penny, not Amy, was not even that bad for me in comparison to the rest. Yes, I loved that they finally had him admit being a sexual creature like the rest of mankind, but why did they have to make him so ordinary as to ogle other women? I always had that (probably naive) image of him only being attracted to Amy, and now this! Do the writers want to point out again that they think Amy is not attractive in the common sense (I strongly disagree, btw). Why couldn't they make it about Amy and his eidetic memory for example, that once they became intimate those pictures of her come popping up in his head, and that he has urges for HER? That's an absolute no-go for me if they make Sheldon more sexual now and that this would mean he starts to be attracted to other women, ugh!

    On the positive side, it was all very sweet that he didn't want to become like his father, and this really explained a lot to me about this awful once-a-year thing (and alas, Amy finally made it clear that they really did it only once, sniff...), so he fears he needs to maintain control of his urges or they would rule him and make him cheat on Amy like his father did. This makes perfect sense to me, but why oh why did he go with Penny then? Why didn't he just tell Amy this already months ago during one of their make-out sessions when she might have wondered why he stopped (yes that's still my head canon that they at least made out from time to time, we have proof of that in 10x04)? They still need to communicate more!

    Finally, I'm glad that they talked in the end at least and I can't wait for the toothbrush line and that sweet hug! And there really seems to be some sexual tension going on between those two now, and I would love to see that it is Sheldon who caves first and admits he wants her, because I was a bit sad that he just complained he was ogled by Amy and not the other way round, because that seems to indicate again that Amy is not attractive, but on the other hand he probably wouldn't admit any ogling he did himself, lol! That might be the reason for the bathroom schedule, that he wouldn't run into a naked Amy, because then all hell might break loose:-))) So for this point I'm very optimistic that Amy stood her ground and that the schedule which was such an essential part of Leonard's and Sheldon's roommate agreement just vanished after 1-2 weeks already! Perhaps that's his way of explaining to Amy after having "given it to her" in the shower (to loosely quote Amy) that he just couldn't help himself as it was all due to her vixen ways and nullifying the bathroom schedule... I would love this to happen!

    I hope my post wasn't too negative in the beginning, I just need some convincing that I'm wrong;-)

    @April , you're up! :p

  2. 45 minutes ago, April said:


    First of all:


    Secondly, having recently rewatched the whole show with a close eye on Shamy I have to say while those "Sheldon doesn't treat Amy right" moments are not ideal I feel they toned them down a lot post-breakup. So I'm not too bothered.

    For this episode in particular, there was a running gag of Sheldon saying disrespectful things and his mother is scolding him for it. Hence we got what we got in the car scene. I don't see it as the show wanting to make a point about Sheldon being terrible towards Amy specifically. What it is saying though is 1) Mary will always be his kryptonite no matter what, and 2) Amy is not his mother (thank goodness!) and she'll figure out a way how to deal with those moments. Everything will be okay.

    As for the wedding, this is Amy just being overeager about the proposal. I think it's very in character for her with her being so into the wedding stuff and everything. It also reminds us that no, she hasn't forgotten about the ring, which isn't too bad cause we all here sometimes wondered if she did because she never said anything about that after "cool your jets".

    I think all in all this episode sets up some nice themes for possible Shamy story lines (some surely happening sooner than others) in that it reminds us about the sex and the upcoming proposal, it even hints at the living arrangements. Mary's reassurance that Amy will figure out a better way of how to deal with Sheldon also makes me hope that there'll be a bit of an arc for her to gain more confidence in this relationship, especially after knowing that she finds out she's the coolest girl at CalTech and Sheldon should be grateful for dating her! <3

    From the taping report it sounds like it and that makes it so funny to me. Seems so many of the fanfic writers were right about Amy finding Sheldon "well endowed", to put it mildly. LOL

    Perfect, thank you! Your posts always find a way to make me feel okay with the show again. :)

  3. 15 minutes ago, Judith said:

    Well, personally I don't have a problem with the wedding part. Who else but Amy would think that Sheldon would propose in that moment? And IIRC Mary told her to sit down or something, so it sounds like she was making a spectacle? Idk, I read that as Amy being irrational (but also funny).

    As for the car scene, I'll really have to watch that first. I don't remember reading in the tr what he told her that was rude. 

    Of course that was Amy being irrational. I mean, come on, it's Amy, she's that quirky; nevertheless I found it a cheap and easy joke at her expense.

    What I consider rude behaviour by Sheldon is the fact that he knows he has to apologize to his mom, but he doesn't know he has to do the same with his girlfriend. Anyway, I agree we will have to see the scene first to judge properly.

  4. Hello everyone. I never comment on here; I usually read people's thoughts and like them if I happen to agree with them, and I know we're supposed to throw up rainbows in this thread, but I think I'd share my 2 cents about the episode. I just would like to know if people feel like I do or, since I feel like I've been disappointed so many times, I can't look at the show with an unbiased eye anymore. Long story short, I don't like how still Amy is treated this poorly by Sheldon aka the writers (and vice versa). And I agree with what April said about the ep, because those are the only positive aspects I take from it. Don't get me started on the three person wedding or the fact that living with a married couple, when you can live on your own, is weird. I'm used to this kind of lame jokes. But sorry, when Amy is involved, I can't help but get defensive. So apparently Sheldon still doesn't know how to treat his girfriend; although he knows very well how to be rude to her and his mom must remind him good manners, because of course Sheldon is still a child and thank God Penny told us at the beginning of the episode! how can you forget that for a moment?! Also Amy was expecting the proposal but that ended up being way funnier (never seen that kind of situations in sitcoms...very original) and then they apparently still can't stay next to each other or show signs of affection towards one another, because I don't even know why (I'll admit this is me wanting to see more from them). I wish Mary stay around in every episode because I just love how she is towards Amy and Amy needs this kind of love. What makes me kinda sad is that we know Amy is usually sweet to Sheldon, like in ep3 when she goes to 4A to make him breakfast, but he can't help but being rude to her. I hope I haven't been too negative (I have my drama moments elsewhere), but I just wanted to know if other people feel the same or it's just me.  Maybe you guys can help me change my mind.

    P.s. I don't mind the sex joke, hopefully that was something she said to Sheldon and he then blurted it out. I guess now we know for sure the mice orgasm study will be a storyline for Amy for sure.  

  5. Thank you so much, Monique, for the TR. Sounds like another wonderful episode for our lovely couple of weirdos. 

    I'm starting to think the writers are being purposely sadistic this year with that painful first part of the season when we wanted to jump off a cliff, the misery around here was too much, and now all this sweetness that may very well put an end to our lives before we can even witness it with our own eyes.  Is this how this season is gonna continue? Full of Shamy rainbows? Oh sweet Lord...

  6. I don't like to hang out in the Discussion Thread, so I'm just gonna say it here. Thank you, Kazzie! Thank you, Kerry and your friend! I'm so grateful for all the spoilers you've provided us with. So so happy! Now the looong wait begins.

  7. :(  I was hoping Junior Professor Solution

    Yeah, I agree. I was about to write the same thing. I'm no expert, but wouldn't "The Junior Professor Solution" have been better? I think it has better comedic stuff.

  8. Did you guys read this?



    Now that our Big Bang mothers are finally meeting, when are we going to get more scenes between the two most important women of Sheldon's life: his mom and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)?

    "Not this season, but we're well aware that that is a dynamic that needs to be explored further," Molaro answers. "There's only so much we can fit into one scene. We're certainly not done exploring Sheldon's mom and Amy, but there's only so much we could get done this year. That is certainly floating around in seasons nine or ten."



    Finally someone asked this question! Do you think they'll make us wait till season 10?

  9. Totally agree with you.

    Why should we be picking teams anyway? The situation is sad and difficult for both ot them. Both are right and both are wrong at the same time, that's the beauty of it!

    From "Team Sheldon" (and believe me, I'm not using the term in a confrontational way) I've read very good character analysis of Sheldon, as it usual in Shamy fandom, wich is great, what I don't understand is your animosity towards Amy at this moment, I get that, unlike her, you are focusing in Sheldon's good traits, but i think you are also lacking understanding for her, she loves him very much (she says herself), but, essentialy, she is tired ("to be your girlfriend is exhausting", honestly, what's the lie there? as rewarding as Sheldon's reactions could be, it has to be exhausting to be always the one asking and pushing). Kerrycec03 said it just right in her post, she is tired of being the one who is always pushing. Why should she be always the one in the charge of "training" Sheldon into becoming a good boyfriend? Think back and you will see that all this "progress" Sheldon has made towards becoming a good boyfriend is because of Amy's pushing. If it were for him, they would still be in their Skyping stage!

    And yes, of course Amy is no saint, now for all those who are now recalling her manipulative and pushy ways, had you forgotten what had taken her to those extremes? Yep, Sheldon's stubborness. A single example? Happy-kissy-Sheldon wouldn't have existed without her manipulative and naggy behaviour during their train trip, because he would still be reluctant to take the step and kiss her out of his own volition.

    I honestly think it's unfair to bring up Amy's negative traits now in oder to elevate Sheldon, when almost all those had surfaced because of him. We could say that while being her boyfriend makes Sheldon a better man in many aspects, her relationship with him takes out the worst of her. And that's because he puts so little of his part.

    Because whereas he is usually responds well to her pushing, there's almost zero initiative from him, when was the last time we had a plot about him trying to do something to make her happy? The closest thing we have is the Christmas episode, when he was buying a gift for her, and even then there was a totally ill intention behind his actions. Why is so difficult for him to wake up one day and think: "I really love Amy, and I want to do something that make her happy today", because he really wants to, not out of a contract obligation, to avoid her to get angry or as a consequence of her nagging or pushing. That's because in his list of priorities he's still the one and only, and while I know that's never going to really change, he will never put somebody else above him, he needs to short just a little the distance between the high top in which he puts himself and the rest of the world, specially between him and that person who is so important for him at this moment.

    In short, Sheldon needs to start being proactive instead of reactive, because Amy is tired of being always the one pushing the car.

    And I think it's important to put ourselves in Amy's shoes, after Sheldon's innocent flash-mistep she probably had "flashes" of them together in bed after their first coitus, and her asking "Wasn't it great?" and him replying: "Indeed. Now, do you know what would have made Star Wars VII even greater?"

    Thank you for putting into words what was in my mind since the moment I read the taping report for the season finale.

  10. You know what, I'm not worried about something bad happening to Shamy; it just can't all go to hell out of nowhere in the last episode of the season. But there's the possibility Amy won't be there in the scene. We don't know if Mayim has gone back to work and if not, she would have only Monday to reharse her part with the rest of the cast. Would it be enough for her to be in the episode? I don't know, I'm just putting it out there. I don't know how things work in this kind of situations.

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