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  1. Ok guys, for the people outside the UK, I've uploaded a very crappy quality video of the interview on youtube. I'm not sure I can post the link of the video here, so instead I'll leave this. If something's wrong just tell me


    Edit: They removed the video but I'm trying again.

  2. An Anon on Tumblr explained it to me. If you want to know as well, here's the explanation.




    That pin is a Blue Peter badge and it was THE thing to have when you were younger! You would do cool things or stuff for the community and tell the show and they would send you a badge and mention it on the show. (And this show was a big deal, it was the biggest children's tv show and everyone loved it). So if you had a badge, you were the coolest person, ever.
  3. You know the joke about the Italian family?

    "Our boat sank and we tried to swin to the nearest island, but we couldn't..."

    "But then how did you arrive here?"

    "I don't know... I mean, we just started talking do big gestures with the arms, talking exaggerate some more and talking even bigger... and suddenly we're here!"

    Disclaimer: Italian descendant, heard this one from my nonna...

    Nope, I didn't know, but that's funny! LOL


    Back to Shamy, I love me some Jelly Shelly and their testing Penny and Leonard with puzzles was hilarious! A little evil but still funny. Amy and Sheldon against the world because of science. "Isn't this romantic?" To quote Sheldon "That sounds like US" aww


    "If you fill out some paperworks at the university, I can get you 5$."

    "I don't want 5$, I want my dignity."

    "So what we're talking, like 10 bucks?" LMAO


    I swear, Mayim can deliver any kind of lines and make me laugh out loud! 

  4. Yeah not really any specific Shamy. But for some reason, it always gives me a little thrill when Sheldon calls Amy his girlfriend, even when he's complaining that she isn't on his side, lol. And Jim and Mayim were cute just talking and joking with each other. Mayim is very expressive (talks with her hands a lot) and she was telling Jim a long story before they started the car reenactment and he was laughing. 

    Maybe she has some Italian ancestors and doesn't know lol (I'm Italian, so I'm allowed to do ethnic jokes about it)

  5. I can't. That's too much to handle. I just hope they don't delay the airing of the episode later in the season.

    Thank you in advance, Dannii and Dana, for all the infos you gave us here and in the chat earlier.

    I kinda wanted they kept Giuseppe (Italian pride speaking here LOL)

  6. Nusspot, I think sometimes we forget what a socially awkward character Sheldon still is, despite the Shamy growth that has occurred. For me it's because he has this new feeling called love for Amy that he has never experienced before and still doesn't fully understand that he still doesn't quite know how to comfortably talk to her about personal things. Go back to the first ep this season in the car coming home when he explains how he feels about Seeming imperfect to Amy. Penny on the other hand is that simpleton sister he is not threatened in any way by who he finds it easy to tell things to. The fact he did tell her what he did almost proves in his warped mind that there is no intimacy between them because he doesn't care what she thinks about him. So don't stress in my view.

    Yeah, I guess you're right. Thank you, that was helpful :)  As I said earlier, there was so much negativiteness going on that maybe it got over my head too fast. I'll wait it airs to have a more appropriate opinion about it.

  7. I’ll try to put into words what I think about this episode, even though I know it won’t come out as if I did it in my own native language. First of all, thank you very much, Michy, once again for the wonderful job you did with the TR like every other time and I’m sorry you had you witness all this (for me) absurd episode.

    Amy never fails to put a smile on my face, seriously. Every line that comes out of her mouth just makes me laugh, but hey I may be very biased ‘cause I love her character to death. So it’s possible that what I feel from reading the TR is due to that. What bothers me the most isn’t the fact that Sheldon can be flirtatious around someone he himself calls his “sister/mother”, but the feel of him being comfortable and open around them and not his own girlfriend. What kind of “extremely intimate” relationship do they have if he can’t do some heart-felt talking with his girlfriend about his life, other than  about science or his job or science fictions. It just doesn’t come to mind to me at the moment. Yeah, they love each other and that’s great but, I don’t know, reading the report, left me a great sense of sadness because what Amy said back in 7x21 is still very true and we’re at 8x16 now. Curious how he feels a hippie only when he’s around Amy.

    (And seriously “It’s the future, she’s long dead”? Ugh. Hope they choose the other one.)

    Feel free to ignore this sort of vent, it’s likely my pessimistic side taking over. I will change my mind the exact moment I read some positive and encouraging comments here and there. So yeah, I'm very moody from this point of view. Tomorrow I'll be happy again lol (And I guess I have to blame well-written fanfiction for creating too many great expectations haha)

  8. According to what Max Adler said on twitter, the episode about to be taped tonight will air on Feb 26th. So this means that on Feb 19th there won't be a new episode? Or maybe I misunderstood something.

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