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  1. Yay! After my complaint on excluding Jim from the video they decided to run his entire clip. So will be looking forward to hear some Jimmy P story telling tomorrow! All 3 minutes of it!

    Can't believe being a whiny fan actually payed off...O.o

    Why, thank you then! Way to go, girl! haha

    Can't wait to see the interview; it's always a pleasure to hear him speak, whatever he has to say (and he always has something interesting to talk about).

  2. Has Jim been spotted yet?

    Yep, I saw him minutes ago on the UsMagazine stream. I think he had just arrived. He's there with Todd, of course.

    Sorry Jamie, I keep repeting what you write lol

  3. isn't that from 2013?

    I was watching that first, when I said Melissa was interviewed. But they I saw Mayim in her blue dress so realised it was old

    I may be drunk so you're right haha. I wasn't paying too much attention, just listening to the audio. Well, I guess I need a link now LOL sorry guys, help!


    There's very little of Jim in this clip ( He just asks Rihanna a question), but I've thought of sharing this here 'cause his laugh at the beginning of the video is so cute!

  5. Max Adler and Mayim are tweeting each other on how much fun they're having working together. I guess that means his character has scenes with Amy :)

    And also, Mayim posted the scriptcover. If we didn't already know the title I'm pretty sure we'd make it out from that. Haha

    I was right about to come here writing the same thing about the cover. She can be so unintentionally funny sometimes lol

  6. Who's Max Adler and how did you hear he is in the episode?

    I know him from Glee. He says so on his twitter account. I can't put the link and the picture here now.

    Oh well, Jamie took care of it. Thanks!

  7. Thank you, Michy! Awesome job, as ever! Very much appreciated!

    I had a very good laugh through the entire taping report. I really enjoyed both storylines. Sheldon can be so naive sometimes... haha Can't wait to see how it shows on tv!

  8. Awww very cute pic from Melissa's IG! Love it!


    On a different note, so I was watching some videos on YouTube and by chance I came across this one from yesterday.



    So apparently Jim didn't get the package but it would have been hilarious to see his reaction LOL

  9. I think I'm ok with no Valentine's Day this year. We've already been given so much goodness from the writers! But what I really would like to see (and can't wait for it) is some sort of heart-felt and natural physical gesture that reflects what Sheldon and Amy expressed this season with words. You know, even if it's not a kiss that's alright. A hug initiated by Sheldon would do it, for me. Or hand-holding, a kiss on the cheek, anything. Just wanna desperately see some sweet action between them haha

  10. I don't know if someone already pointed out this even in other threads, but I was thinking about the scene where Sheldon and Leonard start to cry and suddenly the girls come in. When Amy sees Sheldon cry, she just stands there. I don't know what I was expecting but I think it would have been sweet if she got closer and maybe just placed her hand on his shoulder for a moment, just a casual and very short comforting gesture or maybe an attempt of it. What do you think about? Would it have been out of place?

  11. The last two are definitely my favorite pics of him. I love his smile and I could watch it for hours! Lovely.

    Oops, I mean the two pics above the one with Mayim.

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