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  1. OK. Just in time I wrote my fluff piece. I actually calculated how fast I write and if I'm doing good I average 300 words...an hour. Yep 5 words a minute if I'm in the zone. This story was not written that speedily. If you like Shamy games and kissing this story is for you. The Childlike Fun Initiative https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11628795/1/The-Childlike-Fun-Initiative
  2. The first line Sheldon says in Vulcan is "As the vulcans say, 'Kup-fun-tor ha'kiv na'ish du stau?.'" This translates into "Can you return life to what you kill?" To me it sounds like he feels responsible in some way to the break-up. When Penny asks if Leonard is telling the truth about understanding what he said, he says "Nirsh." Which you already can assume was "no." Yes it does. Which means a man who won't curse in his own language can be pushed to a point to curse in Vulcan if she doesn't accept his proposal. Interesting...
  3. Gauntlet picked up my friend! I do love me a good ol' writing challenge. So for my contribution this Friday, I want to post a link to the Halloween challenges written last year for the forum. So if you want a little spookiness with your Shamy, give them a try. They are lumped together with the other challenges so they are towards the end. The M rated won't show up unless you choose all ratings or M specifically. https://www.fanfiction.net/community/The-Big-Bang-Theory-Forums-fan-fic-challenges/117154/
  4. Now I know it is not going to go down this way but just had a thought. Amy has been on two dates so far with Dave. Howard found out in season 4 that the threshold for sex is three dates. Does Sheldon know this as well? Penny casually mentions that Amy is going on the third date and Sheldon's eyes get round and he demands that Leonard drives him to the restaurant the date is taking place at. When Leonard refuses, out come the bus pants. Not that Amy will let a man under both her cardigans on date three, but Sheldon is not taking any chances. Just a plot bunny I thought up.
  5. If someone tagged it inappropriately on accident that is one thing. I have been fooled by Amy being in the description of a story only to have Sheldon break up with her and shack up with Penny. Then I stop reading immediately and rinse my eyes. If they purposely made it to attract Shamys and then pull the rug out from under them, that is despicable. I label my fan fiction appropriately. I don't try to trick anyone.
  6. Hey guys! I'm sneaking out of my introverted lurker mode to try and jump start this thread. I too have been in a writing slump, but mine started in February, so I can't blame the season finale for it. I was catching up on this thread and it just made me feel better to see different FF writers discussing the craft. It makes me want to get back on the whores...um I mean horse. So even though it's not Friday I'm going to ask you folks a question to get this party restarted. I haven't read much recent FF, so my picks are older. The question is what are the stories that you keep rereading? There are plenty of stories out there, but is there a certain story that you have bookmarked to pop open instantly, or even just a certain chapter in a story that you keep near and dear? Here are three of mine that I have read at least five times.. The Seventy-Three, Or From Genius to Sex Genius: A Master Class by BazingaPunk01 A sweet and quirky story about Amy and Sheldon figuring out the ups and downs of coitus. www.fanfiction.net/s/9632248/1/The-Seventy-Three-or-From-Genius-to-Sex-Genius-A-Master-Class The Atraction Fluctuation by Angelic Guardian Amy has just started dating an English teacher when she runs into a rude guy at the movies who wants her to move because she is in his spot in the theater. I go back to this story mainly for the part where a tipsy Amy tells him the blue of his shirt brings out his eyes and Sheldon is totally confused by this. Also the tea scene. www.fanfiction.net/s/9557433/1/The-Attraction-Fluctuation Schrodinger's Coitus by Hazelra7 Yeah it's angsty. But a sassy AFF, a game with a stripping element, awkward sex and Hazelra's trademark banter make this story alive and well when you open the box. www.fanfiction.net/s/10701005/1/Schrödinger-s-Coitus
  7. I'm a Certified Veterinary Technician that has worked for the past 15 years in the ICU at a large Veterinary specialty practice. We have surgeons, ophthalmology, oncology, internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, an emergency department and CT/MRI. Primarily cats and dogs.
  8. Yeah, the Shamy kiss was a lot longer and they only did one take. The Shenny kiss was cut down for broadcast too, but not as much as the Shamy kiss. They did two takes of the Shenny kiss after which Jim Parsons went to the paper towel dispenser and wiped his face. I think he had a cold.
  9. Crap! You saw right through my clever disguise!
  10. Ah, Dr. Fowler is not going anywhere. TPTB have just put the last phases of their plan into effect. The episode where Sheldon realizes he is not an emotionless Vulcan is his rock bottom. The Tinman's heart the Wizard gave him is broken. He thinks he has lost her, and in doing so realizes how much he misses her. That's why he needed to see that perfectly timed kiss. It's his Grinch's heart growing three sizes, Pinocchio saving Gepetto and Charlie giving the Everlasting Gobstopper back to Willy Wonka rolled into one. I'm betting he leaves her alone finally, but then she somehow sees the video and they reconcile. My only fear is that they will cliffhanger the reunion over winter hiatus. I know a great deal of people really, really, really, really (Is that enough reallys?) hate this break up. I know a lot of people think the writers have pulled this storyline out of their ass. I know that a lot of people think that the whole thing was totally unnecessary and that the Shamy was doing fine on their own. However, it seems to me this break was intended to make Sheldon appreciate Amy more,treat her with more respect and finally get them back on the even footing they had in season 4/5. Could it be done more elegantly? Perhaps. Could it be done worse? Yup. We could of had Amy in a car wreck clinging to life, she could have been abducted by aliens, transferred to a different university, contracted amnesia from being hit on the head by a coconut, injured fighting a bobcat for licorice, stranded in a snowstorm, kidnapped by militant animals rights activists because of her lab monkeys... you name it. They had to get Sheldon to a point where he jumps wholeheartedly into this relationship. Which means moving in, engagement, coitus and marriage. This break up will pay back tenfold. Read more at: http://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=159&t=22558
  11. Here is Oliver Wendell Douglas and a melon.
  12. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. We are fortunate to have so many highly talented people on this forum and so many supportive fans as well. I'm astounded to win best kiss! I did put in a lot of research for that story. The husband and I are both 2 inches shorter than Mayim and Jim, so the height difference between the two of us is basically the same. I kept making him go over to the stairs and smooch, checking to see if what I wrote was physically possible. The sacrifices we make for fan fic. *sigh* He was a good sport through it all! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I will continue to try to bring hot kisses to the fandom, no matter how much research is needed.
  13. Guys, I'm humbled to be nominated along with a bunch of outstanding authors. Thank you to everyone who set this up, and to all the talented writers! Keep up the good work!
  14. You have a pet cemetery? Luxury! Have you ever tried to flush a Golden Retriever down the toilet?
  15. Those are cute babies!I hope they are no longer on a vegetarian diet .It is near impossible to raise a healthy cat on a vegetarian diet. Kittens need a kitten diet for the first year.
  16. I think the RA hasn't come into play as of episode two because from Sheldon's point of view, he doesn't want any mention of it. He doesn't want the relationship to end as he tries to make Amy jealous with his ham handed attempts of making her jealous. The less mentioned about the RA from his side the better. Amy on the other hand just wanted a simple time period when she could reflect on her relationship with Sheldon. Instead of getting it she was inundated by a confused, hurt Sheldon, who backed her into a corner and frustrated her into telling him they were truly broken up. I still don't feel that at that point she wanted to go to the extreme of presenting him with the RA termination notice. Again she needed time to settle down and think. Then Sheldon tries a different approach: jealousy. It sinks like a lead balloon as Amy sees right through it. She is still annoyed but again maybe not to the point of making it "official". The possible tipping point is the FWF fiasco. Not only does he insult her cake making abilities, he compares her genitials to a portion of Czechoslovakia...on a vlog. Not only this, but sends her a link to it saying "This will make you mad". Boy does it. When was the last time you felt the need to personally go to someones door and yell at them? Yeah that bad. She is royally pissed off! We may see the RA pop up in episode 3 unless Sheldon can cool it. He is trying but failing miserably. This is why I can see him "using" a woman to get Amy mad. He will have no romantic interest in this woman, she is there as a prop like Penny's bra. I don't see Amy actively seeking a date at this point. She is still going through a lot with this business. However if TPTB decide she is going to go on a date, which I hope doesn't happen, it doesn't mean that the Shamy is no longer a unique couple. All the quirkiness and one of a kind interactions are swept away with one date? Hogwash. A unicorn plowing a field is still a unicorn.
  17. Someone cares enough to try to get you? Luxury! My mom used to tie a pork chop around my neck to get the dog to play with me.
  18. You can get mad? Luxury! The only two feelings I have are pride for my country and paranoia... wait what was that? Oh, it was just the wind. Or was it? Yay America!
  19. If you do choose to watch the cold open of episode two, I suggest a Long Island iced tea.
  20. Fire! Luxury! I have to rub my hands over radioactive waste to keep warm.
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