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  1. Ship Zone

    Yae here.
  2. Actor

    That looks like Mayim in the center of the pic. Did she officiate or was she Jim's "best Man"?
  3. Actor

    Is "By The Book" the new name for his series that was "A Year Of Living Biblicly"?
  4. Finally read the last days postings and I want to wade in. I've been to several swimming pools that have strictly "Adult Only'" and "Under 14 Only " hours during the day. Also, it sounds like Sheldon just stood in the pool and was finally coaxed into putting his face in the water. As I recall the original Ramona episode, she was romantically attracted to Sheldon and thought Penny was too--but she felt it was better for Science to concentrate on his scientific work. She had him doing alot of things he'd always been against while she held sway there, and Sheldon told Penny that they had somehow entered into a relationship.
  5. I'm not worried--Sheldon DOES NOT like red-heads.
  6. I think Amy is doing more "mothering Sheldon" now, because Mary always tells her she has to be firm with him and he feels he's not able to tell what is socially acceptable to others on his own. I'm sure Amy & Sheldon have discussed this and have decided to try this plan of action.
  7. Actor

    Sorry, still haven't actually SEEN Karl at an equestrian event. She said he'd come in 4th so I thought for sure we'd get to see him in action. I guess he isn't in the topmost level yet.
  8. Ship Zone

    It really bothers me when they use a picture of Jim Parsons in a silver tux with a gold bowtie for the "Big Bang Theory" next notice on NBC--- Sheldon (of "Big Bang Theory" cast) wouldn't be caught dead in that get-up as much as he likes to wear costumes!
  9. Actor

    According to COMCAST/Xfinity, NBC will be showing the Omaha Equestrian World Finals today from 1pm (EDT) thru 2:30pm (EDT)--this is where Karl was competing last week.
  10. I just wish they weren't planning to show this right after TBBT--that confuses things. I think it would be better to show it on another night and act like its a seperate show.
  11. Now its the Ides of March,2017 and most of the North East is covered by several inches of snow. Its also very cold over at least 1/2 of the USA--even down here in Fort Lauderdale, it will be in the 40's tonight.
  12. From the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel citing Tribune News services "Young Sheldon" stars Iain Armitage, who's appeared on Steve Harvey's "Big Shots" and in the Nicole Kidman-Reese Witherspoon mini-series "Big Little Lies" . Lance Barber will play Sheldon's father, Zoe Perry plays Sheldon's mom, and Reagan Revord and Montana Jordan will play his siblings. Parsons, as the adult Sheldon, will serve as narrator. -Associated Press
  13. Actor

    Karl Cook is in an equestrian show on NBCSN right now--3-4pm EST today.
  14. I saw Lisa Kudrow on TV yesterday talking up her new movie "Table 19" starting 3/3/17. They showed a clip, and both "Memaw" and "Dave" were at her table,too.
  15. Non-Show Discussion

    Sorry you had such s rough day. It sounds like the whole family did. I usually find that a night of sleep makes everyone feel better and everyone wants to be friends again in the morning. Sleep tight!