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  1. I do not see why noone else can have children now. In real life, friends of the same approximate age tend to marry around the same time and then go on to have children at around the same time,too. Considering the ages of our crew, it would be reasonable for them NOT to put off having a child or more children as soon as possible.
  2. We've been waiting a very long time for the "bright and beautiful babies". I would hate for Sheldon to be right--that they are "Imaginary".
  3. I've always wanted to see an event where all the Drs and Howard, had to dress-up in full academic gowns and accolades . That would totally wipe Penny out!
  4. There was the woman who was 2 minutes late on his "Win a Date With..." challenge.
  5. I watched "Young Sheldon" right after the wedding, and at the end when adult Sheldon comments, he said he made relationship contracts with and for all his friends, family, roommates, then his wife AND EVEN WTH HIS CHILDREN.
  6. I'd love one! I could put it in my shrine with the bobble heads of Sheldon as Spock and one of Amy in her green cardigan ; and with all Mayim's books and Jim's movies and theater stuff I could get. There is a 4' x 6' poster of the whole gang hanging over my computer. The kids can pitch it if they want, but I'll enjoy it while I'm here!
  7. I would really like to encourage you all to try "Young Sheldon" before you knock it. I really enjoy it-especially how his high school teachers have become alcholics! Its good on its own-even if you have never seen TBBT. The whole family is well casted. As to Penny's maiden name--my real name is Penny and my maiden name is Eller-which is mid-western and Germanic, and they are free to use it.
  8. Amy has been shown to wear contact lenses in the past--apparently just preferes to wear the glasses for everyday use. Leonard, however, has been shown to have no luck wearing contacts at all. Is that the same tiara Sheldon got her years ago? It doesen't quite look like the one she wore as a bride's maid at Bernadette's wedding.
  9. She looks like "Scarlett O'Hara gettin married".
  10. The dress looks very 19th Century and Amy would LOVE it. It certainly isn't au currant.
  11. I think "Georgie" looks more like he should be "Darlene's" and "David's" kid.
  12. I think it was mostly a casting problem--I just couldn't warm up tp ANY of the characters.
  13. Cinqo de Mayo is big all over the US--we think its Mexican Independence Day- but I' ve been told its just the date of a battle and bars and breweries wanted an early May holiday to make a big deal of.
  14. Jim has always gone out of his way to tell interviewers that the girl who played "Penny" in the failed promo WAS NOT A "MEAN" PERSON- she was acting the kind of "street-smart" girl that the writing team thought she should be. He says he's thrilled to work with Kaley now, but doesn't want anyone to think the first girl was "no good".
  15. I would imagine that the livingroom in 4A set will go to the museum they have of their favorite shows at the studio--people will want to sit in Sheldon's seat for quite a few years to come.
  16. Jim's Mom moved about the time of the Houstin Flooding, maybe it was her new place.
  17. Happy Monday, Dec. 25 to you all however you chose to celebrate!
  18. If Amy wants a wedding in June, it will have to be one of the first episodes shown NEXT SEASON, as this one ends in May, and they usually end in May, then look back over the summer in the following season.
  19. I don't know anything about the geography of the LA area, but I know the cast all live in that area, so have been very worried about them through the fire seasons the last couple of years. Sadly, my prayers were not enough and Johnny, Kiley, and now Mayim have all been touched by fire. But. I'll keep on praying for them, and everyone else in the fire's way. I live in Florida where we have hurricanes, and FEMA rushes in--but you don't hear about FEMA doing much for the fire victims. I would have thought such a program woulld cover all sorts of natural disasters.
  20. I'm so very happy for Melissa and her husband--and of course, her new daughter!
  21. Tonight, Fri. 12/1/2017, is a BIG Jim movie night on HBO2. "The Normal Heart" is on at 8 pm and the "Hidden Figures " at 10 pm.
  22. Does anyone know if Kunal will be in the TROLLS Christmas special on this Friday evening? The ad says the cast of "Trolls" will all be there.
  23. I loved that Young Sheldon was watching "Professor Proton" on the first episode of thay show.
  24. They have always made a big deal out of the date they met at the coffee shop, so they might favor that date as it completes the circleof their relationship.
  25. I don't know why they would hide Rikki as she was in the last episode. I think maybe its someone new--like Amy's mother.
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