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  1. It's been ages since I've posted here but OMG I just found out the Shamy news and holy crap, I'm shaking a bit. Oh my gaaawd!
  2. That D&D game... He was totally into it. I mean, they both were, but if it had really been for the "rules" of the game to play it through, if he didn't wanna do it, he would finish the game as soon as possible. But apparently they were in his room for quite a while
  3. I think for adults that have night terrors, it's more difficult to find a solution to night terrors. However, what can be done is understanding when the person has a night terror (in the first half hour, there may be a pattern) and wake them up before the night terror occurs. Apparently that's meant to help, so I can imagine Sheldon doing that. But I think that's for cases where the person remembers what their night terrors are about. For adults, they don't often remember or even know that it happened.
  4. I think we'll get the whole "accidentally sees Amy dressing" when she moves in with him, or he moves in with her. I can imagine Amy being all smug about it, catching him looking at her.
  5. Well, let's not forget that in The Fish Guts Displacement, Sheldon gave Amy a bath, so that was certainly intimate in a non-sexual way.
  6. i stil haven't seen the episode as ive been away but oh my god, that gif is adorable ahaha
  7. My boss, who I got to watch TBBT, he's now finished season 7 and all the episodes of season 8 so far. His favourite scene was the Shamy ILY
  8. can i just say, i am so glad i have this forum (this topic in particular) to go to. in my other fandoms right now, crap is going down like real badly, and this topic is really the light in all the darkness right now. so thanks to shamy, and thanks to all you guys. this is a wonderful great escape.
  9. she doesn't need to dress as a koala to make him look at her like that though he has his 'koala face' but he also has his 'amy face'
  10. going down under, are we? i like how you think
  11. not usually, but we were all acting a bit like detectives
  12. yeah that's what i think... we'll find out tomorrow!
  13. we're all too busy focusing on where the hell his arm is, we haven't had time to think dirty
  14. lol ive literally no idea anymore but im gonna take a guess and stick with his hand is on her sleeve let's place our bets now! tomorrow we'll find out
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