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  1. That D&D game... He was totally into it. I mean, they both were, but if it had really been for the "rules" of the game to play it through, if he didn't wanna do it, he would finish the game as soon as possible.

    But apparently they were in his room for quite a while ;)

  2. I think for adults that have night terrors, it's more difficult to find a solution to night terrors.

    However, what can be done is understanding when the person has a night terror (in the first half hour, there may be a pattern) and wake them up before the night terror occurs. Apparently that's meant to help, so I can imagine Sheldon doing that.

    But I think that's for cases where the person remembers what their night terrors are about. For adults, they don't often remember or even know that it happened.

  3. can i just say, i am so glad i have this forum (this topic in particular) to go to. in my other fandoms right now, crap is going down like real badly, and this topic is really the light in all the darkness right now.

    so thanks to shamy, and thanks to all you guys. this is a wonderful great escape.

  4. Better yet, who else sees the boomerang as a total phallic symbol?  

    I KNEW he went left!!!  


    :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful::biggrin:  :shok::spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful:  


    we're all too busy focusing on where the hell his arm is, we haven't had time to think dirty :laugh:

  5. no hand holding, no, but does he put his arm up on her sleeve to protest or get her attention in some way?



    I did a REALLY crude paint outline from an enlarged screen grab:  





    Now, if you'll excuse me - I am going to commit myself into an asylum now....


    LOL I WAS GONNA DO THAT TOO (the paint thing, not the asylum thing)

    No hand holding but he definitely called her "my dear"


    that was when they were on the 'beach' though right? ah at least we have that

  6. I think you're just seeing where her sleeve is bunched up above the hoof part.  But I'd be happy to be mistaken on this one.



    maybe it's the lighting making the bunched up sleeve look flesh toned. although that part also appears to have fingernails.

    oh no, now i am just as confused!

  7. The closer I look, the more I think you can see his arm through the flag, and he's using his knuckles to keep the bottom of the flag held out.


    nope, it's definitely his hand on her sleeve. unless amy's left hand bends back in a really weird contorted way lol.

  8. okay I zoomed like %500 but still couldn't see where exactly Sheldon's right hand. Am I crazy? Yes I am.


    his hand is on her sleeve. you see her fingers gripping the edge of the flag, and a little higher is sheldon's hand on her sleeve/wrist.

  9. I loved everything about tonight's taping report - except one thing (yes I hate to be a downer...)
    I really didn't like the "let's find Amy a gift to make her feel small and worthless."


    I really, really didn't like that line. He loves her, but wants to make her feel worthless? I don't know, I kinda hope they cut that bit out, but I'm pretty sure they won't.

    I guess I'll have to see how it plays out.

  10. Yep, I just semi-spoiled myself xD it might be little things but they all feel like milestones to me~! xD

    I think this episode will not only be a Shamy episode in particular, but an Amy season. I hope we finally get to know her background!


    Me too. I want Mother Fowler visiting. And I wanna know what happened to Father Fowler too.

    And I sound greedy, don't I? Lol. "Trust me, you're happy" the writers are telling me, but "I'm always hoping for more" I say.

  11. Oh good Lord... I opened this up before the taping report... I don't even know if I should read it or not. Based on your comments it feels too good to be true and I wanna be unspoiled for this particular episode because of it!


    No you should read it, just skip to the Shamy parts so you're only half-spoiled ;)

    There's no milestone or anything, but it is a lovely Shamy episode.

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