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  1. What even is this season?!


    In The Locomotive Interruption, we got: A Shamy reconciliation, a confirmation that Sheldon doesn't want Amy to see him fail, a confirmation that Amy thinks it's okay that Sheldon's not perfect. Healthy communication! A step to being on equal ground!!

    In The First Pitch Insufficiency, we got: Sheldon and Amy bragging about their relationship, just like the olden days, except now Sheldon is so proud to call Amy his girlfriend. We got another confirmation at how healthy and amazing their relationship is - we even can put a number on it! EIGHT POINT TWO.

    In The Focus Attenuation, we got: Sheldon openly admitting to the boys that he is distracted by Amy! And for something as little as a very casual text! Sexting? Come on!

    In The Prom Equivalency, we got: Shamy reaching equal ground! Amy taking the pressure of sex off Sheldon! Sheldon panicking about how pretty Amy looked! Telling her she is pretty! Equal ground! Equal ground! Equal ground! An "I love you" given first by none other than Sheldon, just like we wanted! Us also knowing that Amy was gonna say it too! Prom picture!
    In The Champagne Reflection, we're getting: Fun With Friends! Sheldon and Amy doing fun stuff together, just like we wanted! Sheldon and Amy being dorks together. Equal ground!
    In The Clean Room Infiltration, we're getting: An "I love you" from Amy! Another confirmation of how deep Sheldon's feelings for Amy run! Bernie knowing this! Sheldon basically with love hearts in his eyes thinking about Amy, knowing Amy. Kissing underneath the Mistletoe, albeit off-screen? Sheldon and Amy exchanging gifts?! Amy calls up Meemaw, and that basically confirms for us that Meemaw does like Amy?





  2. Be still my fan-fic loving heart! Is this episode for real, I think I am still dreaming. Everything about Shamy is absolutely perfect here. Could I even pick a favorite part? The off-camera kiss, Sheldon moon eyed over Amy, Sheldon on Santa's lap, Amy calling Memaw? Aack! It is all to adorable!


    "I don't hate you. I love you."

    "You really love her, don't you?" "I do."


  3. And this is why we cracked open a bottle of champagne when we got back to the hotel :p


    it may not be the kiss you wanted but i am still so glad that it's a shamy episode you saw, and a pretty good one too :)

  4. i laughed at the recording, he was trying so hard to ruin her christmas

    but you know what? i think subconsciously he wanted to better her christmas ;) and that's why he couldn't get her a bad gift

  5. I think we're overdue for Amy just grabbing Sheldon, ramming him against the wall and planting one on him. And I mean planting one on him that leaves him speechless and kinda useless for a few minutes. That's the kiss I want to see



  6. May I just add that I think it is adorable that you Google couple's cuddling.


    only as a reference ;)

    I would basically be happy with any hug or cuddle that didn't look like he was trying to touch her the minimum amount possible. Lol.


    yeah that's essentially what i want. couldn't use my words for some reason haha.

  7. They will have to do that sitting down then.....sheldons spot will be a good place!


    i dont want it to be like the Isolation cuddle though. even if i did like it.

    i want it to be like this or this or this

    and i think it'd be totally cute if shamy did this too


    ya know what, just google 'couples hugging' and i want them to do all that haha

  8. i know i.q. doesn't equal intelligence - it isn't an accurate measurement of how smart someone is because it's a very limited test, really. measures the basics of intelligence, logic ect.

    but there are more than one type of smart. so that's what i meant. still, i would like to see amy have the 2nd highest i.q.

  9. i dont think i want amy to be the smartest, but i want her to be the second smartest, so it's right if sheldon were to say "we're the smartest in the group" or something like that, because it would be completely accurate

    the reason i dont want amy to be the smartest is like phantagrae said - amy didn't skip grades, and her being smarter than him wont prove anything. sheldon loves her regardless of how high her i.q. is (although that plays its part of course.)

    but it does make sense for her i.q. to be close to sheldon's, cos even sheldon thinks she's intelligent and that's saying something

  10. I agree with the others that Amy's IQ has never been mentioned on the show, but based on other observations and pure guesswork, I would imagine that her IQ is between Sheldon's and Leonard's, making hers the second highest on the show.


    Yeah like looking at what's canon, I'd definitely agree. I mean, she severed the webbing between her own toes when she was younger! That's pretty genius of her.

    Someone has to ask the writers this as a con or something, what's the order of intelligence of the characters

  11. this is the standard gift ( i hope!!!! :kissing:  )


    I mean something that he would actually buy her since he is not into the gift buying hoopla.


    maybe not buy her something, but give... a key to his apartment...

    i mean, he has a key to her apartment, right? she should have a key to his

  12. I always thought it would be cool if Sheldon's brother was a super hot type (like maybe a Matt Bomer looking guy) that comes to visit and is a male model. And of course the girls would love it and naturally Sheldon would disapprove of him making a living that way.


    I want George Jr. to be really hot and buff, and Amy meets him and just side whispers to Sheldon,

    "You're way sexier"

  13. I kind of have this secret wish - though I don't think it'd ever in a million years happen anywhere outside of fanfic -  that Penny and Amy would get pregnant at the same time.  It'd kind of mesh in with how Amy used to make a big deal about them being in sync, and I feel like that even if Lenny/Shamy weren't formally living together at the time, they would end up spending the majority of their time together with the various commiseration pairings between the girls/guys/couples.  


    I was thinking about Sheldon being a father today and I got all teary-eyed because I was picturing Mary beside him, smiling at how grown up her boy had become :')

  14. Definitely agreed.  That comment Sheldon makes did bother me little bit for half a second, but then I realized it was put in there for a joke, and when you combine it with Amy's comment about him moving out/on (do we know for sure what she says there?  I've seen conflicting takes on it, and I haven't rewatched it yet) I think the writers are foreshadowing that he won't be living with/depending on Leonard forever.  Obviously with him being in love with Amy and accepting/recognizing that, he will eventually be living with her.  Even with all of his acceptance of change this season, he still likes to take things slow.  So an ILY confession doesn't mean automatic move-in together, etc.  Sheldon will get there.  He's growing up before our eyes.  I think once he gets more comfortable with the idea of intimacy, he'll get comfortable with the idea of letting Leonard go and moving forward toward his future with Amy.


    Definitely!! This is what they do, even if they don't know the actual outcome yet, they build up the outcome by exploring different story-lines.

    The fact that this is here, with Sheldon being overly worried about Leonard, and the living arrangements being mentioned in the same episode (somewhat), it's definitely foreshadowing.

  15. There was one other solo car scene with them before, in Vacation Solution when Amy gave him permission to spend the day gaming instead of going with her to her aunt's bday party.  This one was much, much better.


    Every scene Shamy was in together in this episode, I was thinking "they're playing that game knowing they love each other", "they're driving in the car knowing they love each other", etc.


    I keep thinking that too, hahaha. I was paying close attention to the way they looked at each other, thinking in my head, "That's a look of love, right? It must be because they love each other!!"

    I love it when Shamy spend time together, and they must do it all the time, if they scored an 8.2 - not a score a couple would get that don't spend A LOT of time together.

    Before, Sheldon was "I'll just subtract the time from our quota" or something along the lines, and now he doesn't care. Now he'll see her any day, and any time of the week.

    I believe the car scene was in the morning if Amy was driving him to work. So cute.


    Also I love it when Sheldon was like "You're acting odd..." like he knows Amy so well, he knows when she is hiding something from him. He knows how she acts when she's acting odd!

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