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  1. I'm pretty sure they keep all these things Amy may even have the emergency contact framed, or filed away neatly for safe-keeping. As for the bobble head and teddy bear? Probably in Sheldon's room, on a cabinet or something. Although my new little headcanon is, when he misses Amy from now on, he'll hug that teddy bear. Yeah I know it's fan ficcy, but whatever.
  2. Agreed 100%. The writers don't truly know that far ahead. They write what works for the story and for the laughs. In fact, I think when they do write either Leonard or Sheldon moving out, it'll come as much as a surprise to them as it does to us. If they write an episode one day and go "Actually, you know what, if Sheldon moved in with Amy, this story we're writing, it'd all fit, if we rewrote this part, and-" Do you know what I mean? Like the writers that wrote The X Files. Mulder and Scully weren't meant to be together, but they ended that way because that's how the story spoke to the writers. And I was observing Shamy, how they were acting. At some points, I was like, "Ok why the eye-roll, Amy? The guy loves you" but I get it, it won't particularly change their dynamic, but it is altered in a way that makes them more, shall we say, healthier? They've opened up to each other, and now can move on forwards.
  3. Let's hope so... I think that'd be super sweet if Sheldon moved in with Amy, rather than the other way around. I mean, I don't think it'll happen that way, cos of the way the sets are, but it'd be nice.
  4. I missed a lot of that episode 'cause my stream wasn't working, and then it started up again when Shamy were in the car, but only near the end of that scene. My favourite bit of that episode was the back-and-forth bantering between Sheldon and Amy about the man in the supermarket. I don't know why, but it felt so natural, like they had been married for years, talking about something as trivial as a man in the supermarket.
  5. But maybe he lacked panic in the "moving out" comment because his panic was focused on Leonard. That's how Sheldon gets distracted, if you give him something to panic about. Like when Leonard made Sheldon sit down in his spot by telling the story of how one of their take out places went out of business years ago, and he bought hundreds of take out containers so Sheldon wouldn't know.
  6. As a show with main sets, it wouldn't make sense for Sheldon to move in with Amy, because then Penny would move into 4A, and then what becomes of 4B? Unless Shamy move into 4B, but that's too much to even consider. What I think will happen is this: Leonard moves in with Penny, and eventually Amy moves in with Sheldon. It was Sheldon's apartment to begin with. But if the show really wanted to surprise us, Sheldon's wedding gift to Lenny could be him moving out, to give Lenny their own space. However, that is a very, very, very, very long shot.
  7. I noticed that. There seems to be a lot more references to Sheldon being the one to move out, and not Leonard...
  8. "it was like a grapefruit" i love how shamy have these stories of them doing things together, even if we dont see it
  9. I forgot there was an episode tonight, I'm still so overwhelmed from the ILY. Haha.
  10. Eventually one of them says "You know, we don't need the Mistletoe to keep on kissing..." And that's when they have their first proper make-out session
  11. Or the Mistletoe is hung up somewhere, and Amy becomes all sneaky, "accidentally" pushing Sheldon towards it LOL And he's like "Aaaamy... don't think I don't know what you're doing." But suddenly he's beneath the Mistletoe and Amy says "It's the tradition, Sheldon." So he rolls his eyes and kisses her, a little too long, and this keeps happening throughout the night.
  12. Hehehehe :') Yes I want this I can imagine Raj being like "Okaaa~aay~! Don't hog the Mistletoe!"
  13. yeeeeeeEEEESSS! I want Sheldon to be rambling on, Amy sighs, and then... she just grabs him, puts her arms around his neck, and lays one on him. For half a second, Sheldon doesn't respond, but then he places his hands on her waist, where they belong, and makes out with her right back. Question: Is the gang with them, onlooking? Or are Sheldon and Amy by themselves?
  14. Yes! Like when he's a little annoyed with her. I like it when he says her name - I prefer it over vixen, actually.
  15. I know, it is a bit fan ficcy. Maybe he just gives her a soft smile instead.
  16. I think if they did a Mistletoe kiss, Amy would take Sheldon by the hand and lead him to it, and he'd look up and be like, "Vixen" and then kiss her. 'Cause, you know, they do that now. One can dream.
  17. When would this episode they're rehearsing now be shown on television?
  18. If he had allowed Amy in his room, I think he would've been able to control himself, for sure. But it's the connotations -> someone you love in your bedroom -> possible physical intimacy of some kind. That would be on Sheldon's mind, and it's possible having her in his room would've made him panic again. I think it's mainly to do with that, telling Amy that no girls were allowed in his room meant that he could find a way to gain back some control of the situation, so he re-instills these rules (that he doesn't always use) to acquire his sense of normalcy, and thus regain his control. But like I said, I don't think he would've "lost control" with her being in there. But sex is where his mind is at, so the connotations would have been ever present, and he probably would've felt uncomfortable, given the situation/increased intimacy by admitting his love for her.
  19. agreed. i thought the first pitch insufficiency was the funniest with howard's throwing lol.
  20. Just found it!! I love it when actors have great chemistry. It really transfers to the screen
  21. Thanks Michy Majim are so cute! I adore their chemistry. Really makes Shamy just seem that much more real.
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