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  1. I've done so much fangirling about Shamy and TBBT on Social Media sites that my boss, who has befriended me on Twitter and FB, has seen all this, and on his holiday, a week off, he watched seasons 1-6 because of my fangirling LOL.

    And he proudly told me "I've watched season 1-6, I'm just waiting for season 7 to arrive, and then I'll watch that and then catch up on the new episodes."
    I was like,

    "That. Is. AWESOME."

  2. Oh and I found it! This couple in this gif totally look like Shamy to me!

    Can you imagine them cuddling like this

    Don't they look like Shamy???






    Still can't get over how much they remind me of Shamy.

    Pretty sure (at least I'm hoping) that this'll be Shamy's next step in their relationship. Platonic bed-sharing + romantic cuddles.

    I need more Shamy cuddles. So cute.

  3. I'd like another episode like The Scavenger Vortex, or The Love Car Displacement, where the whole gang are doing something together.

    Maybe they all go paint-balling, and Amy is on Sheldon's team? Or Amy is on Penny's team, but she commits mutiny to be with her boyfriend ;)
    Or vice versa. I love it when they team up.

  4. I think we had all the bad we can cope with from the horrible final

    This is the season of shamy goodness!


    Oh and I'm hoping for just that!

    But more Shamy goodness? Sooner or later, I'm gonna internally combust from all this goodness!!


  5. I can't believe how good we've had it with Shamy recently. I keep thinking something bad is gonna happen.

    It's like, everything that's happened with Shamy so far in this season, is everything I've wanted, but I'm greedy, so my wishlist is never-ending, lol.

    I'd like to see Amy properly make Sheldon laugh, maybe by tickling him or some other way. Like, a proper laugh too.

  6. I find the reason why Shelden decided to end FwF very sweet. Sheldon said that he was juggling with his career ,FwF and Amy, and chose to end this "popular internet show".Which implys that now he spends more time with Amy (doing thigs other than filming FwF) than before, and both his career and Amy are the priority of his life now.


    I didn't even pick up on that!! Awww :wub:

    I'm really looking forward to this episode. It's exactly the sort of thing I love to see :D

  7. In chat this morning

    Someone said that Sheldon called Amy "dear"

    This is too cute


    I'd like to know the whole sentence he said :) I imagine "dear" was at the end of the sentence.

    And they didn't mishear? I hope Sheldon didn't just say "oh dear (Lord)" like he usually says.

  8. i honestly don't require anything shamy for a while. the ILY was such a heavy topic, we need to move away from shamy just for a bit i think, to readjust ourselves.

    i definitely think we'll have sheldon and amy interact in this episode, but i don't think there'll be anything overly shamy.

    like i love shamy, obviously, but what i love about them is that it isn't always about them, they aren't always heavy on the romance between these two... we have to wait, and honestly, sometimes i kinda like the wait.

    we wait for our shamy fills, and i'm totally filled up with the ILY. but eventually i'll want more. but for now, no.

    in the future, i wanna see shamy cuddles. but i can wait.

  9. When Shamy do have sex, I'm really looking forward to seeing the gang's reaction.
    I mean, we haven't gotten to see their reactions that much before (except with Sheldon told Leonard he kissed Amy on the lips) but I actually want to see their reactions of Shamy coitus.

    I wonder how they'll tell them, how they'll even find out.

    Ah, all the possibilities, it's exciting.

  10. dont know if this has been posted before




    from saruluvsshamy


    does anyone know what interview that's from? it says et but ive not seen this before.

    mayim seems to have amy's prom hair

  11. Yeah, totally agreed. I want them to hug each other casually, kiss, touch.. Without these, sex writers plan for the future seems like: they don't touch each other at all, then ILY, then no touching, casual kissing and hugging and then BAM coitus. Not gentle, not romantic... I'll never calm down with this topic hahaha


    Exactly. Like with anything, there needs to be a build up to it. So, this season I can bet we'll see maybe 2-3 more kisses. Some casual hugging, a SIH I'm really hoping for.

    My wishlist: SIH & AIK.

  12. I can't wait to see what the ILY brings. I really, really want casual cuddling. Like Sheldon hugging Amy just 'cause he feels like it. No more of that "I have an urge to hug you. One, two, okay we're good."
    If he feels like doing something, I want him to just do it (whilst being within limits of what's in character for now, of course.)

    Casual hugging/cuddling/kisses. I want 'em all.

    Sex can wait. To be honest, I want them to postpone sex for as long as possible. Kinda hoping end of season 9 at the earliest.

    There's a ton more stuff they can do, as already mentioned. Also, they still need to meet each other's entire families, and I think actually that could happen this season.

    I have a scenario in my head that it's Missy's son's first birthday, and all of Sheldon's family are going. He's invited too, so he brings Amy, and that's where we meet George Jr. and Meemaw, finally.

  13. He said it 3 times in like 3 minutes,I'm pretty sure he'll say it again...

    I really want him to casually say in front of the others "...she's my girlfriend and I love her" 


    yeah! like maybe one day they share a room and one of the gang questions it like


    "whoa, you're saying you'll actually sleep in the same bed together?"

    "i don't see why that's surprising. that's usually what people in love do."

  14. Or they might do it for a laugh the other way, like Sheldon does something he thinks is brilliant and says "that's why you love me".






    Oh and I found it! This couple in this gif totally look like Shamy to me!

    Can you imagine them cuddling like this

    Don't they look like Shamy???





  15. Totally could be a Han Solo-Princess Leia moment:


    Amy:  I love you


    Sheldon:  I know




    (okay, I know this picture doesn't go with the quote, but I love this scene also)


    i want shamy to do that

    i also want shamy to do this




    i like looking at pictures of couples doing cute things and in my head, replacing them with shamy

    there was a gif once that actually looked like shamy cuddling, i'll try to find it

  16. I'm actually okay with the fact that Amy didn't say it in the episode because it was very clear that she was about to, so despite the fact that the words weren't spoken aloud, we all know what she meant to say.  I think it was much more important for Sheldon to speak the words, and for him to speak them first, and I think it was done perfectly.  In my opinion, we already got the mutual "I love you" despite the fact that Amy's words were cut off before she could speak them.  Still, having said that, I wouldn't mind an episode where she casually tells him she loves him, showing that they both already know how the other one feels and they're comfortable saying it when they feel like it now.


    I can imagine Amy casually saying I love you, maybe even for audience laughter, and that'd be okay because we already knows she loves him

    When I say audience laughter, I imagine something like this:

    Sheldon: *Says something brilliant which Amy finds a turn on, I don't know* What do you think, Amy?

    Amy: I love you. (Or 'That's why I love you')

    Sheldon: So, good, right?


    But I agree with tmp, I don't think it's something that'll be said often like most couples. They know they love each other.

    But I can imagine Sheldon telling Mary "Amy and I are in love" or maybe - MAYBE - even bragging about it to his friends like Kripke or Will Wheaton. But very casually.

    If one of them will say it more, I imagine it'll be Amy? Like I said, I can imagine her saying something like "That's why I love you!" or even Sheldon saying that to Amy, but in general, we won't hear it often.

    Only for important parts. Otherwise it'd be repetitive. (I mean, we'd love it, but for the sake of dialogue, it'd be repetitive.)

  17. I do like a few things she said, especially in regards to the vulnerability.

    I had wished she discussed the process she and Jim went through to make that episode as perfect as possible. Like she did with The Locomotive Manipulation.

    But her article was pretty much what I expected.

    Mayim just loves the super slow pace of Shamy, and that's okay.

    In all honesty, I didn't expect an ILY either. And in all honesty, I would've preferred it if the ILY happened Valentine's Day 2015.

    But like Mayim, I have put my trust in the writers, and I'm looking forward to see what they bring next.

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