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  1. Mayim's great and all, but I kinda expect this stuff from her. And Mayim's usually wrong about Shamy stuff anyway. I know that sounds mean, but before the SIK, she didn't think Sheldon would do that. A little while ago, Mayim said she couldn't picture Sheldon saying ILY. She was proved wrong on both occasions. Again, I mean this with the highest respect, but I'm looking forward to more Shamy things she says, so I can say "Ah, so the opposite may be the truth!" I mean, imagine Mayim saying, "I don't think Sheldon would ever propose." I'd expect a marriage proposal after that, LOL.
  2. I didn't like her comment about the fancy hair though... but that may have been a bad joke. Sheldon isn't shallow. He's not gonna say an ILY just cos Amy looks pretty. IMO, Sheldon said it because Amy took the pressure of sex off him, and also because you know, he actually means it.
  3. I kinda liked that Mayim didn't expect an ILY this early on, or at all, because neither did we - and most importantly, neither did Amy! So Mayim played it genuinely because both herself and Amy weren't expecting an ILY. I wanna know what Jim thinks though. To me, it was obvious what Mayim thought.
  4. I agree completely! You put it into words. All my OTPs have had this, where they've bonded on an emotional level, rather than physical. Literally all my ships/OTPs, haha. And I've shipped a lot. But I'm asexual too, so I think sex is unnecessary, and in regards to intimacy, non-sexual intimacy and getting to know each other on an emotional level runs so much deeper than sex. Like, a stranger could have sex with another stranger - doesn't make it intimate. But to have what Sheldon and Amy have? No, that sort of closeness takes years for some. For Sheldon and Amy, they were already pretty close within season 4.
  5. i listened to that yesterday! i loved it definitely agree with the song choices
  6. well i'm glad but that's just a psa to all shamy fans here seeing posts like that kinda makes me feel embarrassed to call myself a shamy fan sometimes if i'm honest we should all try to be more mature than that, and that means being respectful of other people's ships - including shenny
  7. in all due respect, NOBODY should be tagging their hate. not the shennies or us shamies. i think that's important to note. nobody should call someone stupid because they have a different ship than you do. we should all be respectful and understand some people see things others do not, even if it is shenny. i don't think that shenny fan was the rude one if i'm honest. see it from their perspective: their ship was kinda sunk, and they will be sad about it. be respectful.
  8. speaking of erotic dreams, and the further exploration of sheldon's sexuality... what if this scenario happened: [sheldon is at amy's apartment] amy: i don't see why i'm not allowed in your room anymore. it's not like i'm gonna show up wearing nothing but my lab-coat. sheldon: *turned on* oh god, dont talk like that, i have a long bus ride home. amy: :O
  9. Oh my God, me too! Hell, I wanna see all of the Cooper clan's reactions. Maybe Sheldon can tell them when he takes Amy to visit his family in Texas? Which better happen.
  10. I want them to drag coitus out for at least another season. I love this dragging out business a bit too much.
  11. Like I've said before, Sheldon's a perfectionist with a need for closure and a love for repetition Our boy's gonna do just fine
  12. do you ever have those moments where you temporarily forget sheldon said ily and then you remember and you get butterflies again and this happens more than once and the butterflies are just as bad each time?
  13. This is my Shamy phone case design, haha ;D at least the images i used. can't wait to get it!
  14. i may have just made myself a phone case with amy's face after she said "you said it" and then sheldon's face right after that ehehehee @theshamyshipper YES TO ALL however their first time will happen, it'll just blow us all out the water. it'll be one of the biggest moments in all of TV history in my opinion. or better still: howard: and then you could do grabbing second base [cuts to sheldon grabbing amy's breast during a make out session] [cuts back to howard] howard: or you know, over the clothes groping- [cut to sheldon and amy hands everywhere, we dont see this - only their reactions] [cut back to howard] howard: whatever takes your fancy! sheldon: i'll think about it
  15. I've had this idea of Sheldon and Amy in his bedroom, doing (not quite coitus) but dayum, hands are everywhere, it's kinda hard to tell And Penny walks in on them, trying to find Amy (Leonard would know to knock, I think Penny would assume Sheldon's not doing anything - or anyone - and would forget to knock) And HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER She's like, "OH MY GOD, SORRY!" shuts the door, is completely stunned (Sheldon and Amy just resume what they were doing LOL) and Leonard's like, "What is it?" And Penny is just speechless at this point, a shocked expression on her face, so Leonard pries more, "What is it?!" Then after a while, Penny's just like, "I found Amy. She's - yeah, her and Sheldon, OH MY GOD." Then Leonard's like, "Whoa!!" Probably won't happen but ya never know How do you picture it happening? I may have asked you this already haha...
  16. Ah, right. But if she's not ready, how will she suddenly change her mind in the same episode? They discuss it more? I kinda hope they'd do a lot of discussion in regards to sex before they attempt it.
  17. Ohhhh right lol. Well let's hope it won't come to that. I hope it's not so sudden like the ILY. I hope it's more gradual like, piece by piece we discover Sheldon wants Amy sexually. I mean, we kinda have already, but piece by piece Amy begins to realise it too. I'd rather they discuss it before Sheldon just comes out with "I wanna have sex with you" haha. I'd hate for Amy to faint, seems a little dramatic. The situation would be dramatic enough I think! Hehe.
  18. i cant get over how much 'the only exception' by paramore is literally the most perfect shamy song i've been listening to it on repeat for what feels like days
  19. I don't think Sheldon will have sex with her right after she faints though. He's take care of her, but not sexually lol. That'd be weird hahaha. Like, "You okay now? Good, let's have sex." I think that's be out of character too. I'm sure he's be concerned about her well-being and not his libido
  20. Kinda unpopular: But I don't want Amy to suddenly be like "I'm not ready" and Sheldon is. It'd be awkward and frustrating for viewers, I think. Like, "Are you serious? They've done this storyline for 4 years already, but the other way around." I guess that'd be the twist? Even though it does make sense in regards to postponing it a little longer... But there are other ways to do that, too. Like them being interrupted by something or someone/s. Although I did once read on here how Amy has this idea of what romance is (from her books) and needs a bit of growing up to do, so she doesn't realise she's not ready until it happens. But you know what? I think that's changed since the Prom episode, because Amy "understands" where Sheldon's coming from. See how she was at the beginning. She had no desire for sex at the beginning (sure, her character was still finding her feet, as it were) so I'm sure she truly does understand it in more ways than one. I think it'd be funny if we saw them both sexually frustrated at the same time, and they'd start having this super strong sexual tension, and one of the gang just finally goes, "Oh, my God, have sex already!" And Sheldon and Amy are like, "Oh. That's what this is..." Then they discuss it. Once discussed, they plan it. Then comes the night they've planned to do it, but they're interrupted. This keeps happening. It works in favor of storyline because it postpones them having sex, but also we're all on edge with them too. Like, "For goodness sake! Stop the interruptions already!!" Because that's the thing about the show and Shamy: We've always been experiencing everything with them, which is why I think the interruptions scenario will happen over Amy not being ready scenario. Just my personal opinion. Like I mentioned before, I want them to have planned it, but ultimately, their plans go out the window as they spontaneously have sex. Sorry. Make love.
  21. I once read a fan fic where sheldon proposed to amy at disneyland
  22. I laughed at loud oh my god. The teddy bear!!
  23. I also desperately wanna see Shamy platonically sharing a bed. Only not completely platonically. I wanna see a little cuddling too
  24. I can imagine an episode where they discuss coitus together (birth control, ect) and/or we hear from someone else like Leonard that Shamy were discussing it. And I feel like when they are both ready, they'll still ask if each of them is ready. They'll plan it pretty well. But then, before they're about to, they'll be interrupted, and that might turn into a temporary running gag, until EVENTUALLY they spontaneously do it. It's not like they planned, but it's still perfect. That's just my dream for them anyway.
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