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  1. 'the only conclusion was LOVE" 



    THAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING I'VE EVER HEARD. the writers must be hopeless romantics themselves. such a powerful sentence ( coming from Sheldon) :maninlove:


    ( reminds me of the video 'only exception' of Shamy on you tube)


    YEEEEEEEES :wub:


    "And up until now I have sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness. Because none of it was ever worth the risk. Well you are the only exception."

  2. For those who were wondering, "The Prom Night Continuation" fanfic should be up within a few hours.  Trying to keep it as in character as possible with all the fangirling in my head. :)


    Looking forward to it!!! :D


  3. I have a feeling Sheldon and Amy were up all night too, even without the coitus.  So many feels. <3


    Please someone write a fan fic where they were up all night, couldn't go to sleep 'cause they were thinking about each other so much

    Oh please

    I'm back off to work

    I've loved to see it when I come back

    Heh heh

  4. my brother HATES character development. he says it's pointless for a comedy. he just wants the jokes, and he doesn't want any character to change.

    he's not even watching this new episode 'cause of that.

    my brother's a dumbass.

  5. you know what else i loved? when leonard said to sheldon "i know your hormones are raging"

    and sheldon doesn't even deny it

    in the past he would've pulled a face

    but here, he knows, he knows he has urges - he admitted to it

    aw he's so grown up :')

  6. i just watched it again and i started crying again when sheldon says "it must be love"

    actual tears

    he was so sincere and vulnerable and mature and i love his character development so much

    and i'm so glad amy got her perfect night



  7. whats so great about their relationship is it goes so slowly, your emotions have time to keep up with theirs

    you are in this relationship as much as they are

    so when sheldon tells amy he loves her, we feel it too, the panic attack, the shock, our hearts filling with love

    when sheldon kissed amy for the first time, it felt like we were there, the sensations of butterflies after a first kiss

    we're following them with their relationship and it's so rewarding to see them progress

    because we progress with them

    they say love is addictive, makes people overwhelmed and do things they'd never thought they'd do

    which is why, with us being in love with their love, we can't stop talking about them

    there's something so remarkable about sheldon and amy

    something no show's done before

    they're building a physical relationship out from an emotional one, rather than the other way around

    they're building a house from scratch, rather than just buying a ready made one and then decorating it.

    they're building it all from scratch, and slowly adding brick by brick, creating this beautiful thing

    emotional intimacy before physical intimacy is so underrated, but sheldon and amy prove just that, how amazing it is as a story telling device

    sheldon, a man who had no desire for physical intimacy of any kind, fell in love with amy, a loner who took a mop to her prom

    and the two found each other something they werent quite sure they were even looking for, at least not in the beginning

    they bring the most out of each other, like adding herbs to a dish

    they compliment each other in the highest fashion, connect and bond through something so deep, it's not always obvious

    but it's there, like subatomic particles

    and every now and then, we get a glimpse of it

    "I love you too"

    "will you be my girlfriend"

    "i'm quite fond of amy"

    someone who was so adverse to change... has allowed change into his life in the biggest way possible

    they'll never be just a pairing to me

    they've always been so much more

    and i love them so much i wanna cry

  8. if i'm quiet it's cos my mind is just


    it's goo right now


    i'm smiling so hard






    SHELDON SAID "I love you too"






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