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  1. She is just AWESOME. Seriously. I'm in a very dark place right now as my husband told me he wants divorce. Things are bad because I REALLY don't want to and obviously he's leaving me no choice. I still hurt a lot, cry a lot. I'm angry at him. I'm upset. I'm sad. I'm terrified about my future as I live and work in a very expensive area, there is no way I can afford a decent house rental alone. I'll have to move. Our daughter will have to attend a new school. Thank you Mayim for opening my eyes on my anger. I know deep down that I need to calm down and think about my daughter. But I'm so sad and angry right now
  2. Ok Shamies, who's ready for the new season ? Can't wait for fresh news!
  3. First taping is next week right? Can't wait!
  4. I'm an office manager and executive to the Leadership team of a French segment for Mars Inc.
  5. Can't wait to get the first spoilers !!!
  6. Hey everybody I'm back on Shamyland
  7. Any news from Darcyfitz ? I'm really getting worried here Hope you're fine and getting better.
  8. Do we have a report? That IG pic of Jim is just so cute
  9. Could Zack have to do something with the wedding cancelation they had a couple seasons ago ? What if it was not registered or something?
  10. Same here The X-Files is my cult series
  11. Counterfactuals would be awesome
  12. I just hope the proposal will not be treated as a gag I hope will have a proposal as powerful/beautiful as their reconciliation and/or first time Cute, genuine, tender and passionate (yeah they can manage all of that )
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