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  1. She is just AWESOME. Seriously. I'm in a very dark place right now as my husband told me he wants divorce. Things are bad because I REALLY don't want to and obviously he's leaving me no choice. I still hurt a lot, cry a lot. I'm angry at him. I'm upset. I'm sad. I'm terrified about my future as I live and work in a very expensive area, there is no way I can afford a decent house rental alone. I'll have to move. Our daughter will have to attend a new school. Thank you Mayim for opening my eyes on my anger. I know deep down that I need to calm down and think about my daughter. But I'm so sad and angry right now
  2. Ok Shamies, who's ready for the new season ? Can't wait for fresh news!
  3. First taping is next week right? Can't wait!
  4. I'm an office manager and executive to the Leadership team of a French segment for Mars Inc.
  5. Can't wait to get the first spoilers !!!
  6. Hey everybody I'm back on Shamyland
  7. Any news from Darcyfitz ? I'm really getting worried here Hope you're fine and getting better.
  8. Do we have a report? That IG pic of Jim is just so cute
  9. Could Zack have to do something with the wedding cancelation they had a couple seasons ago ? What if it was not registered or something?
  10. Same here The X-Files is my cult series
  11. Counterfactuals would be awesome
  12. I just hope the proposal will not be treated as a gag I hope will have a proposal as powerful/beautiful as their reconciliation and/or first time Cute, genuine, tender and passionate (yeah they can manage all of that )
  13. There it is : The Voyage Implications
  14. Sure thing, just let me check and find it I've read SOOOO many of them
  15. I'd like to have Meamaw involved but not as the voluntary "push". Like something bad (but not that bad) happens to her and Amy saves the day, gaining her genuine total support. Sheldon seeing this can't help but propose seeing that his Meamaw and Amy finally are actually getting along. I've read a fanfiction once where Meamaw has a brain stroke and Amy, as a neuroscientist is here to help with her expertise. Except in this fanfiction there was no "history" between the two women.
  16. Have you guys seen Mayim's latest video with Melissa? HI-LA-RI-OUS
  17. Most likely because English is not my mother tongue and that I'll probably suck at it? Thing is I've tried but deleted all because it sounded SO out of character
  18. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! I can even beg lol
  19. I wonder if Sheldon is going to have an emergency exit exercise
  20. I was going to point that out as well. No straight hair again. Or is it because of a special occasion? Is this trip considered as a date?
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