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  1. Sooo what time do I need to show up for the taping? I have a guaranteed ticket. Is 5pm ok?
  2. There are STAND BY tickets available! Grab them NOW!!!
  3. Keep trying guys, I just kept trying after getting Sold Out for about 20mins and I got in!!
  4. Really hoping I score this ticket, last year I tried they went up almost at 10 PST
  5. Thanks. Can anyone help me get one ticket tomorrow, I'm going by myself.
  6. Hello! Just to confirm tickets for 10/5 go up tomorrow 9/6 because today is a holiday in the US right?
  7. When does the 10/04 tickets go on up for grabs? 09/04?
  8. Will be in LA 10/4, hoping to get a ticket this time! Last time I was in LA got standby and was shut down at the end.
  9. This was written the day I went, when they had like 150 vips and we couldn't get in. So that night was probably some sort of 'press' night. BU MM ER!
  10. Nop! Was 48 I think and they only let about 10 in, lots of VIPs that night... Now i'm back in the East coast. Gotta plan to go back with a guarantee ticket.
  11. I used a car, it was fine, when pulling to the parking lot I said I was going to Ellen and they let me in without a problem. My only issue was that I showed up at 12;30pm with a StandBy and they didn't let me in.
  12. When do they release the rest of the taping schedule? When do they release the rest of the taping schedule?
  13. Maybe yesterday was crew friends night or something like that lol
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