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  1. I voted for I Love Lucy but where was Roseanne on the list? I binge watch that show daily.
  2. Okay, so I don't really think I look like Amy from The Big Bang Theory but that's exactly who my husband's mom said I looked like when her sister asked her to describe me. It's funny, but totally left field. I will admit I often make funny facial expressions like Amy sometimes does, but other than having brown hair, I look nothing like her. Anyway, I'm a late watcher to the show. I binge watched the first few seasons until I got caught up. Now I can't miss it. My husband and I have fun trying to determine who each of us are each week based on something the characters did or said. Ready for the new season to start!
  3. The last movie I saw was Guardian's of the Galaxy. That Groot in the flower pot thing got me *tears up*. hahaha.
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