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  1. With Sheldon no longer living in 4A I hope they done it in his spot many times
  2. I will quote Stuart here together they make one great person cause they try to bring out the best in each other
  3. Even if she did Zack is so stupid that he does not know what Penny is talking about and I don't think the name of the project is secret
  4. Guys it looks like we may get a writers strike so I challenge all Lenny fanfiction writers to submit scripts to BBT of course some stories will not suitable for prime time TV some Lenny stories are more suitable for Cinemax
  5. yes the scene where Penny bent over to tie her shoe to show she could help Leonard get tenure and I guess that story has been dropped because it has never be brought up again I guess we will never who got tenure
  6. Yes Lenny please build the sex dungeon
  7. How about Penny wearing the locket and nothing else sorry just had a naughty thought
  8. I think they will fix the elevator but it will break again with Lenny having sex in it I know there is a fanfiction story on fanfiction website about that
  9. Maybe Leonard likes her in plaid let's face it Penny can make anything look hot if she is wearing it
  10. Lenny could create a sexual workout that targets the major muscle groups and maybe write a book about it
  11. best line in tonight's episode Leonard to Penny relax I know you stop for a doughnut on your run Penny responds I don't run there I drive
  12. Now I think I remember is this where Amy comes in and they tell her to get out
  13. Ok Thanks I did not remember that
  14. Is from the upcoming episode Thursday I don't remember seeing this?
  15. You know Penny did asked Leonard in the first episode of season 8 to do yoga with her but Leonard decline saying something like after I drink this coffee I tell you how much I am not going to be doing that maybe if he would have accepted she would not be doing yoga with Raj I mean what red blooded man can turn down Penny in yoga pants
  16. They got a picture of something that was in Leonard's fantasy I wonder if Leonard told Penny about it when they started dating in season 3 and they recreated it for a picture
  17. Wasn't it mentioned earlier in this thread that Lenny is going to Paris or was that just a story they wanted to see
  18. I agree Beverly is not objective when it comes to Leonard I think she knows how to push his buttons and says mean things on purpose to get like Leonard said in to his head
  19. Well if I was Leonard I keep the heat as warm as I could that way Penny would have to wear less clothes to stay comfortable
  20. That sounds like a hot M rated fanfiction story
  21. One more thing speaking of the kitchen island do you think maybe the reason they spend so much time standing around t is because that is where a hot sexual encounter took place do you think it is strong enough to hold two people
  22. So they are at the kitchen island in their apartment now with no Sheldon I am fine with that and the recent taping report that says Raj is moving in with them doesn't bother me either because Raj will not as be as much of a pain in the ass as Sheldon. Raj is more independent he can drive himself to where he needs to go and he is a good cook and may be more helpful to Lenny than Sheldon was also I don't expect this Raj living situation to last more than a few episodes just my opinion on it
  23. I think it is great that Kaley Johnny and Jim are willing to take a 10 percent pay cut so that the other 2 Melissa and Mayhem can get a raise but will they make it on 900000 an episode or will they have to be put on a budget like Raj
  24. Leonard can really dream up some great scenes
  25. If you look at the entire 10 seasons Leonard has done for Penny than she has for him now I agree that maybe since being married Leonard may have slack off a little bit in the last 2 seasons that doesn't changed the fact he did a lot in the first 8 seasons for Penny penn
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