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  1. I think Leonard needs to strip search Penny to make sure she is not hiding any on her body
  2. My question is she wearing anything under the bathrobe
  3. Penny needs a new picture frame that says worlds best husband Oh No looks like Leonard found Penny was hiding one of his collectables doesn't look all that upset about it can't wait to watch what's going on in this scene
  4. I see Leonard throwing Penny down removing the robe ASAP
  5. I don't think we will see until next week when it airs
  6. She has a smile after she says it that could have been Kaley reaction to the line but I like to think it was Penny's true feeling
  7. means no dancing in our underwear
  8. Well they are nerdy guys so of course they are more impressed with her boobs than her acting I would be too
  9. The only one little bad is Penny once again said Leonard wore her down to marry him I wish she would find another way to say it without sounding mean I know she didn't mean it that way
  10. I love that Penny said Leonard's change maker was hot
  11. Maybe when Sheldon and Amy move in together for good and Amy gives up her apartment Penny starts moving her stuff in to 4A and starts redecorating their bedroom with her stuff which bothers Leonard that she is hiding his collectables
  12. Yes maybe Penny reads 50 shades grey and decides to create their own playroom I think Penny would be the dom but I like to see Leonard take charge of Penny I mean Penny did say that she liked take charge Leonard on their date in season 5 before they got back together
  13. Leonard is smiling too and maybe getting ready to give her 2 thumbs up
  14. Wonder if they are watching the shower scene here online
  15. This is not the one with the shower scene that was the first one right
  16. Her name was not Hofstadter when she was making that movie but we do not know her maiden name so I guess we have to go with it
  17. If I were Married to Penny I would be giving her 2 thumbs up too as Strawberry Pop Tart Fan said if Leonard stop doing it she would think he is no longer finds her attractive
  18. Yes She might even walk around naked until she gets her thumbs up if Leonard stops doing it
  19. I am waiting for the Lenny fan fiction where they do naked dancing
  20. Loved the episode Lenny dancing was great now the experiment needs to last 5 episodes to make it 5 weeks
  21. Hope this living situation becomes permanent they can still have the same dynamic among the 2 couples living across the hall from each other and also give each couple their own personal space
  22. I think the point was to show Penny is more like her dad than her mom
  23. I think Lenny needs to go to Nebraska for the holidays to spend more time with Wyatt Susan and Randall do you guys agree
  24. Yes I think it should have been an hour episode for special episodes like this it should be an hour
  25. Love the episode I hope we will see Susan and Randall and Wyatt again this season
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