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  1. When a ACTOR changes their hair appearance drastically and u don't think it can changes how more or less funny they LOOK, then yes U R blind. If someone looks funny and they tell a joke, you LURAO. If someone who does not look funny tells a joke, you are most likely to not laugh as hard. You don't have a clue the explanation I am talking about or trying to parrellel with. Most in here just love to disaggree to get a arguement so I'll just not waste my time explaning it.
  2. whether you like it our not, 99% of the people judge by appearance. If you meet a smelly dirty unshaved man on the street begging for a $5 handout, whats your opinion? Take that same man, shave, bath, and give him a $500 suit and ask you for $5 cause he lost him wallet, what's your opinion. The people who deny judging people by their appearance, they are the liars. Yes that's what I said, they are the liars! No matter if it intensional or just automatic. When anyone sees anyone else they involuntarily form an opinion of that persons character. SO!. In my opinion Penny appears/looks funny with longer hair compared to now. Take Chelsea Handler, shes very funny/sexy/attractive. Cut her hair off short where her ears stick out and she wouldn't look as funny. BTW, as I said before I CAN"T STAND THE NEW Miley Cyrus(never cared much for the old one either). And Penny's new haircut reminds me of allot of M.Cyrus haircut. Maybe that is part of why I hate Pennys new haircut, plus she looks less funny.
  3. Agree, some in here just don't believe that appearances can change a person. When you look at the old penny and compare with the new penny. If you don't think the new pennys appearance is LESS funny, then you are blind. And I'm not talking about what the D?? writers give her to say either. I am talking about her with her mouth closed and not talking. Old pennys appearance is funnier.
  4. Appearance has allot to do with a persons character, just as ur avatar, if thats u, shows me about your character. How one presents themselves says allot about their person. So yes, cutting her hair has changed her look which has changed her character "funniness". Which in my opinion no matter what the writers give her to say or do, she will not be as funny as before. Let me try to explain it a little different. When she had long hair, when she talked, I focused on her eyes/nose/mouth and her expressions. The long hair involuntarily made us focus on those points(tunnel vision). With that hair now gone it shows her full face including full cheeks/ears/jaws.With her hair cut I personally loose that effect which makes her less funny because those "tunnel vision" facial expressions fade into her whole face, more or less deluting her expressions. I received several personal messages from peoples about my thread. I picked one out to post here and the guy hit the nail right on the head. I guess he didn't want any retaliation so he sent me a PM instead of posting it here. He said, " This forum is hostile and the moderator is incapable. He's too busy pushing his own narrow minded opinions and all the bullies have taken over. " Edited: just incase someone wanted to find out who sent me PM's, I deleted all them.
  5. My 1st post was a statment, it was not harsh or mean. The first reply was not an opinion, I was more or less told I didn't know what I was talking about and that I don't watch TBBT or I would know this and that. Along with a few other replys where posters where dogging on me. How else was I suppose to act. I suppose newbees are just suppose to lie down and take it and keep their mouths shut. Is that what you are saying? If you google Pennys Hair Cut you will find the answer as to what opinion is observed by most viewers. Go google Pennys new hair cut improved the show or Pennys hair cut caused ratings to raise. And see what you find. Someone please prove me wrong. Post a national/worldwide site review link where viewers think Penny's new hair cut didn't hurt her character and the show. And please do not post this forum.
  6. I was offended when you bashed me, thats why I said that. I loved Penny's character and as my title said, cutting her hair sadden me. Her short hair does not fit the character she's had on TBBT for 7 years, she's not as funny. Now when she played the murdered 4th wife(if any of you know what movie that was), it wouldn't of matter if her hair was short or long. But on TBBT to me and many others it does. She's lost something and we all know it.
  7. Not sure, but maybe in the back of my mind her new SHORT haircut reminds me of Miley Cyrus's. And since MC has went off the deep end, I can't stand her. Maybe thats part of it, Penny w/short hair reminds me a little MC. Bottom line, I just come on here to express my opinion and it looks like expressing opinions in here are reserved for top posters. Everyone else are expected to keep opinions to themselves.
  8. Being a comedian or funny on a show or act, half is your apperiance/expressions. And cutting her hair has changed her character, anyone who can't see that is blind. Did anyone jump down Sheldons throat for hating it? In his personal life he hated it. If some would come out of their shells and do a little research, they would find that most do not like her new look on TBBT. I'm not gona argue with a few, especially when the majority of the worlds opinion aggrees with me. Google " Big Bang Theory Penny cut hair " and let me know how many hits you find that say the new look is good for the show. I found none.
  9. Forgot to add. Penny and Amy where my 2 most favorite characters. They both had their own different type of comedy and a comedians personal apperance REFLECTS how funny they are. By Penny cutting her hair to me it has taken away from her being funny. She has a few expressions that partially make her character, EX. when someone says something stupid she move her head away with that move/stop 3 times or jerky motion then walks away or when she rolls her eyes. THose funny motions are just not as funny as they was when she had long hair. Bottom line, if you don't believe me. Go google it and you will find that by cutting her hair she has taken away something from the show. I am betting she is regretting doing it.
  10. I love the show so why put me down and try to make me look like the bad guy, does being a MOD give you that permission? Guess I'll find out if my post goes live or is deleted. I started watching TBBT about 3-4 years ago. I watch TBBT reruns everyday so you do not have a clue about how much I watch TBBT. Penny has played, what I call, the dumb blonde girl every season until now. Leonard/Penny have been on/off threw out the lifetime of the show and sh'es also's played the dumb blonde girl(in my opinion) You have your opinions I have mine, if everyones opinion doesn't aggree with yours I guess they are wrong, is that right? In my opinion until this year, penny's character is essentially the "dumb blonde". And with the new hair cut that character is gone. WHich in my opinions ruins her character. She's not dumb ole Penny anymore who wants to be an actress but is stuck in a cheesecake factory waitress job. She's no longer the funny character she's been for the last 7 seasons. FYI, Penny dated Zack in Season 4 Ep 11, Penny was Wonder Woman Zack was Superman. She played the dumb blonde girl then as she did most every episode until this year. Mr. Mod. If you are right then I guess this article has a ton of wrong opinions, even Sheldon hates it. Part of the link below says: Not since Felicity chopped off her curly locks has a television character's haircut inspired so much vitriol. On Monday night's season premiere of The Big Bang Theory https://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/yahoo-tv/big-bang-theory-premiere-penny-s-new-haircut-043839796.html;_ylt=AwrBT8jdSjNUfnEA7klXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzdjBxb2lyBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDUwNF8x
  11. Yes I am new to this forum, not sure where to post this. But Penny's new hair cut has drastically changed her character, and for the worst not the best. It gave her that Smart look, she will no longer look right dateing dumb guys. Her character no longer has that funny "dumb blonde" look. Plus removing her from the cheesecake factory waitress job has also helped ruin her character. I have read many hits where many fans are upset, me included. It has almost ruined the show for me. EDITED: BTW I have been watching TBBT for 3-4 years, I also watch the reruns everyday. So I am NOT a newbee to this show. I love it but Penny's haircut has changed her character for the worst, she will never be as funny with short hair and I'm not alone.
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