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  1. Barely 2/5 stars. Most funny thing: The vanity card, hinting at Trump getting sworn in soon. Fire a writer, so the others will try harder will you, studio. Also sad to see a pretty obvious holding tremor when Christopher Lloyd holds that slice of bread. First MJF now him too, even at 78, medicine needs to advance faster. And no funny line for him, so what was the point of hiring him? Did he request getting a small role because he is a fan of the show? At this level of quality I might as well quit watching, season 11 coming or not.
  2. I give this 4 out of 5 stars. Looks like Chuck Lorre decided to treat the audience with some creepy post halloween awkwardness? Raj trying to date a woman I'd say 10 years older than him, Sheldon trying to get Amy pregnant through hilarious seduction attempts, Penny declaring "you are dating somebody who is it" (spot on), Leonard "I'm married, I don't have to be attractive" with a full mouth of noodles. More of that please.
  3. Okay episode, 3/5 stars. I was disappointed by the Venice comic con movie posters behind Penny, especially for the 2nd movie. "Starring Wil Wheaton" and no word about any actress "Penny ...", although she is the single motive on the poster and main cast? Like the writers knew that some random guy (me) would try and decipher the posters in 1080p to figure out her full name. How disappointing albeit predictable. More on the plus side, I really like how they do Penny's wardrobe, hair, makeup these days. No totally oversized eyelashes anymore, very natural, great. Also, does anyone know what Bert and Bon Jovi have in common? Both haven't hidden their good rocks.
  4. Okayish episode, I give it 3 out of 5 stars, saved by the hilarious hot tub scene. For some reason I find Bernadette's attire half way through pregnancy very convincing. Could someone tell Kaley to stop glancing into the cameras, I don't understand why she is breaking the 4th wall without purpose that much. Also continuity error, Sheldon's toothbrush is electric with an UV light; it would be imho uncharacteristic of him to go back to a plain brush. With Emily and Lucy gone, I hope they bring back that female vet doctor Yvette for Raj, kinda liked her attitude.
  5. Solid episode, 4 of 5 stars. I like the new arc (appartment swap), many funny moments (fearless Leonard dancing with pants down, Howardette calling Raj like 10 times, Amy getting back at Sheldon), and even Raj got his share of the laughs. Also, all is well that ends well, they even threw in a nice punch line gag at the very end. The new writers are weird.
  6. I rate this episode 3/5 as "okay". Sheldon was pretty funny, nasty Bernadette was pushing her luck at her job (threatening to sue Zangen, might get canned huh), and Penny in a skirt being the visual stunner that she is. Did you know the fast-image-intro contains a graphic depiction of a man getting his foot sawn off? Around "1900".
  7. A filler episode as season opener? Wow. I think I laughed once and that was Lorre's vanity card with his dog's health sheet. The whole episode felt like it had no arc at all, only single scenes shot at the viewer once every minute, by actors suffering from camp psychosis. Of course if you try to cram this much acting into 20 minutes, things will fall apart in the end. Penny's brother was badly cast. Like an even more unpleasant version of "The Real Bubba J" by Jeff Dunham. Is this a sign of the fact that Lorre/Prady are at the set barely part time anymore? Guess in season 10 they no longer care and have moved on. Oh and don't even get me started (again) about Penny not even kissing Leonard after their vows but instead hugging him, COME ON. Any more of this and one can only hope for a writer's strike to put us out of our misery early. I give this 2/5 instead of 1/5 because wardrobe has finally managed to properly conceal Kaley's giant moth tattoo on her back, and I am midly intrigued by Howards coming gig with the Empire.
  8. Solid episode, many laughs. Sad to see Emily go, the morbid me liked her creepy side. Is it usual for a restaurant in USA to be swamped on Valentine's day, but even though having reserved a table then not to get in? With that many customers standing around, waiting? Unprofessional outlet. Raj and Kripke calling into Fun with Flags was hilarious. I can't remember Kripke being that desperate though. Maybe he shouldn't call every hot girl "Roxanne" (blink "rescue him" in morse code with one eye if you got that reference). Lenny finding out that time makes you old pretty fast, I am sure many can relate to that. Reminiscent a bit of what Leonard Nimoy wrote on Twitter on Feb 23rd 2015 in his last tweet. I awwed when Bernadette told the rabbit the news. Chuck deserved the scuba trip for that one.
  9. Very mediocre filler episode. Since when is a bitchy meemaw with an alcohol problem good comedy? Come on, Chuck. To not be bored out of my mind I started to analyze the Feynman diagrams shown in Sheldon's appartment for correctness. Two gamma rays forming a higgs boson from a top quark loop, plus the inverse process, sounds about right. Also on Penny's fridge top left, is that producer Steven Molaro in the photo? And did anyone ever notice the wrong numbering on the mailboxes? 1A..1B..1C..1D....4A..4B..4C..4D in what universe does that add up with the building shown in this series? Missing 5A/5B for starters. Remember the dead hooker juxtaposition... I think the studio should just fire one of the older writers to give the others an incentive to try harder. Runtime was 19 minutes, counting everything without the ads. There were times when content was 21.5 minutes.
  10. Sorry to disagree, this episode was mediocre at best. The writers were running thin on ideas with this one, really thin. The girls arguing about comic books/heroes (not about Thor's hammer this time, but the guys are impressed - again), a Vegas road trip (yawn), Sheldon being sick and a major pita (with Amy hiding in Detroit instead of the guys in a theater during a "code milky-green"), Amy on Skype, Stewart not getting invited, a t-shirt designed by Sheldon (Council of Ladies, anyone), and probably a bunch more I forgot. That was a lukewarm and lame refresh of about a half dozen previous episodes. Plus half the cast were phoning it in. Mediocre. Also what's up with Johnny Galecki, did he quit smoking and now he is putting on weight?
  11. Gave this one an "okay". Could have covered up Kaley's spine tattoo (her wedding date with Ryan Sweeting), it shows multiple times and has no base in the TBBT universe. I agree the writers are overdoing it by writing Leonard into a too dumb a character. Buy groceries and THEN go to the petting zoo? Thinking you get goat superpowers when a goat bites you?Too cheap a joke, Mr. Writer. Or Penny has a perception problem of stuff Leonard says. Also could have used episodes 22 or 23 this season for a better ramp-up at unraveling the tapestry of half the characters' lives. Naturally, after all this, the second half of this episode was unusually dark and un-comic. Over all the set up to keep the show alive for two more seasons by the creators is a little too transparent. Smells like Emily is getting the boot start of season 9 and Amy an hiatus to free the characters for more non-relationship action once more.
  12. Btw you can quite easily see Carol Ann's photo on the fridge:
  13. Gave this one a "good" vote. Penny's appartment has gained a bicycle and protein powder? A littly laundry-heavy, this episode was. I appreciate that the toast to Mrs Wolowitz in the end wasn't acting, but very real. If you look into Johnny's and Kaley's facial expressions, you can feel they lost a friend. It's been said Carol Ann Susi, the voice actor behind Mrs W, was the person that could light up a room just by entering it. Most viewers won't realize that the fourth wall was secretly broken in this sad scene. Hey and I liked the decoration of the new comic book store. TBBT has a great set designer. Tried to make out stuff from Dr. Lorvin's basement but nothing was immediately apparent. Solid episode.
  14. I give this one a very good. Fans enjoy learning new stuff about characters on their favorite show, and so do I. Like Bernadette's beauty pageant, Amy writing fiction about her and Sheldon in the 1800s. Ring ring ring, banana anyone? I especially appreciated the witty dialogue throughout the episode. I missed that. Fast forward to season 10, nobel prize for Sheldon and Leonard for that paper, I can see it. From Kaleys *very* casual use of Apple products on the show one can tell she must be using them alot at home.
  15. Have to agree with Chrismo and gave it just an "okay". What the show lacks is serious character and story development. Sheldon going nuts over some topic at work... ballpit anyone? Yawn. Howard mocking Raj over any random thing? Common writers. For me as a sophisticated fan, that has seen every episode two times or more, my expectations or call it metric of what constitutes a good episode has not gone down. Yet lately, writers and to a much less degress actors appear to just phone it in. This routine may be enough for the big crowd, but not enough to delight the sophisticated crowd. Not that this hasn't happened in other shows before many times. Compare to e.g. ST:Voyager's days when the show suffered serious writers' fatigue and "reset to zero" syndrome. Whatever life-threatening thing the crew encountered was resolved/reset within the episode or within a 2-3 episode arc. The same is happening here. Keep doing this and you lost a good fan by the end of this season.
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