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  1. I heard back from Steve, I didn't see a ticket for the second name materialize but apparently they have received one - so both are good. Which means. I have generated a guaranteed ticket each try. Back to legend- status :D :D :D
  2. Is anyone able to help? I am trying for a colleague and his girlfriend.
  3. I think, and I don't know if that's been posted someplace on here ... I think Leonard is picturing those two because it's the most unrealistic thing he can come up with which is equally the most scary, weird and insane thing he could possibly come up with unconsciously. The non-sexual Sheldon (we don't know how much Sheldon has shared about his "urges" ) Meaning, pick the most unlikely person Penny could ever hook up with and you'd come up with Sheldon ( sorry Shennies, but you know deep down below, I'm right! ) and that's what they did there. I am just going to see it as that. I am still angry at Steve Molaro for explaining they'd tell us when Sheldon bought the ring. I am sure we know he was planning on giving it to her in San Francisco on that trip.
  4. No this ticket will go to waste. No name-changes allowed anymore.
  5. Not on here as everyone that has gone decided to not provide one. Whoever that report is from, it's from none of the group that went last night.
  6. I don't see them steering away from that anytime soon. I am just down guys...
  7. I'll start writing asap. And yes, tips are nice
  8. I do that all the time but again, that's just me. I guess we'll soon see what reality looks like.
  9. Do you honestly think people bother to do that? I mean I tended to do that so someone else can have them but really? That's just me and how decent I am
  10. Like I said, I don't believe that actually. The tickets that were generated were part guaranteed (which can't be transferred to anyone else now) and partly standby, all in the process of scoring three guaranteed tickets. You can't have put as many standby onto the site to actually account for all the "lost" tickets now. This is what I believe in.
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