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  1. I don't think it was a throw away line either and I think we could still see Penny having those(or one of them) babies by the end without having a pregnancy story. We could find out in the finale(like many have said) that she is pregnant or even the episode before the last and have the last be a fast forward to her having the baby(not likely but you never know). When the writers wrote in Bernadette's first pregnancy I think they did it as a last minute thing but to me it worked. They had been married for almost 4 years which for a couple is a good amount of alone time together before children.(I was married almost 6 when I had my first) So if we go by that natural progression Leonard and Penny will be married 4 years in the finale(assuming season 12 is the last). I think that is a perfect amount of time to bring in those smart and beautiful babies. And as many have said, the writers could change their minds if they get a 13th season. One can only hope. Here is something this Shamy fan doesn't want....Amy pregnant before Penny(or together.....leave that for fanfiction) and a storyline around that. I am happy enough knowing they have the babies from the line in Young Sheldon. It works for me(maybe not others but definitely me).
  2. If I could like this 1000 times I would. Well said!
  3. I think they could have included it in the first episode. We saw Bernadette opening gifts in 6.2 and that wasn't 4 months after they were married. I wish they would have showed it last night though. I actually forgot all about it until after my second watching of the show and I was like wait they didn't include the Stephen Hawking tribute. The tribute was absolutely perfect though.
  4. This was absolute perfection for me. The guest stars were not overused and had lines at just the right moment. I loved every minute of this episode. I have not looked forward to a wedding on television as much as I waited for this one and they did not disappoint me in any way. I was worried the vows would be overly cheesy but I cried like a baby when Amy said hers. And Sheldon being at a loss for words was just too much. He always has something to say and then couldn't even get out his thoughts. And then YS with the tag made me scream out loud....children! He said children(plural not just 1) OMG....I love it.
  5. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I'm not crying I swear.
  6. I've done one with that, I will definitely use it. I also have The Only Conclusion which is an obvious choice. I love making the videos and I was going to wait until after a proposal to make my next one. Well we have it so I guess I will make it.
  7. My favorite scene of the season! I knew it. Thanks so much April for doing this for us. I've been thinking I may make a video highlighting these scenes. So song requests anyone? I can use several to make the video.
  8. These two are definitely in my top 3. Loved Buridan's Donkey....no pressure from Amy whatsoever and he just casually walked into the apartment and that was that. No more talking no more deciding. And who couldn't love the MRI gift as well as the annual birthday booty spectacular. I have a feeling I know what number 1 is and I hope I am right. I guess I will find out tomorrow.
  9. Now I know why I never got you mine....too many little moments like this to choose from. IT would have been impossible to pick just ten. Love these three! Thanks again April for putting so much effort into doing this.
  10. Oh I can just watch this gif over and over and over.....
  11. This definitely would have made my top 10. Can't wait for #8
  12. I love this and I could kick myself for having a major brain fart and forgetting to send my top ten in.(I remembered Sunday...UGH!) I have always loved their Skype calls. And now I absolutely love the flirting. So much stuff from this season I can't believe we got it down to just ten. Thanks so much @April for doing this.....I can't wait to see #9 later today.
  13. I think ten is more than enough....although I could easily find 15. I think no more than two weeks should be sufficient time if rewatches are necessary to make final decisions. I like the idea of tallying up the results and doing a countdown is a great idea. You could put one up a day and surprise us. Seriously if you need help I would be happy to help also.
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