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  1. Ship Zone

    I think ten is more than enough....although I could easily find 15. I think no more than two weeks should be sufficient time if rewatches are necessary to make final decisions. I like the idea of tallying up the results and doing a countdown is a great idea. You could put one up a day and surprise us. Seriously if you need help I would be happy to help also.
  2. Ship Zone

    I don't think it is totally up to the man but in this situation I would say it is. I think we all know the answer will be yes as you said she has made it abundantly clear she wants to get married. Sheldon had to be the one to say okay let's do this. Plus we know he has had the ring for two years and Amy's known for a year so she was waiting for him to say it's time. It was like Mary said...."You have to take your time with Shelly." Amy waited and the reward will be great.
  3. Ship Zone

    I think if we do that or a top ten list we can easily fill pages to get to 500 pages. Love this idea!
  4. Ship Zone

    I think he will because 1) He is a terrible liar, he couldn't keep it from her. 2) Amy is going to want to know what brought on him coming all the way out from California to propose. 3) The writers won't do that again, right? Right?(Okay I know they like drama but they can't keep that secret again)
  5. Ship Zone

    I don't want Amy leaving Princeton either. I like the idea of the gang stepping in and taking care of Ramona. Who knows what the writers have plaInned. She probably will be a one and done guest star. I'd be fine with that too.
  6. Ship Zone

    I agree if her actions are regretted I will forgive her. If not I hope Amy comes down hard. I think Penny means that it's like the toy that everyone wants but there are only a few so it is very coveted. Sheldon's answer is perfect.....I'm not that mint in box any more, Amy has played with me so I am not as good. Not in those words but I think that is the meaning behind it.
  7. Ship Zone

    I have always liked that episode. Apparently I am in the minority. I thought Sheldon somehow getting himself in a relationship without even realizing it was hysterical. And I still do. He was so clueless back then. I think when she comes back, he talks about Amy all the time because he remembers the relationship she forced him into and is telling her hey I am in a relationship now, I don't want one with you. He thinks that is enough but obviously he is completely oblivious to Ramona because he feels since he told her all about Amy, she knows he isn't interested so he just wants to be friends. Still clueless.....I am hoping still funny like then. When Penny points out that Ramona is still interested and compares him to a mint in box toy he immediately says well I've been played with(we know figuratively and literally...LOL). He thinks it is taken care of and bam! Look Ramona is interested and doesn't care about Amy in any way shape or form. We don't know if Ramona has been following Sheldon since she was kicked out of his life but my guess is she has. She may have been harboring feelings all this time and saw the relationship had a break the year before and wants to see if it would be possible again. Maybe she is one of the 200 people they have following FWF and she saw the meltdown he had. We have no idea what her thinking is but we all know we hate it because Shamy is so strong. I actually hope Ramona is in the 1st episode next season so Amy can come back and give her a piece of her mind after Sheldon tells her what happened. I don't think he will keep it a secret(The writers wouldn't do that again, right?) So I think he tells her, we get a great engagement and a quick wedding. We know Sheldon doesn't want a long drawn out engagement. Maybe they find a courthouse in NJ to get married at.(I can see it and I personally think they should do it like that). They come back married and Amy says to Ramona "How do you like that?" Okay enough dreaming....come on Thursday.
  8. Ship Zone

    I am only quoting this part to answer your question. The rest of the post I completely agree with. Bachelor technically means never married which Sheldon has never been. He is however in a committed relationship with Amy which we all know so Ramona should back off. She obviously is one of those women who could care less. He isn't fair game at all....she just feels that way since he is not married, even though that doesn't stop some women too.
  9. Amy: Why don’t we do something athletic like go over to the university pool and play water polo? Leonard: No good, Sheldon doesn’t float. Sheldon: That is true. I have a higher than normal body density. If I run too deep a bath, I drown. I think it is more he can't float not he can't swim. Even so it still makes no sense.
  10. Ship Zone

    I woke up this morning and debated whether to check for news or not. I was one of the optimistic ones but I still wasn't expecting this. I am at work currently and trying hard to concentrate on my task. I have my door locked so the boss can't come in without my knowledge first. I am a bit distracted. I love reading all the good things that have happened and the predictions for next season. I do hope that Sheldon tells her exactly what happened and the reason he came because he just didn't want the same thing to happen to her that happened to him.(i.e. not knowing Ramona's intentions) He better be honest about the kiss. I don't think she will be mad at him and I sure hope Ramona is no where near Caltech when the wrath of Amy gets back. I am still a bit in shock and I am so glad to have this forum so I can share in the news. I want to keep this to myself and not spoil anyone else so I am glad there are spoiled people to celebrate with.
  11. Ship Zone

    This part especially. I told my mom, who is a fan, about Ramona and what everyone was worried about. She said Sheldon cheating would be so out of character for him. So even a casual viewer would hate it and not buy into it. I for one am not worried and if it is another clueless Sheldon so be it. This is the story they seem to want to keep telling and we keep going back for more. I can't wait to hear exactly what happens and know that we had nothing to be worried about. TPTB do not want to lose a majority of their audience with another cheating storyline. Sheldon cheating would make many stop viewing in my opinion. I know there would be no going back for me. I just don't see it happening.
  12. Ship Zone

    This is exactly what tptb want us to be, worried. We have so much invested and they put this little teaser saying Ramona is back and we all freak out and have flashbacks to what happened in 8.24. But to me finding out what happened between Sheldon and Amy in 10.23 puts my mind a little more at ease. I just can't see them breaking the once year joke and then have him cheat or something. I don't put anything past these writers though since they had Leonard cheat. I just think that would be so OOC for him to do anything like that. I know if it happened I personally would be completely done with the show. And it saddens me, because I have watched since almost the beginning, but I don't think I have ever invested this much to a couple ever. It would ruin it for me much like HIMYM did at the end. I can't even watch reruns of that show since I know how it ends. A cheating Sheldon would do the same thing for me with BBT so I keep telling myself it will be alright.
  13. Ship Zone

    I love coming on this forum and seeing good news for a change. And after the last few days with all the crazy speculations, I am glad to see the writer's did something correct and am so glad this once a year thing is over. As far as Ramona, I think it may be a misunderstanding or maybe she reads something more into something Sheldon says and he sets her straight. Or it is just the gang remembers how she interfered with his life the last time and is worried she will try again. My hope is he tells her that Amy has helped him see things clearer in both his professional and personal life. You know just like that psychic predicted 3 seasons ago and then he realizes she was right and decides to propose. Okay I am pushing my luck. After all we did get coitus twice in a season!
  14. Ship Zone

    I think this is my favorite scenario about the finale. Too bad you are probably right and it won't happen.,