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  1. To me these are two very different things. Amy enjoyed the slap on the rear. I think then it is okay. If she had hauled off and slugged him back we would have known it wasn't okay. Sheldon was unaware he was drugged. That is not okay. We have seen him drink to relax so you never know. I doubt he would have knowingly done it. But there could have been good things if it had been done that way as well. And I agree she was trying to relax the situation and it backfired.
  2. Oh I agree with that. He did think she would be up for it but she was not and shot him down. And you are right as long as they keep making him act childish he will be treated like that. And that is why I didn't like Amy doing that to him. She was the one to tell Meemaw to stop treating him like a child yet she does the same thing.
  3. No he did not press charges but regardless it is still illegal. And the battery you are talking about Amy didn't press charges either. Actually I think she enjoyed it. I am not trying to get into a debate about this. I did say that what they did to their friends was wrong too. I am not for experimenting on friends in any way without consent. If Amy had said "here is something to calm you during the flight" I would have been all for it and someone in one of their posts(either here or in Shamy) said they could have had it be a drug from Bernie's that Sheldon had a negative reaction and still gotten laughs. I just didn't like her giving him "funny tasting juice" He did take it but still.....it's not right.
  4. So what? Putting drugs in someone's drink is illegal last time I checked. I am sorry but asking someone to get a banana out of a puzzle box is a bit different than giving someone drugs. And I want you to know that I am not saying that experimenting on your friends is nice either just that the experiments are different situation. And in the baby episode you are absolutely correct....he did not ask for consent but he didn't get his way either. She shot him down every time he tried if I recall.
  5. The part I think to me was most disturbing was that they do it to him unaware. That is what upsets me. It is so wrong. Many people are a pain in the ass to travel with so taking something to calm the nerves is not crazy. Just make him aware he is getting something to make him tolerable, but I guess that isn't funny to the general population.
  6. In my opinion it is a weakness but one that Amy didn't believe was one she had. I think she thought she was softening the blow and when she told Sheldon didn't understand why he was upset. She didn't think she did anything wrong, which is a weakness. She knows Sheldon can't read people(a fault he has admitted to) but one he does know and can read is his mother. And in actuality he was wrong about her response also, so he didn't read her as well as he thought. Amy thought she was trying to help but actually hurt the situation more because Sheldon knew something was up right away.
  7. Okay so my thoughts on last night's Shamy part of the episode: I do agree it was the weakest part of the show because Lenny was hysterical and Howardette was adorable. I didn't mind the underwear on his head. I feel that definitely came out better than it sounded on the TR. The screaming with the ear piercing was funny once not three times. Sheldon can't travel, we get it, no need to drug him unaware(not saying he doesn't need something. I know many people that do). That is just wrong. Although I did like Leonard's line about what the funny juice was for comic con trip. Amy telling Mary did not anger me like it did some others(And I get why you don't like it). I think she wanted to soften the blow even if Sheldon thought he knew what she would say. Mary saying that she never thought he would find someone actually didn't surprise me and her saying Amy was weird also not surprising. She did call her unique the first time they met. In my opinion Mary wouldn't preach to him just because of what he saw being done on that couch. Although it seems like the writers forget that episode because to me Sheldon has the perfect comeback whenever Mary brings up living in sin or not doing something like sleeping with Leonard's father(though we know they didn't). All in all not a perfect episode for Shamy though it did seem they were happy at the end.
  8. Oh no doubt she loved it. You are right everyone did seem to leave it.
  9. Oh I love the tiara scene but let's face it, Sheldon did that so Amy wouldn't be mad any more. She loved it, I know that, but was it romantic? I don't know if I would consider it romantic.
  10. I love coming on to this forum in the morning and seeing what is being debated next. Yesterday it was kisses today it is gifts. I like this one so I will weigh in my opinion. I actually loved the snowflake and the star necklace. They may have been cliché but they were romantically them. I know I would have loved gifts like that from my husband/boyfriend. I liked the MRI and yes Sheldon could have gotten that any time he wanted and the others will never go to the North Pole or space again which makes their gifts more unique, I agree. To be honest I thought his gift of making Amy his emergency contact was more romantic because he wanted her to be the first one contacted in case of emergency, not Leonard or Penny or his mom or meemaw(yes I know they are in Texas) but Amy. Granted I know at the end of that episode he was calling for her in non-emergencies but still I think it is more romantic than the MRI. Do I believe him when he says he was thinking about her when it lit up, of course because we all know how bad a liar Sheldon is and I do think Amy thought it was romantic so that is all that matters really. Do I think she would find a stick that Sheldon picked up in the backyard and gave to her romantic absolutely not. She hated the mushroom log and we all know that.
  11. I really enjoyed this episode. I won't even talk about Shamy because that speaks for itself for this shipper. What I absolutely loved about this episode was the way the writers really did show how much they have made Raj a loser. I mean they were all speaking of how far they had come and there is poor Raj(well not poor, he did bring it on himself) getting all upset about how his life is nothing and how he has done nothing. Well whose fault is it Raj? Yours....I remember a line from Positive/Negative Reaction last season about why Raj wasn't on a team that discovered something big in his field and he was all well instead of doing my job he was making jam for the holidays. And when he should have been working a few weeks ago he was cleaning offices to impress a woman? Well that shows why he has done nothing. He is too busy worrying about his love life and his outside life and not accomplishing anything of significance. Actually as I am writing this I am wondering why he even works at Caltech. Wasn't he working for Sheldon? Oh wait probably another throw away thing these writers did. Well he was sharing Sheldon's office for a while. Stuart actually made me laugh a lot tonight. He can take his friend's insults by making himself feel good(something Raj couldn't handle...oh wait his was the truth) Him asking Raj if he was still a loser had me rolling. Him driving like an old man was funny and just his overall performance killed it. The tribute to Mrs. Wolowitz almost made this non crying person cry. I thought it was very sweet that they considered the name Debbie but realized she hated her name and would not want her granddaughter named after her. Melvina was a funny twist for a middle name(Let's keep thinking) Bernadette was great and very normal for a laboring woman....not over the top like I have seen in other comedies. She was herself with a little more gusto. My favorite line by far was the birthday booty spectacular. Penny and Leonard were very in sync tonight and I really enjoyed them together. All in all a great episode.
  12. First thank you so much for the report shamyyellow. I hope you had fun and it sounds like you did. Okay I very rarely weigh in on TR because I always like to see how it plays out before jumping to conclusions and in many cases I have been right it was better then it read. Then I read this one. Now as a Shamy shipper I can be very happy about the kiss and the I miss you's but as a fan of the show I am not happy about what I read for Lenny. To me I think anyone who ships Lenny has every right to be pissed about what they read. I don't know if it will play out funny or not but I will watch it. I got to thinking about some things as I was driving to work after reading this and I have come to my own conclusions about why I think they brought a relationship agreement into the mix(even though I do agree it is completely unnecessary). Leonard has lived with Sheldon and his agreements for 13 years before this year. Last season when he and Penny tried to move out one of the first things that happened was the dinner schedule. Monday is Thai and Leonard was so used to that he had no idea what to eat so Penny decided to just go with it. This year he told Amy to stick to her guns about the bathroom because no matter where he was there had better be a bathroom at 7:18. This was all due to contracts he signed(willingly or unwillingly he still signed). So he has become so used to them it is almost as if he needs them(he doesn't but that is what I think) Now as far as whether there is passion or not in the relationship I don't know. I don't see anything since they have not been featured but here is something else I was thinking about. Lenny is living alone(and actually alone) for the first time since they got married. For those of us that are married there is an adjustment period which I think is probably what they are going through. Since as many have put on here that there is only so much that can be shown in 18 minutes and a lot of the focus has been on Shamy then Howardette and the pregnancy, Lenny has been put on the backburner, and it sucks for you who ship them. Now they get this story and it seems there is trouble in paradise. I have not seen any indications in the episodes leading up to this that would show that but then again we aren't seeing their whole lives and it makes it hard. So I am going with the adjustment period of living alone is getting to them both and hopefully this agreement(whether I agree or not) is just a guide to help them and hopefully they have input, because I 100% agree that Sheldon is no expert in relationships at all and to make him this guru all of sudden is ridiculous. But him being a writer of contracts is not and him writing it doesn't seem crazy if they have the input to what is in it if that is what they think they need. As always this is just my opinion and I get everyone's frustrations with the writers on this one. I hope it plays out better than it sounds for you. I do agree with some that you should give it a chance but that is up to you.
  13. I am going to weigh in to this birth storyline just because it has been driving me crazy. I can honestly say I don't care when she gave birth as long as it was before the next Valentine's Day. I have asked several people I know who watch the show if they remember when Bernadette announced she was pregnant. I had one tell me March, one say I know she told the bunny and another have absolutely no idea. Then I asked do you remember when Amy's birthday was and almost all say no. It is us fans that are completely invested in accuracy, which I have to say kind of pisses me off that she was pregnant for so long, but the general audience isn't paying that close attention to dates or what is actually happening. Honestly if they hadn't made such a big deal about the Star Wars movie at the same time as Amy's birthday then we probably wouldn't have noticed it either.
  14. Never too many times. I think I am up around 10.
  15. Yes. From Rothman: From Expedition Approximation(season It looks like the same office to me. Besides he never went back with Raj and he was sharing with him. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Rothmans office is the one Sheldon is in. He won it against Kripke. It was too cold, the bird was singing out of toon and there was a hole in the wall. Tenure we may never get an answer for. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. I don't want it to happen again on her birthday just because of some line but it does seem to be heading in that direction. And we may not even see her birthday just because of the timing of these episodes. I certainly don't want the coitus to coincide with the birth of Bernadette's baby. Although maybe after he sees the baby he has second thoughts about wanting to procreate and realizes they aren't ready for a baby but still wants her. I know if they use the gift idea again it would piss me off just because while it is a good gift it to me it would show he is not into her that way at all, which we know is not the case. So I want it to happen but it to me does not need to be crazy big storyline because we have been there done that with the storyline. And while we crazy fans here at the forum want this to happen, I know for a fact that every week viewers think it is crazy they haven't done it again. My mom who watches loyally keeps asking me if they have done it again since she knows I am spoiled. She thinks it is ridiculous that it hasn't happened. She said now especially since they are living and sleeping in the same bed. She can't understand why it hasn't happened. So even non crazies are wondering when they will again.
  18. That makes the most sense. I just hate those long hiatuses. But with only 24 episodes total they have to spread it all out.
  19. With five Thursdays they could easily have an episode on the 22nd even with a week off on the 15th but I have wishful thinking and I don't want to have to wait from the 8th of December until the 5th of January to have a new episode if that is what they do.
  20. Just curious if they could have an episode December 1 and December 8 then hiatus the 15th and 22nd and have an episode that catches us up on December 29. I mean with 5 Thursdays in December it could be possible but I know the last couple years there hasn't been an episode on Thanksgiving and the week after because of the NBC special live thing.
  21. Yes I have become a Bert and Amy shipper. LOL. I just found it funny that at the party he kicked both girls out because he was in love with them both but when Sheldon brags about having her, knowing he liked her, he was like I can do better. He probably can no doubt but we love Amy and no one can do better than her. But Sheldon has her so there.....Bert. I agree with you....I hope he finds someone just for him. I like Bert's character the way they are writing him so he deserves someone nice.
  22. If I could have liked this post more than once I would have. I so agree with you on Raj and his inability to know what a loving relationship is. And I won't kill you for your opinion of Lenny, I have begun to feel that way for a while now. I really liked this episode and I know that it may have been a filler but it was a quality filler, in my opinion, over some of the others they have had in the past. I love the way Amy took care of him without a thought in the world and the hand holding was just so sweet. I think Penny telling Sheldon to just get over it was perfect because the others were trying to coddle him though I do get Amy being like really? Once again Penny gets him and she didn't(come on writers, Amy could have told him to get over it....just like in Romance Resonance when she was the only one to tell him she wasn't proud of him....it was what he needed to hear) Amy easily could have said get over it and he would have listened to her just as much. I think Sheldon has grown but is still Sheldon. He was envious of the attention Bert was getting. If he had gotten the same award can you imagine how he would have been....again remember Romance Resonance? Ugh I could not have taken that again....so him going to Bert at the end was great. I do question this though....why would Bert say he could do better than whom he called the most popular girl on campus? I didn't get that line except for the fact Sheldon had to stick up for her which was so cute.
  23. The not knowing is fun right now. Hopefully someone is going to the taping next week and we will get details about both. However if it is the birth, next weeks, I think that will be all over the news just like the first coitus episode. That would be a huge deal for them. Now as far as coitus 2.0 it may not happen until after Christmas unless it casually happens in this unknown episode at the end. It doesn't have to be a huge deal like the first time in my opinion. Yes it will be less than a year but I think living in close quarters and sleeping in the same bed has to have them both thinking. It wasn't right to just make a baby for Amy last week. I think if they get a different bed, whether Sheldon or Amy's it may just happen. I just want them to have a normal regular sex life. I really don't want Sheldon turning into someone like we read in fan fiction, though I do like them. I don't want it for real. He wants her and wants to be with her on a more regular basis will be fine with me. I do think they will have to do the birth before Christmas just to make it work the timeline. I have been trying to figure out the timeline since this is one of the few shows that tries to stay with current times. I think Sheldon and Amy have been living together longer now than the original five weeks just because in Brain Bowl, the experiment wasn't even going to have results for a couple of weeks. So that episode took place over a few weeks time. I also feel the first two episodes after they started living together weren't over a week but just a few days because I think in the first few days of living together you will work out the kinks in the process. So with Sheldon not wanting to share a toothbrush holder and trying to get Amy on a schedule that could have just been two or three days into living together. Veracity is about 3-4 weeks into them living together or even closer to the five since she is saying the apartment is taking longer than expected, it was supposed to be 5 weeks and it has been done for two. But Bernadette has to have her baby soon. They can't put that off much longer no matter what Molaro said. I think that will be a group episode right before Christmas which could technically be still October.
  24. I was thinking the same thing. It seems they never have ones we think they will on the blooper reel.
  25. I am not sure if I can say anything else that hasn't been said already. I absolutely loved every aspect of this episode. And the hallway scene just made me so happy. He just casually walked into 4B like it was the most natural thing in the world. It was 100% where he belonged and he knew it. I just said at the end to my father-in-law(Whom I watch the show with every week) YAY living arrangements are finally settled. I do agree with everyone that I would love to see them in a bigger apartment of their own but for now I want to see them make 4B their own until they decide to move. Now onto next week and seductive Sheldon......
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