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  1. I wouldn't want to see the coitus and the birth the same week but it could be funny that maybe Sheldon has something planned(I know we all want it to be spontaneous but still for Amy a surprise that she enjoys, not next week stuff) and she never gets home because she was with the girls and Bernie goes into labor. I think that could have it's funny moments. "But Amy why do I have to come to the hospital to see a baby expelled from a birth canal. I wanted to have coitus!" Okay I don't want to guess either but that scenario kind of came to me.
  2. I thought it was funny that he invited two guys that had shown interest in Amy in a romantic sense. I like your take on it though. I have been so over these jokes since day 1. It just bugs me to no end. I am glad I am not the only one as well. Overall I liked this episode. I know I am late to the party but I was busy this weekend. Howard going overboard in his purchases was funny. Bernadette's reactions were good. I thought the brunch had its moments. Stuart standing up for himself was a first and I really liked it. And Sheldon not knowing and turning to Amy was funny because you just knew he was going to screw it up again. I am a fan of drunk Sheldon, I know I am a minority on this one but it happens maybe once or twice a season so in the long run not too often. I think I like more that he is now okay with drinking and even opened the bottle for the mimosas. Bert was funny when he told Stuart they had watched Sheldon open a bottle for fifteen minutes as all that had been missed, like it was the highlight of the morning so far. The Lenny storyline had its moments as well. Even if the joke about getting the hot girl is getting old, I still enjoyed some of Penny's reactions, like the change maker was hot was funny. But overall I wasn't impressed with how Penny was treated, although I didn't expect anything different.
  3. I don't know why but I feel the writers are seriously taking things in the direction of them permanently living together. I honestly didn't think they would even get to this point as quickly as they did. My take on the reasons is one of two things: 1) They want to shake it up a little to see how the audience reacts to the new living situations.(And let's face it we love it!) OR 2) They are writing like this really is the last season(don't hate me.....I hate myself for thinking it) and they are moving them fast to get them to the engagement and wedding by the end. And let me make myself clear....I think there will be more seasons. This is just a theory I have. For some reason I feel the time jump has already occurred. We didn't see the baby bump in the first three episodes but in the 4th it was clearly there and then this week very clearly there. I think between the time they talked to the military guy and now it has been a month or even two. I mean they clearly knew they weren't getting the math done in the two months now they are taking their time and showing other stories. ... For some reason, I think we will see the entire 5 weeks of the experiment including the talk about the results of the experiment. Okay my two cents..
  4. That is what I thought too when I came on this forum....it's funny how they get you.
  5. Okay I must say when I read this taping report I was not thrilled but at the same time I was okay with the separation of Shamy with Lenny. This is why I never comment on reports because they never turn out the way they sound. I loved this episode. And I think I may have enjoyed it more than last weeks(I may be in the minority on that one but I am okay with that). This is why: Last week the cutting up of one another was not funny to me. Leonard saying they were moving in the right direction while Amy was not was wrong. This week he was being way more supportive. The car ride to me was funny. Part of the reason I found it funny was the comparisons. I have become less of a fan of Leonard and when Penny said that he eyes her up and down it made me cringe because that is what I don't like.....however the beginning with the two of them working together to tell Sheldon he was wrong was perfect. That is why I like them together.....times like that. Anyway this is Shamy's thread so I won't go on about them. Sheldon going after other women was so ridiculous in my mind I never even gave it second glance. He turned away a women who answered all his puzzles last season because she wasn't Amy so why oh why would he even think to look at other women. I am a fan that they described why he does the knock(And I could care less if he didn't do it in earlier seasons) It tells a lot. He has always tried to do exactly what he saw his parents doing. Like in Raiders he thought he had to seek revenge like his mother did when his father stayed out all night. He is afraid to turn into his father and I get that. I never see it happening but hey he is worried. Amy standing up for herself is perfect. It brings me back to old school Amy who didn't take his crap. She knows how to handle him and he has come along way just like Leonard said. The spot thing was really funny. She wants to but just can't. And his apology was sincere.....and I loved that. He put his hand on hers when he said he wanted to take the relationship to the next level. The toothbrush scene was both moving and funny. I was so happy with the hug. Any Penny afterwards was what made me laugh. Yeah Leonard I am not sure you had to be there but it was perfect. So overall I have loved this whole season and I can't wait for more.
  6. Okay I know I am a little late to the party but it was impossible to get on my computer to come here yesterday. I also wanted to watch the episode a second time before giving my final grade. I loved this episode. But to be honest I was not laughing at the beginning as much as some people. Things I didn't like in the beginning..... Leonard saying things like well we live with Sheldon so inconvenience has lost all meaning....I am with Sheldon....he notices every eye roll....something I have been noticing. He also said to Amy that the big step was in the right direction for him and Penny and implied that it was I. n the wrong direction for her. I don't know it just irked me. I know it is the writers and not wanting to change things but I really didn't see anything odd about Sheldon being in 4B and coming over to 4A. I must say I do agree that Leonard also should have stuck up for Penny when Sheldon implied there were many men in her bed. I did like the advice both Penny and Leonard gave them about living together. I can understand why they went to the opposite person. Leonard has been with Sheldon forever and Amy needed to know what to expect. Sheldon needs Penny for understanding relationships and she is such a fan of theirs she wants it to work. Now the things I loved about this storyline..... Penny and Leonard dancing was hysterical. Penny's face when he started was priceless. Then them dancing and having a good time and her pointing out to him he was actually pretty good. I just loved how much fun they were having. Sheldon and Amy in bed together was my favorite part especially after being told no flash photography and the flash at the end. I literally almost fell off my couch laughing. Those two hit the mark perfectly. The end was very funny. They knew exactly what to say to each other to diss.....Penny being clueless about the sciency stuff was perfect and asking Leonard if it was a good diss was too cute. When she said I think I should say damn and he told her to go for it was awesome. The make out line at the end seemed OOC but I still loved it. It meant that they got each other so worked up over the sexy science talk they needed to get out their pent up frustration. Okay on to the Howardette/Raj storyline: Loved the phone calls back and forth about the sex of the baby. It was so funny. And I can see a couple struggling to decide since their friend knew. I know when I had my kids I needed to know. But I like that the writers seem to want it to be a mystery for them. One of the few we all still can have. However I would be so pissed....more than they seemed at Raj. I mean it would have been one thing for the writers to say he saw it open on her table or something but for them to have him say is it my fault the folder was sitting there and I opened it.....um bad idea. He was so caring for Bernadette last week helping her through her worries but this week he was acting creepy and douchy again. Seeing Cinnamon back was great.....I smiled when I saw her. So glad Emily didn't kill her. All in all this was definitely my favorite this season and one of my favorites of the series. I like that they are getting back to comedy at its best. I hope the trend continues next week as well.
  7. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Ugh!
  8. I loved this episode. I laughed out loud a lot. I actually haven't laughed this hard at an episode for a while. Penny's family cracked me up. I wasn't sure what I was expecting with Penny's brother and I am still not sure if the casting was right but he was funny none the less. I wasn't bothered at all by Sheldon's speech. I thought it was sweet although I do see those that thought once again he interrupted a moment between Penny and Leonard because he did but at the same time, Bernadette did ask if anyone else had anything to say. The car scene with Amy, Mary and Sheldon was perfect. I know he was rude to Amy but I think that was showing that Amy would someday be able to handle him just like his mom. Mary telling her that she would get it eventually was perfect. It meant that she was passing the torch to Amy like he's yours and you will be able to handle him just not yet. I was not at all bothered at Amy thinking Sheldon would propose which I must say I thought played out way less than the way it sounded.(this . usually why I don't comment at Taping reports and just read them. They never play out the way they sound.) I think she wants it so bad that she will make even little things out to be the big one. I think the writers are going to tease us for awhile and then surprise us. All in all I enjoyed this episode from start to finish.
  9. This so needs to happen! If not it needs to be written for fanfiction.
  10. I did know that but I thought that the first night was the most important and Yom Kippur is during an off taping week so it wouldn't affect her. Now if it was a taping I say she would not be there for that one. She missed the first night of Passover in season 7 if I recall. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. The Jewish holidays this year fall on a Sunday(October 2: Rosh Hashana) and on a week off(Yom Kippur is on October 11) so that may not actually be a problem for her.
  12. I think her mother went to a sperm bank and got inseminated. Amy has no idea who her father is. Her mom made her date once a year because she saw the same thing happening to Amy that happened to her. She didn't want Amy to have no friends and have to rely on a strangers sperm to make her feel whole. Just my theory though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Ok I am going to say that I loved this episode. The Shamy stuff didn't bother me in the least and this is the reason why: 1. It did sound to me as if Amy was making Sheldon shop with her. Do we not remember Space Probe? Both guys hated it. 2. Howard was the one to suggest he hire someone to do his errands.(okay maybe he meant in the line but to Sheldon that wasn't the errand) 3. While his apology was rushed because of the Uber driver, he knew he couldn't blow off her feelings. He meant the apology even if he didn't sound sincere. I absolutely think the line at the theater was a throw away. 4. Most important is Amy accepted it. She knows it's a long road with Sheldon and she has now accepted that and even been validated for doing it. That to me is what matters. She knew he meant the apology so she accepted it. i do understand some people not liking this episode because they don't want to see it go back to the old way. But if you remember Vacation.....he was going reluctantly and would never have apologized if Amy and Penny hadn't called him out on his behavior. this time I saw Amy not take his crap and throw it right back in his face. If Sheldon had told Amy in the first place he didn't want to go shopping then the whole thing could have been avoided. i think Shamy is in a good place and we will see great things in season 10.
  14. I absolutely agree. I am more interested in how he plans on asking her then when they get married. Although Amy as a bridezilla could be funny. Maybe I am just thinking of fanfiction and the way some portray her there.....
  15. He had another excuse ready also when both Raj and Howard were dumbfounded he closed the door on her. He said, "She was late. And she found atomic spectroscopy boring. Well, I wouldn’t coitus her with your genitals." So he had already made up his mind the moment she said that. I really like this idea but I really want to see the proposal. Maybe in flashbacks we see how he proposed and she said yes then we see the courthouse where they got married. I don't mind not seeing the wedding but I want to see how he proposes when he finally decides to do it.
  16. This is one of my favorite gifs too! Of course just like everyone else Earworm and Opening Night are my favorites. I loved when Amy gave her speech at Sheldon's birthday. It was just so sweet. And I absolutely laughed out loud when Sheldon and Amy skyped over the new laptop.....she was so frustrated and he was so happy. And I also loved when they said that they missed each other when she was at the conference.(Sorry no gif for this one)
  17. These gifs are so great. I need to add more:
  18. I'm going to add to the fun gifs of Shamy to help this get to 1000 pages.
  19. I will self promote. If you click on my YouTube link at the bottom of my signature. I have made a few Shamy videos.
  20. This is the Alicia I thought of immediately too. He could be......
  21. Okay well I am going to put my two cents in on the last two episodes. Episode 23 sounds like a fun episode. I can so see Sheldon taking what the guys say about hiring someone and turning it around. From what I read they were telling him about getting someone to stand in line for him but he used it in his own way and hired someone to go shopping with Amy. This is not surprising to me at all. I mean didn't we have an episode where both Sheldon and Leonard were forced into shopping with the girls and they didn't have the greatest time. Not many men want to shop and maybe they were going to a bookstore or some other store Sheldon would enjoy but I can totally understand that he would rather see Avengers over any store(fun or not). But I do love at the end that it seems he realizes he must apologize on his own and Amy forgives him. To me that is important. She forgives him. I don't see her holding it in anymore like last year. As far as the finale, I see why some think it is like a filler episode but it sounds fun to me. I am so glad there is no drama. Am I disappointed there wasn't an engagement? A little but I tried not to get my hopes up too much so it didn't bother me. All in all I have been happy with this season. There were some episodes that bothered me of course but I think with 24 in a season it makes sense.
  22. I am with you. Last year I got my expectations so high after we got a title that I was thoroughly depressed after reading the taping report. I don't want to have any expectations. Shamy is in such a good place I can't see the writers creating any more drama with them. But I felt the same way last year also. I just feel this year there was so much more progress that it can't be them. I don't think there will be any drama to be honest. A nice party for Lenny would be nice with Sheldon realizing how much he wants to have what they have and then he proposes to Amy. But that is just my dream.No expectations.
  23. You are welcome. I just want a fun episode really, I can't ask for much more....okay maybe a kiss or a hand hold or something. I mean I still love watching the end of Big bear and the never have I ever.....I just keep rewinding the DVR and watching it over and over....they are so cute.
  24. I don't see why the engagement couldn't happen in the second to last episode....it did for Lenny. I would absolutely die if that was what happened tonight....I will not get my hopes up and just hope for a fun episode with maybe a bit of Shamy cuteness mixed in.
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