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  1. And he actually asked her and she admitted it. So it wasn't trying. She was like yes I am and he told her well done it worked.
  2. I think we all need something new to discuss.
  3. I thought there was one....now I am depressed.
  4. I got a review for my story yesterday that told me they skipped to the Shamy part and I was moving the story too slow and they were bored. That was skipping 5 chapters and reading two.....I almost replied if they thought my story was slow what must they think of the slow pace of the show with Shamy. Tensor....I loved your story. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. These two posts are exactly what I was thinking. I know people have opinions and they shouldn't be squashed but I have felt that we have gotten so much out of Shamy this season. From the bad to the good and I for one am extremely happy about where they are. I think by over analyzing every little detail, it takes away from the enjoyment. I know that I love to read the taping reports and thanks so much for those who put the time and effort into putting them together for us. But even if I hate the way the report sounds I still have to watch the show to find out what it is all about anyway. There have been so many times when I read something and say oh hell no they didn't do that did they only to realize after watching it, thinking hey this wasn't as bad as it seemed on paper. People who go to the show can only write what they saw and nothing else. They can't tell you how someone else may have seen it or how you will see it.
  6. I am not sure when this is supposed to air but I would think that she is only supposed to be about 4- 4.5 months pregnant. I expect when they come back from summer she will be showing depending on the time jump. I think she is supposed to be due around end of October beginning November....that is still 6.5 months from now. When I was pregnant I didn't start showing until month 5, especially with my first.
  7. But do we really want all four of them together. I for one do not want that although I can think there would be some funny moments with the four of them in the same apartment, especially with one bathroom and Sheldon's strict bathroom policy.
  8. No he called Mom and got her to give him more then dad called and offered even more. I remember the line "Who wants to go to Vegas in a real helicopter?"
  9. I think I am watching the same show as you. I can't like your comments more than once or I would. I have been watching this relationship from the beginning and routing for them to be it for each other because let's face it most of us saw how perfect they were for each other in that coffee shop. Even Howard saw it. Now from the third episode of season 4 I have seen Amy as the, for lack of a better term, manipulator. Here is my example and I apologize if this is a repeat, I have not gone back and read all the posts. Amy: "I'll agree to that as long as you stipulate that 80% of our difficulties were caused by you." Sheldon: "Ill go as high as 40." Amy: 65. Sheldon: Done. Um if that isn't manipulation what is? He agreed that he caused most of the problems. In the Habitation, Sheldon went and defended Amy to Wil Wheaton even though, now don't hate this is my opinion, she caused the problems that led to Wil calling her a pain in the ass. She was wrong yet he went to defend her because she was mad and he didn't want that. And he admitted himself in both Vacation Solution and Fish Guts that the RA was made for her to follow him blindly.....um manipulation on his part. Amy has pointed out the flaws and I feel that they have worked through them. Should they have a new RA, I don't know. If it works for them and they work together to write it, I have no issues with it. It seems to me as if Sheldon needs that kind of order in his life, and no I am not saying it is Sheldon being Sheldon. IT seems to me as if all his friends follow some kind of contract, I mean three strikes and a course? Who agrees to that? Is this manipulation unhealthy for them? I don't think so because it seems to make them stronger. And she now seems to admit she has manipulated him in the past and most definitely in the next episode with the cabin. And he obviously doesn't get when he is being manipulated as pointed out by brilliantfool who stated that Penny takes him to the Lego store(instead of naked body) to get her way.....so they are all guilty of manipulating him because like sarcasm, he doesn't get it.
  10. The guys definitely know that S/A had sex. In The Empathy Optimization the guys are at the Comic Book Store and are talking about wanting to do things without Sheldon, noting that Amy's break from Sheldon improved their relationship. Raj thinks that is a great idea as long as it doesn't end up with having to have sex with Sheldon. Now on the other side of things, I keep thinking about The Vacation Solution....Sheldon and Howard are sulking at the bar at The Cheesecake Factory, but tell Penny that they are there for no reason. Penny tells them that their girlfriends text her about pretty much everything that happens in their lives. So I am sure that everyone knows they have had sex, but I think that the girls may have gotten some details from Amy. Oh I know they all know about the sex, I laughed out loud when Raj said that. I just think that if there is a non disclosure that was signed, obviously after because we saw the before, I think Amy would respect that. She was all excited about the extra dates in episode 3 last season when she told both Leonard and Penny that the RA wasn't just hot it was "binding". I think she takes his contracts seriously so to me this would be no different. I know she shares everything with the girls and they may have pushed her but I hope she was strong and told them she promised not to tell. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Exactly! You're making my point. Even though they mention Penny and Leonard's secrets, Bernedette and Penny didn't tell Leonard what they were, they only referenced that they knew. I strongly believe that Amy told them because one, they knew it happened and they know it was her first time, so they'd want the details. I am sure something that important and special to her, they'd keep a secret. They both also had a first time so they'd know what it was like. I was trying to say that they all would know. My implications on that conversation is that they tell each other about their love lives. Bernadette shares what she knows with Howard. So if Amy shared there is no way that penny wouldn't tell Leonard and Bernadette would tell Howard. The guys would never let Sheldon live it down. So I believe that while Amy may have confirmed they had sex, I believe she did not share details because of the non disclosure. She may not have taken some parts of the RA seriously but I would believe if she would want this to happen again she would respect Sheldon's wishes. And they just didn't tell Leonard what Penny said but again I was under the impression by the way it was delivered was it was about sex....especially since after Howard told Raj he would share later. Again this is my opinion, I don't think details were shared. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I think that Amy would still have told Penny and Bernedette even though she signed it. It's the "most interesting thing that had ever happened to her!" Lol. Even though they're gossips, they wouldn't have said anything to Sheldon or anybody else. I think if she told Penny and Bernadette details everyone would know. We know Penny tells Bernadette about her and Leonard and she tells Howard. From the Isolation Permutation: Howard: Well, hey, I’m usually pretty good at not blabbing. You tell me tons of stuff about these guys, and I never repeat it. Penny: What do you tell him? Bernadette: Oh, you know, just pillow talk. You guys have nothing to worry about. Leonard: Hold on, did you talk about us when we were dating? Penny: No. All your little secrets are fine. Bernadette: Yes, absolutely fine. No way would the guys not find out.....my opinion though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. /> agreed. She will get his family's ring. I don't think its tainted or anything. That "hand me down" line was in anger. Plus, she wants it and Amy would totally eat up an heirloom like that. Its earmarked for her....just when now (and I don't see it happening until middle next season) I hope not middle of the season. Maybe we will get that proposal in 10x2 instead of the wedding like Amy thought. Since they weren't together for 6 months we get the proposal exactly 4 years and then by end of season 10 wedding because we know Sheldon won't want to wait like Leonard and Penny did. The season could be about the planning and end with the wedding then season 11 could be exploring them in the first year of married life. I would love it sooner but I don't think it will happen with only 4 episodes left to,tape. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I definitely think he has the ring. In my mind the "hand me down" line was because she was angry with meemaw. At the end she said if wanted to give it to her he could with meemaw's blessing. I believe the ring Sheldon has is the, one he will use. The thing I want to know and I know it has been said is when did he decide to propose. I mean this is what we all want but it was definitely a shock to learn he had it. Was it his idea? Or did he just accept the ring from Mary and then decide oh I guess I should now propose. I want to think he had a conversation with Mary about how he felt about amy and how he knew she was the one then Mary offered him the ring and he readily accepted it. But we will probably never know. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. You are right but I still think she made it up. Like I said it was the one I remembered had a name.
  16. In the season 5 premiere when Penny went to stay at Amy's house she mentioned she could teach her the language Op that she made up. And in season 7 episode 2 she was making up a language with the word Tweapodock.....I don't think that had a name.
  17. Well which ever would be cool. Op is the one I knew....I don' t think the other one had a name.
  18. That's a minor technicality. LOL I love the idea of her saying the vows in Klingon and her in Op.....that would be awesome. I really want it to happen this season too. I agree we all know about the ring so why not just have him propose. In bed would be too much like Lenny and I don't want that no matter how much Amy would love it. But I agree there seems to me so much they have to cover in just a few episodes, the engagement could be put off until season 10.
  19. They definitely could get engaged before. Lenny got engaged in the next to last episode of season 7. I do hope it happens this season, I just don't want to keep it dragging out but hey these writers will kill us with suspense. There are places that it is legal to marry yourself. I never knew that until I was watching an episode of some wedding show and the bride and groom were marrying themselves. The couple was in Pennsylvania, which is my home state so I was really shocked. I think you still need witnesses though. I do like the idea of them doing that themselves(they both got ordained) so that would be a great gesture if it is legal in California. I don't know if Amy would want it in Klingon though.
  20. Maybe he went to Penny's guy. Thanks to everyone who has given a report. It sounds like such a fun episode.
  21. And this season we had Earworm followed by Opening Night. It can definitely happen. I do hope the focus is on Lenny though. They deserve a plot too even if they aren't my favorite. Those fans deserve a good story also.
  22. I absolutely love the idea of Lenny getting away for a week and then Shamy having apartment 4A to themselves but I also can't help but think this could also have something to do with the app again. Leonard, Howard and Sheldon go to the cabin(where the bedroom comes into play no idea) and the girls and Raj in the Wolowitz kitchen. I have to put this one out there that way I don't get myself too excited for Shamy again. Although I do not think that two episodes in a row of them is unheard of. We had many episodes all about them at the beginning of the season, even if they were broken up at the time.
  23. I have difficulty seeing Kate in the role as well but only because Mayim is so great. That is not to say that Kate and Jim wouldn't have had great chemistry also. It's like saying someone other than Alan Rickman could be Snape.(Just one example I have) We know and love Mayim in the role and can't imagine anyone playing Amy now almost 6 years later but who knows, they could have been just as good together. I agree he has great chemistry with Kaley as well but I think it is better with Mayim but that is my opinion. And I love the chemistry between Johnny and him in their relationship. It is great.
  24. I like this idea. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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