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  1. I agree with this. It would be completely disappointing if he only did it because she wanted it and he didn't but I truly don't believe that is the case. I think subconsciously he did want it after all he was visited by Professor Proton whom we all know is just his own mind working. It was Professor Proton who told her to be with Amy(I know it was meant as be with her on her birthday but still) I think his own mind decided to do this for her but I can't see if he wasn't into it that he would have done it.
  2. I must say this is very well put. The Shenny moments were there and most of us accept them but I agree, I kind of wondered after watching #200 again why they couldn't be holding hands in the hall as they were waiting. Why wasn't there a kiss on Valentine's Day. I love the little gestures too, like the tie and the winks but I really wish there was just a tiny bit more. I was not at all upset at the Shenny moment because as much as people want to say it looked intimate, his words are always more meaning to me then the way he looks. I hug close friends both male and female in that way. He said they were irritating but still took it because Penny was going to do it either way so he might as well accept it. Little gestures like you said, a kiss on the forehead, handholding, is that so hard, writers? Anyone?
  3. Nah that's not too much to ask....LOL....although I do like the way you think. Happy Taping Day!!!!
  4. I love this and could not have said it better myself. Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Oh totally agree....HIMYM was completely ruined for me. I would hate to see that happen on this show. I love this show way more than I ever loved HIMYM. I would burn all my DVDs if Shenny ever happened.
  6. I don't get it either. Raj made a douche move dumping Emily before Valentine's day(though he should have done it sooner). Not his smartest move, then yeah begging Emily to take him back after Claire rejected him was pathetic but again I am not sure how it makes him a douche. When they first started dating, he was upfront with her about seeing Lucy as well. I am not sure where he became a douche. Just my opinion of course. Everyone can have their own when it comes to Raj as well.
  7. I always like Sheldon/Penny friend scenes. They were fun. So those wouldn't be horrible but no romantic scenes. I think it was just an offhand remark because he had to choose someone to have a secret 1 night stand.....it would probably be comedy gold if it was ever revealed. I don't want that to happen but it would be funny. exactly!!!!!
  8. It was random questions....I'm not worried about it, plus there if Prady, Molaro or Lorre were Shenny shippers, it would have happened. Didn't Prady put someone in their place about Shenny last year by telling them the engagement of Leonard and Penny put an end to that hope. Jim is a huge Shamy shipper. In the same interview he said he wanted to do it much more and graphically. Just saying.
  9. The Hook Up Reverberation. When Penny invited Raj and Emily over to straighten out what happened when they hooked up. When they both left they turned to the door and both said "I hate her." It was a mutual hate between both of them but now they seem to include Emily in the girl's nights.
  10. This is the perfect summary. I loved this episode from start to finish.
  11. I absolutely loved this episode. I laughed pretty much the entire time. Howard freaking out was exactly what happens. And the guys and girls reactions were spot on. I loved Bernadette' s hormones already. I see lots of comedy with this. The karaoke was terrific. Drunk Sheldon cracks me up every time. I know it is not for everyone. His reaction to Howardette making the baby in his bed was so him. Was it the appropriate time? Probably not but I know Amy definitely would tell him. The tag scene which I see some people hated and some people loved, I was fine with. What made me laugh about that was probably because I was involved in doing that once to a friend when they were the first to pass out at a party. Of course I was in my twenties but maybe this was just more residual from them being young and fun.
  12. I'm not going to get into whether or not they are making Sheldon/Penny more sexual or not. I am under the impression they have no intentions of doing that, but this being said this hug doesn't look like what was described however, if I recall it was said that she hugged him with everyone around. Where is everyone? This is a picture that was taken after the scene was taped, maybe?, probably? If I recall, there were people at other tapings that say they take some pics after the scenes are shot. This could be one of them. I don't know, but I'm not worried. I agree Sheldon does not look annoyed or irritated in this picture. But I trust those at the taping that say he was. But again, I will watch and make an more informed decision once I see it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. It depends on the company's maternity policy. Some companies will give paid but I don't think many do. I didn't get paid maternity. I had to use all my sick and personal days to get any kind of pay. Little people are expensive and you are right if Bernadette goes back to work right away(6 weeks) it will be very expensive for daycare. A buttload of money can go only so far. When I had two kids in daycare we paid almost a full mortgage payment in expenses. They probably don't have a mortgage payment now but they also probably did use the savings they had in order to do renovations. It will be interesting to see what they do with this storyline.
  14. I loved everything about this episode! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. This looks so funny. I love Penny's face when she said "cleaning up is not young and fun." I can't wait for this episode.
  16. I have to admit when I first read that it was Penny to the rescue, I was like really, again? But now after reading this post it seems to make more sense. Leonard and Amy were fighting and Penny said "I got this." As far as who sees who pantless, we know they both have but Amy has seen more(at least I hope) than Leonard. (okay dirty thoughts go away) So that should have been her argument. Okay never mind....I forgot about the North Pole. All in all this sounds like a good episode but I have to admit I was expecting something a bit more. I am not sure what but more.
  17. Penny says specifically in the cold opening of 9.11 that Amy's birthday was on thursday (December 17th was on Thursday...) Her exact words were "Do you realize that Thursday is Amy's birthday?" There have been some early showings of the movie in the USA, maybe the guys went to one of them. The movie had 7pm showings on Thursday night. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. This point right here is what angered me most about meemaw or I should say the writers. It looked to me that as soon as meemaw said you hurt him, which I think was a bit more gentle then the rest, Amy could have told her she understood. But then they were interrupted by Lenny bringing Sheldon in to defend Amy which I think was great btw.....
  19. There were holes.....I hadn't really thought about that but all in all I do think that this was a good episode. Too bad there aren't any unicorn farting rainbows though. OMG.....that is just too funny!
  20. Okay so here's my two cents about the episode. Overall I really liked it. I think the tr read pretty accurately. Now as far as the lines that so many were concerned about the one that stuck out for me the most was the one where amy said who said I want to be engaged to him? It may have been in the moment of anger but we all know that is the main reason she broke up with him, commitment. I then watched it a second time and realized this was the moment meemaw told Sheldon to leave. This was when she wanted to tell Amy the real reason she didn't like her. She broke her moonpie's heart and Amy needed to hear that. I think the writers missed one thing though. Amy telling meemaw she understood that. I think that was needed but right after meemaw told Amy she didn't like that she broke up with him was when Sheldon broke in to defend Amy. As much as I don't believe an apology is necessary to Sheldon, I do feel if Amy had said to Meemaw that she understood why she was upset then the end would have felt better to me(not that I didn't love Sheldon telling amy to cool her jets) I think that everything is fine with Meemaw because of Sheldon but I really would have like Amy defending herself about the break up a little bit more. Even though, again, she was justified in it. Her telling meemaw that she was concerned about him being truly committed would have been nice. It's a comedy though so honestly as much as that would have been nice this probably shouldn't or won't ever happen. So yes Amy now knows that Sheldon is committed to her and is going to propose sooner or later. And we are going to see happy Shamy in the next few episodes so that is all that matters now. I liked the other storyline it had funny moments. But not getting too much into it. I may have missed some things but this was my biggest issue. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. I think Meemaw finds out tonight. Amy says something to Sheldon about the ring in front of meemaw and he says I gave you my virginity cool your jets.
  22. I hadn't thought about the nemesis angle.
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