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  1. I thought I would pop over here and see everyone happy about this report. It seems you are right.....the sky isn't blue it is green. I should have known someone would have a problem with it though. Oh I think an intervention is necessary since 3 sips of beer constitutes him constantly being drunk and a couple of glasses of whatever he drank last night. LOL.....that made me laugh.
  2. One would have to lay on top of the other.....oh wait that is not a bad thing.
  3. I'm glad I am not the only one that read this report that way....the birthday sex was planned by Sheldon(and to some extent Amy) to the point he was going to wine and dine her beforehand. My head canon says they had the heat of the moment sex when she got back from the conference, that would be heat of the moment type of sex. Bed shopping.....YES!!!!!!!!!! The two of them won't fit in Sheldon's tiny bed.....time for a new one.
  4. Yes!!!!!!!! I like little lady too though.
  5. What Moonpie lie??? He never told her... Penny only knew due to snooping. I mean I have been married to my husband ten years and he just found out that my family called me Moo until I was 18. As far as staying in Detroit ... That is completly different than lying about your virginity. Because the writers needed Amy away for her back and Sheldons growth. Could they of handled it better meh? Probaly? But it is what they choose to do. Just like the choice to keep Amy a virgin... Sheesh peeps... This TR needs to come because ya'll are reaching for new things to bitch about:scratchhead: When I saw this argument before about Amy not knowing moon pie I thought the only reason Penny knew was because she found the letters then refused to get his flash drive until he told her why she called him that. Leonard was sitting across from him on the train. The only other person I know that knows he is called that is Wil Wheaton. My uncle has nicknames for everyone and I don't think my husband knew he called me and my sister rugrats for years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Okay we seem to be on the same page. I guess I may have read it wrong originally. We said the same thing. The quoting function does suck. I can do it fine from a computer but not my iPad.....ugh. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. You are right that's what I meant. I obviously expressed it wrong. it wasn't like that for Beverley's kiss.....I've watched it to see if it was reflex. My thought on this is Jim felt Sheldon wanted it from Amy and not Beverley. Nothing too huge there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Well we know Amy had been kissed before since she says so in season 6(the Santa simulation). She took a guys insulin so he would kiss her. And Sheldon doesn't count the Beverly kiss and neither does Penny, who was there when it happened, although she was drunk. I think she remembered it the next day though as told in the car on the way back to airport. In my opinion, the question was more along the lines have you ever kissed anyone you wanted to kiss? Even though that wasn't said, it was implied. And yes he did pucker his lips for it and close his eyes, although that may just be Jims acting since I have seen him do the same thing with some of the others as well, like when she pulled him back in in Earworm. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Yeah I realized that so I deleted that sentence. I was typing when you deleted it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I thought this as well, but what I took from it is that the break up was intended to last then, if she wasn't ready to date now but wanted to eventually. Not once did she mention a possible reconciliation with Sheldon. Did she really want to see if dating someone who was a lot less like Sheldon would make her happier? This further explains why she didn't confront Sheldon on the stairwell but solemnly accepted his position. She was not ready to get back together with him, but she didn't expect that he'd try to move on either. Had I been in Amy's position, I would have chased Sheldon up the stairs to force a discussion, but she just stood there and watched him disappear. So, in essence it seems that her misassumption that Sheldon was moving on inadvertently shortened the break up because she started dating sooner than intended and discovered it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. This makes Amy out to be retaliatory individual. She dated sooner than intended as a result of Sheldon's actions, and she called Dave after a bad date because of Sheldon's turning her down on getting back together. With this analysis, it's obvious that Sheldon meant more to her than she was letting on, but she seemed to just want to get over him. It cut me like a knife when Sheldon called her about their FWF baby, and she said him contacting her made her relive her pain all over again. Talk about a low blow. She was done. Her call to him to say "I think I'm ready to be your girlfriend again," implies she expected Sheldon would be there to take her back when and if she was done figuring things out. I understand the break up was meant to enforce growth in Sheldon so he would appreciate what he had with Amy and become a better boyfriend, but in putting all the focus on Sheldon's growth, some of what we loved about Amy and the reasons we loved her being with Sheldon have been lost. The Amy who related so well to Sheldon's quirks and understood him so well, calling him the best boyfriend, has been replaced with an Amy who feels victimized and describes her relationship with Sheldon as more work than it should be to Dave and as one of tolerance to his grandmother. To Meemaw, she should be describing it as one of intense patience and love, not as a rescue mission because her grandson's odds on finding another to put up with him do not rest in his favor. While I can get behind a retaliatory thing the second time after Sheldon rejected her being his girlfriend again, I not sure if that is what she was going for the first time. When she was speaking with her friends(who lets face it, never understood why she was with Sheldon) she told them she thought maybe she would date. The face on the stairwell was confused. After she told him she turned down Barry, he proceeds to tell her he has asked out two women. In my mind, Amy was crushed. She may not have told Bernadette and Penny she was still considering Sheldon, but that scene told me she was. I'm convinced she decided he's moving on so will I. Maybe that is a bit retaliatory in timing but we never would have known if her friends had not put that app on her phone and we all saw Daves texts. She definitely was being retaliatory when she called Dave in Earworm....no doubt. She as much as told Bernadette. But we will never know how far she really would have gone with Dave that night. She needed Sheldon to knock on that door.....that was what she was waiting for. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Okay I am late to the party but I am rewatching season 9 and I got to this episode. Amy said these words in the same episode Sheldon told her he moved on and it was only after Barry asked her out. She said "I know I will date eventually but it seems too soon." or something along those lines then answered the questions about not wanting someone like Sheldon. As they were leaving is when they ran into Sheldon on the stairs. The way it was sounding(And I am not disagreeing with anyone here) was that she did this so much further in advance than her finding out Sheldon asked two girls out. The next episode was helium.(ugh....not the greatest) when they found out she had gone out on couple of dates. I am not trying to tell anyone how to think here I just want to weigh in on this particular issue. I think she definitely thought she would date again but him e saying he asked those girls out was enough to push her into it.
  11. No. But when I read the taping report on it the next morning, I groaned loudly and said "Oh, crap!" Knowing the backlash on this forum it would cause among the Shamy fans and greatful that Michy (a Shenny hater in any form) wasn't alone at the taping. Monique was with her. Hazelra!!! Do you not remeber me talking you off the ledge and assuring you everything would be ok? . Oh, I HATED that Sheldon's birthday BS!!! Just don't get me started on it.... I personally really like Intimacy as well. Hazerla knows this but I try not to discuss it with her. The birthday was ridiculous and in my head Amy always knew and pretended she didn't. Actually they all knew because of Missy. I believe Missy and Penny were friends on FB and she has her birthday on it. They pretend they don't know and now that he has told them(or Penny) all bets are off for a birthday party.....too bad so sad Sheldon. But Sheldon told Amy and asked her not to share. I mean he knows her birthday! It's like Penny not knowing Leonard's when she had a party for him in season 1. And they weren't dating! "You remember my birthday?" Leonard "Yeah I did your horoscopes." Penny How did she forget 8 years later? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I love everything you had to say but this part especially. Like I said in an earlier post a ring isn't going to change how they feel. We all know they love each other and want to be with each other. Amy now knows about the ring. Will she push for it? I sure as hell hope not. Now with the FwF she may have expected it because of it being Valentine's Day but I don't think she will push. I think you are right and Sheldon needs time to process everything that has happened and then come up with a great way to propose. We are all here on this board(and Amy) all going to wonder: Is this it? And that may very well be what she was thinking when he revealed the new name and when it wasn't it she had to say something. I do hope they use the "that's catchy" phrase over the other but whatever. I can't wait for this proposal and I am sure hoping it will as unique and quirky as Sheldon and Amy.
  13. Okay I am going through the last several pages and now I need to stop and respond to this one. I love everything about this post. I have stayed off of these forums at times jut because of the negativity. And this side is usually the lovey dovey type. The season 9 side....that's hard to read. I have loved every single bit of Shamy goodness the writers have thrown at us. Between the reconciliation, coitus all the other stuff listed. Did the writers have to keep her away to make a point....no. There were many other reasons Amy could have been trapped in Detroit, she actually said one herself....it's beautiful when it sleets(that could easily cause a delay/cancellation of a flight) Then she would have been stuck when he was sick and still been able to teach him empathy. But the more I think about it the more I feel that this was the writers way of saying hey look Sheldon even your girlfriend doesn't want to be around when you are sick and she puts up with(not really the best choice of words but I can't think of anything else) with a lot of your crap. Let's make him see that he is a giant pain in the ass when sick. Now as far as Meemaw I feel they are showing him standing up to her about Amy. To me this episode is only on paper right now. Nothing ever sounds right on paper. I have read so many reports from this site that played out so much differently than they read. Case in point season finale season 7....when I read the report I was pissed at hell Sheldon left then I saw it and I said I completely understand why this happened. Was I still upset? Just slightly. Again I will say this: I need to see the next two episodes played out before anything. Some of you(And me sometimes) want things to happen(like a talk) and then they do and we get all upset at one or the other. Amy is the one that dumped Sheldon. Am I angry at her for that? Actually no. He was hard to deal with at times. He insulted her, I got it. Did she regret it right away? I think so.(She as much as said so in the kitchen) Should she apologize? Maybe, maybe not. Did we see Sheldon apologize after 45 days? nope not at all.....all he said was I didn't want to let you see me fail. And she accepted it. (Probably beating a dead horse because that was last season but still....it is worth mentioning here) I love how this season has gone and I hope there will be a proposal soon but if there is not so be it. I just want them to be happily living their lives together. A ring will not change that. Besides the fact that at the end of the Meemaw episode and correct me if I am wrong here: doesn't Amy ask if Sheldon wants to give her the ring would Meemaw approve? So whether she said she didn't need the ring or not I feel is irrelevant because that was said in anger over the obvious dislike of Amy from Meemaw. Okay I think I have said my peace. I may read more of the comments but let's just be happy they seem happy. And not worry about who is to blame and who isn't.
  14. I think we all may be reading more into it because if I recall at the end of the episode she says something along the lines of so you have this ring? Because wasn't that when he told her to cool her jets? So she wants it but she may have been mad because Meemaw seems to hate her.
  15. yes yes and yes. I never wanted to blame anyone for the break up. They were both hurt and they both screwed up. It all seems good now and if they have a small talk about it so be it but I don't want it to drag out. Thank you for putting this into words. See I don't think Amy dated right away. We didn't see her thinking about dating until episode 5. I think there was the time jump here. And it was right after Sheldon told her so casually that he had asked two girls out. She had turned down two guys in that episode. We don't know how much time there was between episode 5 and 6. Then she had gone out to coffee with a couple of guys. I think she was hurt that she thought Sheldon had moved on(And as it was said....casually told her) and decided maybe she should as well. I don't think she dated first or right away. There was most definitely a time jump somewhere between episode 1 and 6.
  16. Thank you so much for this. It sounds like you saw a fun episode. I can say that after watching this past week's episode the Rajily break up doesn't surprise me in the least and then after hearing him dreaming about another woman it really made sense. I hope(as someone else said) they use the "that's catchy' phrase as well. Amy can't be upset about that. To me I think she would think it was romantic....or old Amy would have. Plus didn't he just name an asteroid after her? So as he put it: He can get out of Valentine's Day for years. The pregnancy thing is weird but I guess we should have seen it coming with all the talk. They could easily hide if Melissa was pregnant in real life but I don't think they will have a baby on set all the time. I think it will be with her parents or a nanny. I think it could also be fun if like they said when they had that original fight about kids, Howard as a stay at home dad. OR Raj as the nanny. Sheldon and Amy babysitting would be funny too.
  17. this... but she says , "now that we are in a physical relationship, you just lost sex tonight" and he looks at her stunned at first but thinks about it and gets kind of sad. ok... i'll just go back to reading people's comments again ... Love this^^^^^^^^^^ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. You are not saying anything I disagree with. I just assumed that Penny would blab the moment she found out, like with the coitus. Although they didn't come right out and tell her until she wanted to know why they were acting so strange. And she did encourage Amy to date knowing about the ring, but I think that is because she thought Sheldon was looking as well. This is terrible communication on the parts of friends and on Sheldon and Amy. If they had just talked it out, maybe if Sheldon had given more than 11 hours, they could have fixed it sooner. But the writers wanted it drawn out. Then they drop the bombshell about the ring and Penny didn't run to Amy about it. You are right it seems she should have. I think the writers had us believing that the proposal would be a surprise and then BOOM Meemaw goes and ruins it all. If someone was to ruin it, that should have fallen to Penny, I agree. I do hope they don't draw this proposal out. I would love to just see it happen casually between the two of them. Now that it is out there I feel the pressure will be on Sheldon. I don't think Amy will be the one pressuring, I think he wants to do it right. Penny could be the one to push him into it. But you are right....it is the writer's story to tell and you never know how long we will have to wait. It could happen tonight for all we know(wishful thinking here) For the most part it is an engagement ring then a wedding band also. I have both but there may be some that only have the one so I don't want to answer for everyone involved.
  19. Like I said, I have mixed feelings but I want to see it play out. I may have missed the part about her not needing the ring when I read the TR but if she said that then I agree whole heartedly. And you are right I never even thought about the bridesmaid dresses. My only concern was if Amy doesn't feel like she really has her blessing why would she want to wear her ring? But then again, Meemaw didn't say give it back you can't have it anymore Sheldon. So she probably does approve.
  20. This exactly was my problem with the break up all along. I never understood why they didn't find a way to make them talk to each other. I thought their friends would try and establish what the problem between the two of them was. And while Penny wasn't there for the actual break up....she wasn't surprised when Sheldon told her. She actually said to him, "I'm surprised Amy went through with it." Sheldon was angry at Penny for encouraging her to do it and she replied it isn't my fault she thinks you are a bad boyfriend. This to me meant Amy had complained and had been contemplating breaking up with him. It seems as if she confided in Penny alone. Bernadette seemed genuinely concerned about Amy after she dumped him during the wedding but then she also heard Sheldon's comments. It seems to me she may be more on the side of understanding why Amy did it. Now as far as the ring: While I agree Amy is a big girl and could ultimately decide for herself how to handle the ring if Penny told her, I feel that it wasn't their place to tell her about it. I am not happy that she knows about it now. I really wanted the proposal to come as a complete surprise. This is probably my reasoning for not wanting Penny to tell her. I don't believe Amy will put the pressure on him to propose but I think he could feel more pressure to do it right. I would think he knows how it happened with Penny and Leonard and he doesn't want to just decide like they did(yes it was really nice at the end when he actually asked but face it Penny decided it was time). I don't think he will go the route of Howard in front of their friends. I think it will be something totally Sheldon and Amy....but he might feel the need to make it extra romantic,which let's face it he is not. I want him to go all out and then it not work and Amy to be like....you know you could just ask me and it will be fine. Now I saw the debate about whether their should be another ring or still the heirloom and I have mixed feeling about this. If Meemaw's I guess so is sarcastic then I want a new one because I agree with the bad karma thing(not sure who said it....so sorry) but if she is genuine and really believes that Amy gets Sheldon and won't hurt her moonpie again then I am all for Amy wearing that ring. I guess I will have to see how it plays out. On a fun note regarding Kripke in the episode tonight: I would love for Amy to find out about the imaginary sex life Sheldon made up and have Kripke say something along the lines of the sex must have been have been really good for you to go back to him. And Amy to be like what are you talking about and Kripke telling her everything and she be like oh yeah it was great....then speaking to Sheldon later and it could be really funny.....no drama though....she could say.....I saved your butt but you could have warned me. I don't know I think that could be fun. But who knows he could be in the show for an entirely different reason. Okay long post here but I haven't been on in days....lots to catch up on.
  21. We're hardly over Christmas yet. The opening credits could say, 'One month ago in Texas/Pasadena' or something like that. It could be after Amy's birthday and just before Christmas. The nephew was born at tree-decorating time. I tend to think it may be a reunion more than birthday. That would be an awfully quick trip. Amy's birthday is December 17.....I usually decorate my tree way before a week before Christmas. Plus if it was before the 12th.....amy and Sheldon weren't together. I hope when we see meemaw, Amy is there. So I really hope it's not a flashback. But that's my opinion. I like the reunion idea or Meemaw and Missy visiting with his nephew because he is showing signs of genius. Whoever said that....I love it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. But isn't his nephew's birthday around Christmas? I mean I love this idea, but it was the Christmas episode in season 7 that Sheldon was at his birth.
  23. Yeah, it's a little crazy over there which is one reason I don't post often around here. I like your thinking about what happened after Amy slammed the door on Dave. They probably did go to the couch, talked out the hurt, cuddled, made out and maybe Sheldon did spend the night but maybe Amy drove him home--late. Sheldon is a creature of habit and maybe he needed to have his Saturday pyjamas, his nightly routine. Who knows? Well he did miss laundry night to get her back so maybe it didn't matter what pajamas he wore. Or after she drove him home, she stayed at his place. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. Gotta say though, I find the idea of Molaro and co. scripting their interviews hilarious! "Okay you two, listen, here's the story of how you found out about the Shamy coitus. Jim, you get all the dirty words - people love that! Mayim, you gotta be extra embarrassed and giggly by whatever he says. You're adorable like that! Now go and stick to the script!!" LMAO I can't stop laughing thinking about this.....too funny. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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