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  1. I hadn't really thought about it when he was reluctant to sign the termination. I thought he was just a bit overwhelmed because he couldn't believe it was actually happening. But you are right, Leonard is a little broken. He needs Sheldon as much as Sheldon needs him. And I actually now believe Penny is enabling them both to have that relationship, since it is always her the one relenting after she talks Leonard out of it. Leonard is so used to Sheldon's routines and rituals he needs to be reminded he is his own person but then it goes right back to okay let's keep it this way. I do believe it is not malicious on her part but she is the enabler in the relationship. I like the idea of Leonard getting therapy as well because let's face it, a lot of us would need it if we had Beverly for a mother.
  2. I agree. I think the writers knew how they wanted the Shamy to end up. I am not 100% sure if they thought as far ahead as the Star Wars thing but once they saw that is where the last episode before break was going to be, they thought perfect timing. I actually think Molaro said that. The Shenny thing was just for laughs....it worked well with the story they were trying to tell. I admit I laughed but I think it was more because I watch with someone completely unspoiled and his reaction was priceless. And it was so over the top it still makes me laugh. Oh and I am also with you guys.....I got a crush on JP too. My husband tells me it is a safe crush.
  3. I've always imagined that Sheldon had one of his Emergency kits stashed at Amy's and that she 'borrowed' the t-shirt from that. . Somehow I don't think Sheldon would like it if Penny had gone through his stuff to get a bag ready for him to stay overnight. That very well could be. That would make sense except I would think if he were to have asked her to let him keep an emergency kit then why couldn't she have kept one at his. He didn't know about her secret stashes of clothes You may be right about this but I can still picture it but at the same time if she did Leonard might have questioned why she was going through Sheldon's things and we know the guys had no idea what Sheldon planned to do with amy that night. I hate this quote function! p> Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. When she said she had a rice Sheldon.....that is my impression. She had one of his shirts. I could totally be wrong though.
  5. Absolutely she was prepared at his apartment and hers. We already know she has one of his shirts. And she has glimpsed in his underwear drawer. Who's to say she didn't sneak a pair out for just such an occasion or bought stuff she knew he would wear. He loves her preparedness. She also could have had Penny get a bag together for him. So many possiblities
  6. This ^^^^^^^^^ 100% agree. The whole thing was perfect. I can even live without the after cuddle just because of the kiss before. That was special. I absolutely loved PP and at the end when Sheldon didn't get the implied jokes he was making....I thought it was perfectly IC for him. I also loved that Amy saw the movie. To me that was terrific. It said to me, yeah I hate this stuff but I will go because I get to be with the man I love. The girls may not enjoy all the same things the guys do but they always do it with them regardless because that is what you do in a relationship. You give and take. SO all in all I loved this episode. And I can honestly say I don't care if they do it again soon o)r in another year for her birthday again.(of course I don't think that will be the case) I like how they are going to fade into the background for a while....and just be happy.
  7. Oh I completely understand this.....and stating that in a review is not a bad thing....it is the reviews that tell someone to rot in hell because they have a different ship. I will admit, I love reading all the stories no matter who is with who if the writing is well done. Shenny is a guilty pleasure but to each his own and I respect that you don't want to read them. But I also know you don't anonymously review stories....I see your name on the reviews even in Shenny stories so you at least give someone an opportunity to respond. My story did have all the characters so I added all them. Mine didn't end up Shenny so it didn't matter.
  8. Okay I have been reading through the posts from earlier and I want to weigh in on this should Dave have been there and would Amy have done more with him topic. I apologize in advance if I repeat anything as I have not read every single post. When I first read the taping report for this episode I was so ecstatic about the reconciliation I really didn't think about the other parts of the episode. After coming down from my high I read more into it and thought, why did they need to have Amy on another date when Sheldon comes to get her back. Did I think they should have her dive into her work and go back to her original self, absolutely not. She is a completely different person then she was when she was introduced. She has grown too much for that character to come back. I completely understood why she called Dave again. She was hurt and understandably so. Sheldon rejected her. She was rebounding, pure and simple. She knew Dave liked her and she wanted someone who liked her. Granted, he did ruin the last date they were on by fanboying over Sheldon. But he still genuinely liked her. Do I think they would have slept together that night, I have no idea. I personally loved the line about I don't know what I am waiting for because she says it then leans in. I think the writers timed that line perfectly. We all know what she was waiting for and it was that three knocks from Sheldon. Did he rescue her from doing something she would regret, possibly, but she didn't need rescuing. She is a grown woman capable of making her own decisions and as far as she was concerned, Sheldon didn't want her except as a friend. Now as far as the whole dating other people and what the writers did there. I will maintain that the episode where Amy decided to date was the one where Sheldon told her that he had asked other people out. I never thought that she blew off her relationship with Sheldon. I don't think she had the intention of dating until he told her that he had asked two women out. She had turned down both Stuart and Barry that same day. She didn't want to date even with her friends encouraging her after Barry sent the text. I again say she only started looking because she thought he was moving on just like he thought she was moving on as well. Now as far as Sheldon with Vanessa, I don't really think it was the lateness that caused him to turn her down. I really think it was the symposium that was boring.....he said as much. She was 15 seconds late(I counted) that to me is not late.....it is still that time. He wanted it to be Amy, made an excuse and closed the door in her face then told the guys that he could never be with someone who found that symposium boring. Amy would not have. Also I loved the difference between this episode and the Flaming Spittoon. He left after getting her to be his girlfriend where as in this she pulled him back basically saying....OH Hell No you are not leaving.....I need more of that kiss. All in all loved the reconciliation and look forward to Thursday.
  9. Coming in here a little late....but this was said perfectly. I loved the early dynamics of the Sheldon/Amy relationship. I never really bought the friendship thing. I knew when he got those 25 cats that Amy was someone he valued in his life.
  10. I have a friend like that too. I can't wait to tell her all about these pictures. I am seriously considering emailing them to her. Just so I can fangirl.
  11. Okay I am seriously late to this party and I just found the promo on Instagram. I have to say I agree with Sheldon when he says Thursday can't get here quick enough! These pictures are just giving me major feels. I can't wait!!!!!
  12. I really hadn't thought about many of the details(well except what I've read in FF already) but I think you summed this up perfectly.
  13. This seems to be everywhere...I don't think anyone will remain unspoiled for this episode. This just came in my email box: http://www.zimbio.com/TV+News/articles/7Q8XULee6V0/Amy+Sheldon+Finally+Going+Engage+Coitus+Bang?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=11-18-2015+-+Gwen+Stefani+and+Blake+Shelton+Turned+on+the+PDA+on+The+Voice&utm_content=11-18-2015+-+Gwen+Stefani+and+Blake+Shelton+Turned+on+the+PDA+on+The+Voice+CID_cc3414a356aa2a44f7ff1c8d552fe7a2&utm_source=Zimbio%20Newsletter&utm_term=Amy%20and%20Sheldon%20Are%20Finally%20Going%20to%20Engage%20in%20Coitus%20on%20Big%20Bang%20Theory This is so exciting!@!!@!!!
  14. I so badly need someone to tell.....The woman I usually tell at work called out sick today...... I want to shout it from the rooftop.
  15. I know I read it this morning too. It was amazing!!!!! That's true but it is posted on CBS and when I saw it there, there was already a comment about it and how horrible CBS was for leaking it already. I mean the producers get crap if they don't want it out there and crap when they do.....it seems to be a no win situation for them. I personally don't care because obviously I am spoiled.
  16. I was amazed when I saw that too. For the unspoiled they are still broken up and even after tomorrow's episode they will just "be friends" So why tell us this is happening when there hasn't even been reconciliation yet?
  17. Okay I can't get the quote function to work properly.... The name of my story is The Love Story Potential....it was my first. It was written during season 7 after the train kiss. Here is a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10312104/1/The-Love-Story-Potential
  18. Awww, our (but mostly Sheldon's [emoji23] ) cute little lump of wool! I'm so glad to see her smile again... I missed that! Have you noticed? Only Sheldon can put that smile on her face *fangirling* Yes! I loved that debate, guys, so different and positive compared to what it was just a week ago!! But I so agree with Monique on this! I honestly don't care about which last name they'll use. Only thinking about these two married gives me chills, I have no idea how I'll react when they actually get married on screen! Maybe something like this: with a little more of jumping and squealing [emoji6] Ranger Rosa was right, that scene is from episode 2x06, 'The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem'. I think I'll go for something more Shamy-esque. Maybe something with hard puzzles or equations to solve to find the ring. I know, there was a scavenger hunt involving Sheldon in 9x08 too, you may say 'been there, done that'. But wouldn't it have totally another meaning if it regarded a Shamy proposal? Just think about the comedy gold that would come out of it! Personally I'd love that, knowing how much Sheldon and Amy are into this kind of things... I'm sure they'd both enjoy a date night like this! And the sweet proposal at the end would be the icing on the cake But TBQH any scenario would work for me LOL can't wait!!! I wrote a fan fic where they had a scavenger hunt and in the end Sheldon proposed. I love this idea. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. I find myself wondering the same thing....did I like this episode more because I know what will happen. I don't think so....there were just so many funny parts that I don't think the taping report had.....I mean I knew that there was a hunt to get to Sheldon but I thought it was so well done and it wasn't a run around until you find me.....it had actual things he enjoyed. And he is the one that came up with it. I loved Raj and howard and how they thought it was so much fun even though they knew what the prize was at the end. Bernie,Penny and Leonard spying was hysterical, especially Bernie with all her spy equipment. Damn makes you wonder what kind of guys she dated before Howard....and if she wouldn't have spied on him if she had known him before.... I laughed so much during this episode I wanted to watch it again right away.....oh well I will wait til I get home from work.
  20. I could not have said this any better. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk But imagine having to police that all the time. To have to drag nearly every scrap of affection and consideration out of someone for years. It would be, to use Bernie's term, exhausting. Amy was just worn out. Oh I agree most definitely it would be exhausting. I was just pointing out that I think that some things had been changed and most likely due to things like him working for an hour and a half on a paper while on a date. I mean even Sheldon said tonight he wanted another girlfriend he could ignore to become hyper focused at work. So even he knows what he did to her. I have no doubt she was overly exhausted with him. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. I guess it really doesn't. It just seemed odd to me. That is all. Perhaps she did want someone experienced and maybe some common ground from someone else getting over a break up. That is what I think too. She just wanted an experienced guy. Maybe they just hit it off the first date and she didn't find out about the divorce until date two. And then it didn't matter to her. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. But remember in season 6, Amy was fine with Sheldon ignoring her and she thought his quirks (like spending an hour optimizing the cheese aisle at whole foods) makes her love him more. Now she's upset with that V-Day present? I think Amy in season 6 would love that present and admire Sheldon's brilliance in the lecture. Yes but we did get a sense of the fact they were trying to be a bit more normal, as a couple. In Anxiety we learned that they weren't supposed to bring work to the date night. In Fort, they weren't supposed to be moody. I think they were trying new things and Amy probably wanted more of that. We all know she hated the mushroom log that he got her this year so which Valentine's Day did he give her the DVD? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. I also agree with this....she was definitely not Amy. But using the lateness wouldn't be ridiculous for Sheldon.
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