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  1. It was kind of sad. I thought they had him having some kind of mental breakdown, because he lost out on a Nobel once. Seeing Sheldon start to cry because he had no friends ...then all the younger versions of the others made me cry more.
  2. It was Sarah Michelle Geller- from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  3. OMG! the end of Young Sheldon! that got me too!
  4. Sheldons speech ...where he told all his friends/Amy how much he loved them ...that got me
  5. I have waited for an Amy makeover! wish it had been done seasons ago BUT the episode was very good!
  6. I am easily entertained. I enjoyed this episode, Leonard figuring out it is what it is, the hug was sweet and keeping Raj from going after a not so sure thing. The Stuart/Denise thing was sweet/weird at the same time. Edited to add Johnny and Christine were very good in this episode.
  7. Not knowing the how/why, I just have to say I like Mayim's hair
  8. He has mentioned in an interrview that he would like the striped pillow
  9. I think the only spoiler I want to know is that the last 12 years is that Leonard wakes up and it was a dream.
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