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  1. I'm sorry for her loss. Everyone mourns the loss differently no matter what their faith or beliefs are. I'm sure that along with her faith and family and good friends they will support each other.
  2. I thought it was good, it entertained me and made me laugh. On the down side not enough Amy
  3. I thought the episode was entertaining. I the Leonard/Penny argument shows they still have to work on communication,love Wil Wheaton, he was having fun at their expense. The Shamy fort was sweet, the fact that he didn't freak out when she mentioned a sleep over. Also the way the episode ends they don't imply anything will happen but maybe it will be referenced at a later time that there was something that went on in the fort. (these are just my opinions)
  4. the patch behind her ear looks like a scope patch which is used for nausea (I play a nurse on a daily basis) just sayin
  5. Thanks to all that went to the taping and reported back!! Love the Shamy! Can't wait to watch the episode!!
  6. I;m not quite sure where to put this...but here it is I watched the ET interview with Mayim and Jim, and she is quick to answer that she likes Shamy just where it is but she has admitted that she does not watch the finished show (or tv at all). I think if she watched the finished show like we do, she might cheer them on just like we are just a thought
  7. I have watched it 22 times today, I think I need an intervention.
  8. Everything about the episode was perfect!
  9. this is my first post... I thought it was sweet,sincere and funny all at the same time. #SheldonlovesAmy
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